La Femme Nikita Season 5 Episode 8 – A Time For Every Purpose

Title: A Time For Every Purpose

Air Date: March 4, 2001

Synopsis: The Series Finale airs after a mini-marathon of Season Five episodes. Nikita must make a fateful decision about her future.

Nikita is walking through a marketplace, a rather sad look on her face. Someone grabs her shoulder and she instinctively plants the assailant against a wall. She realizes it is Michael as he gasps in pain, upon closer inspection he is clearly hurt and tired. “Michael! What happened?” Michael struggles to say, “I got Adam out.” then falls to the ground. She leads him to a bench and he begins to tell her how he got out, flashing back to how he overtook the guards moments after they showed him where Adam was. Then he retrieved Adam and fought his way out of the Collective HQ and took Adam to a safe place. Michael insists on returning to Section before getting any medical attention.

Comm. Jason Birkhoff is talking to Quinn as a couple people from Oversight walk past; candidates for Operations. Jason says he did some favors for Myra, “If she takes over, I’ll have it pretty cushy.” “Ah, the old Jason is back. So, how are you going to rig the election.” “I dunno yet. Gonna talk to Walter. See if he can help me poison Kelly.” Quinn grins and shakes her head.

Munitions. Jason and Walter are talking about the two from Oversight. Walter is nervous about Myra, recalling some events from the past, “I’ll be dead in a week!” Jason’s face lights up, “You did her.” “Worse than that. I didn’t do her.” Confused, “You lost me.” Walter explains how, 20 years ago, he turned her down and she put him in every dangerous assignment that came along; for months. Then Walter pleads with Jason to get some dirt on Myra but Jason doesn’t commit to anything.

Van Access. Nikita brings Michael in and hands him off to two medics. Quinn is waiting in the corridor and at Michael’s insistence goes to bring Jones to Medical.

Medical. A nurse tries to give Michael a shot but he waves her away. Then Nikita tells them to come back in ten minutes, trusting Michael knows what he’s doing. Mr. Jones enters with an operative at his side, a bodyguard. Jones starts debriefing Michael. An incoming transmission interrupts them, as Jones turns toward a monitor to see the files he asked for, Michael springs from the gurney. He takes down the bodyguard while removing his gun then brings it level on Mr. Jones before anyone else can react. Nikita levels her gun on Michael, “What are you doing?!” Michael’s apparent pain has left, he is fully in control. “The Collective still has Adam.” A shocked Nikita replies, “You lied to me?” “Yes.” Jones speaks, having figured out Michael’s plan. “They want to trade me for the boy.” Michael and Nikita continue to stare at each other. “Shoot him Nikita.” She appears to consider it as Michael explains, “It’s the only way to keep Adam alive. I’ll find away to get your father out after they release Adam.” Nikita continues to look into Michael’s eyes as her father tells her not to trust him. Slowly, she lowers the gun and her decision is clear. Michael is back in control, “Let’s go.”

Collective HQ. Michael calls the second in command, Alain, and offers to trade Jones to him rather than Graff. They agree.

Comm. Myra enters the area and begins talking with Jason. Jones has put her in charge of Comm while he’s gone for a few days. After confirming the command, Jason agrees to forward everything to her. She leads him to an empty area in Systems and asks him to prepare a list of who she can trust and who she can’t in Section One. He agrees to make the list. Myra leaves Systems and trades a look with Walter as she crosses Comm.

Some seemingly abandoned building. Mr. Jones is seated as Michael cuffs him to a pipe connected to the wall, “Your profile doesn’t suggest you would jeopardize global security for any one person, not even your son. Nor does it suggest you would encourage Nikita to murder her own father.” Michael seems to ignore him. Then leaves the room, “Knock if you need anything”. The Collective team arrives but they did not bring Adam. They tell Michael they want Jones first and then he’ll need to do a few other jobs. One of the Collective men approach the door Jones is apparently behind and opens it. Nikita is standing there and shoots the man. Michael takes out the three men behind Alain. “That was not smart.” Michael knocks him to the ground then pins him to a wall, “Where’s my son?” At first Alain doesn’t want to cooperate but Nikita and Michael make a deal with him, they’ll take out Graff and leave him in charge of the Collective if he turns over Adam. He agrees and tells them where Graff will be vulnerable making a weapons deal. Michael stashes Alain somewhere.

