Nikita Season 1 Episode 10 – Dark Matter

Title: Dark Matter

Air Date: December 2, 2010

Synopsis: Nikita and Owen go to Chile in an effort to rescue Ryan from mercenaries, but they end up getting captured.

Monologue recaps Owen’s involvement with Percy’s black boxes. (See Episode 5 and Episode 6).

Percy hatches a plan to frame Ryan Fletcher and keep Division invisible.

Nikita and Owen end up captured by the Army. Fletcher tries to explain he was framed.

The “Engineer” reveals to Birkhoff that Percy is the trigger to release the broadcast from the black boxes. But it is a little vague on exactly what that means.

Jaden blocks Alex in the ventilation tunnels where she was observing Birkhoff and the Engineer.

Percy snaps the neck of the Engineer in front of Birkhoff. After Birkhoff has reconfigured the black boxes to take a wireless update instead of the flash drives that were compromised.

Jaden searches Alex’s room looking for the pictures that show her trying to escape, she finds the fingerprint of Birkhoff. Alex makes her way back inside.

On the plane, Nikita fills in Ryan on Division going rogue. He sets up their escape from the plane by parachute.

Owen gives Nikita the black box and she destroys it, 1 down 6 to go.

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