Still in the abandoned building. Michael has a laptop on the table. Nikita tells Michael, “He’s my father. I won’t hand him over to the Collective to be tortured and killed.” He replies, “Adam is my son. I won’t let him die.” He hands her gun to her, “We have to go.” They leave the room together, but Nikita is clearly upset. They arrive at Graff’s weapons purchase in a large warehouse. Nikita misses her first shot at Graff causing a fight to erupt. One van escapes but Michael and Nikita kill everyone else. They approach Graff’s limo from opposite sides to check. Graff is slumped straight back, dead. Nikita closes her door. Michael fires two shots into Graff’s body before walking away.

Munitions. Walter asks Jason if he can keep Myra out of the Perch. Jason replies that she’s as good as in since Jones put her in charge of Comm, “I’m just covering my own ass. What else can you do in a place like this?”

Walter is incredulous, “You take care of your friends. And your friends take care of you.”

Jason replies smugly, “You’re kidding right?”

“Your brother gave his life to save everyone here. Anyone ever tell you that?”

“I’m not my brother.”

Walter thinks for a moment, “Ya know, I’m glad he never really got to know you. He would’ve been ashamed.” Walter walks deeper into Munitions as Jason walks away.

Abandoned Building. Alain is chained to a wall inside a small room. Michael opens the door and drops Graff’s dead body on the ground. “Now I want my son.” Alain informs Michael that he’ll have to return to the Collective and assume command, when that’s done he’ll contact Michael. After a moment of thought, Michael unchains him. As Alain is walking out, Michael calls after him “Alain. Section’s intel base is thorough.” He turns, “What of it?” “You recently moved your family to a small village called Mendinee.” Alain gets the hint and leaves. Nikita asks, “What now?” “Release Jones. Take him back to Section. I need Section’s resources to provide security for Adam’s return, Jones will tell them to cooperate.” Nikita has some mixed emotions, “I’m not so sure.” Michael replies, “He claimed Section exists to protect the innocent. Let him prove it.”

Section. Operatives are busy everywhere. Jones is talking to Myra in the Perch. Jason receives a message from the Collective and relays the intel to Michael. A location. As soon as Michael downloads the data to his laptop he takes off out of the room. Jones looks down at Jason, perhaps suspecting some unauthorized action.

Mission. Jason coordinates Michael and Nikita’s approach to the location. When he notices an abnormality in his readings he asks Quinn what she thinks. She says whoever it was has been dead about half an hour. Nikita and Michael make their way inside a small school locker room where they expect to find Adam. However, they find Alain in a pool of blood. Michael turns and quickens his pace out of the room, “I have to find out who’s in charge and negotiate with them.” Nikita asks, “What do you have to negotiate with?” “Whatever they want.” Michael pushes the exterior door open to find he and Nikita are surrounded by Section operatives. Michael surveys the scene cooly as if deciding whether or not to cooperate. A voice states, “Jones wants you back in Section now.”

Munitions. Walter watches the interaction between Myra and Jason. She’s asking if he has her list ready yet when two operatives step up and escort her away. She walks with them, a knowing look crossing her face. Jason remains staring down at his computer. Walter approaches Jason after the operatives clear out. “What was that about?” “I guess they found something in her file they didn’t like.” replies Jason as he glances over his shoulder at Walter. A slightly confused Walter, “You have anything to do with it?” “No, why would I?” Walter grins, “My mistake.” and walks back toward Munitions. Jason smiles lightly as Walter walks away, then turns back to his work.

White Room. Michael is in the chair. Mr. Jones enters along with an operative who stands behind Michael.


“They still have him. They’ve moved their base, so we don’t know where. There is hope. I could contact them and offer to exchange you for Adam.”

“Why would they accept?”

“Well, now that I am out of reach. I will let them save face by getting your complete knowledge of Section.”

Michael has some disbelief, “Why would you permit that?”

“Because you will commit suicide rather than give them that knowledge.”

“They’ll be watching for that.”

Jones shows Michael a small membrane that will fit in the roof of his mouth and release poison killing him in five seconds. “You will now give me your word you will use it. The moment you know Adam is safe.”

Michael replies with conviction, “You have my word.”

Jones appears to accept it. And the operative releases Michael. Jones hands Michael the membrane as he walks past him.

Perch. Jones is facing away from Nikita as she enters the room. “Very clever.” He acknowledges her presence but doesn’t turn. “You think you found a way to kill Michael that I’ll find acceptable?” Without turning, “It is important to save the boy.” Nikita questions why the Collective will let Adam go this time when they already lied twice. Jones finally turns to face her, “It is Adam’s only chance and Michael has agreed.” Showing some anger, “Michael doesn’t have a choice! You do.” “My dear girl. None of has a choice. Least of all, me.” Nikita’s tears begin to fill her eyes. “Do you think I’m going to run Section once Michael is gone?” “Well, we’ll see.” He turns back to the monitor at the sound of a chime. “An answer is coming through from the Collective.” “Never gonna happen.” growls Nikita. “We’ll see.”

Adam / Michael Exchange. It is day time. A long white bridge separates the Collective on the far side, with Adam in sight. Nikita and Michael approach from the near side. They walk part way onto the bridge and stop. “You’ll take care of Adam?” “I will.” They face one another, Nikita still wearing her sunglasses to hide the tears that are sure to come. Michael does not, savoring his last moments with her. The feeling of sadness grows as they say goodbye but remain rooted to the ground. Michael holds out his hand to her. She caresses and kisses it, “Goodbye.” Michael turns and starts toward the Collective side of the bridge. A voice calls out, “There’s one last complication.” Michael stops and looks back to see Mr. Jones standing in front of several operatives.

Jones makes his way toward them. “I’m afraid I lied. It is not you they want, it’s me.” Nikita shows a moment of surprise but then remains calm. Jones continues, “I do apologize for the charade. But I had to make it appear convincing, we were under constant observation by my colleagues. And they certainly wouldn’t allow me to give myself up.” Michael and Nikita just listen. “So, it all comes down to you Nikita. I need your promise that you will return to Section and become Operations. And eventually take over for me, as I’d always planned.” Michael looks at Nikita who is clearly overcome with emotion with the thoughts of what is about to happen. “I cannot go if you don’t say yes.” Jones extends his hand and presents the command key to Nikita. She hesitates a moment, then takes the key and faces Michael as she says “Yes.” He understands. Jones smiles and nods, “One day you will realize it is the right decision.” Nikita just looks at the command key in her hand wondering what alternative she had. “Always trust your father.” Mr. Jones continues across the bridge toward the Collective after placing a hand on Michael’s shoulder, as if to say ‘Take care of her.’

Adam passes Mr. Jones in the opposite direction and goes straight to Michael, “Daddy?! Daddy!” Everyone watches as Jones and Adam make their way closer to each side of the bridge. Nikita looks to her father and then to the key in her hand and back. Michael reaches out and hugs Adam just as the Collective agents shoot Mr. Jones. Nikita is shocked and starts toward the Collective but the other operatives restrain her. Michael trades a look with the Collective before turning. Nikita watches in awe as the Collective simply walks away leaving her father lie.

Train Station. Michael and Adam are waiting on a bench when Nikita approaches. “Take him as far away from here as possible.” She smiles at Adam and he returns the smile. “Help him forget.” Michael reads her face for a moment, “He’ll be alright.” Nikita tries to put on a smile, “According to my father I was born for this.” “There’ll be a time when Adam won’t need me anymore.” Michael is as emotional as Michael can be, his words a little forced. “You’ll know where I am.” They continue to gaze at each other’s faces. Michael moves closer and kisses her lightly on the lips. Nikita never closes her eyes, not wanting to miss anything. Finally she says simply, “I love you.”

Michael embraces her and whispers into her ear, “I love you.”

Nikita and Michael hold the embrace for a long while before reluctantly letting go. Michael reaches for Adam with his left hand as Nikita hangs on to his right. Tears fill her eyes as she has to let go and watch them walk away. Nikita just stands in the middle of the station, for some time, to regain her composure. She puts her sunglasses on, tears glistening on her cheek…

Cut to Nikita standing calm and composed and staring straight ahead. She’s in the Perch. Nikita looks out the window from Paul’s old watch. She’s lost her father and suffered untold pain to gain command of something she never wanted to be a part of. Nikita is Operations.

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