Nikita Season 1 Episode 12 – Free

Title: Free

Air Date: January 27, 2011

Synopsis: Nikita realizes Division has implanted a chip in Alex’s head, who is now an agent.

I miss the soundtrack from La Femme Nikita – it had more cool songs as opposed to the composed instrumentals and synthesizers.

Alex is on an operation with Nikita…dream sequence.

Michael takes Alex to her apartment on the outside. Nikita meets her in a store and gives her a burn phone.

Nikita flashes back to four years ago where a kill chip is previewed (a small device implanted that would allow Division to terminate an operative remotely) Is this what just got implanted in Alex?

Ryan Fletcher, CIA, is out in a cafe where Nikita meets him to give him some intel on the kill chip highlighting Seymour Birkhoff. (Fletcher appeared earlier in Dark Matter).

Alex flashes back to six years ago. Learning to start a fire with her father where he tells her she will only be able to depend on herself. Of course Alex runs into her cute neighbor guy.

Nikita gives Alex a computer virus to plant in Division as a red herring. Birkhoff is abducted by the CIA. Ryan questions him about Shadow Walker (his old hacker handle) while Nikita works on hacking into Division with his laptop.

Michael sees the ATM video and suspects the CIA of taking Birkhoff.

Alex goes to her neighbor’s party. A guy starts to grope her and she takes him down on reflex; she leaves hastily.

Nikita confronts Birkhoff, revealing the connection to Ryan Fletcher, he contacts Division. Nikita gets access after Birkhoff establishes a connection to Division. Ryan goes out to confront Michael who’s closing in on the room. Nikita slips away.

Alex plants the malware. Amanda stops in to let Alex know she’s being observed, she knows about the party.

The malware launches a video of Nikita on all screens to tell the recruits she is still out there.

Ryan’s clearance is downgraded at CIA. Nikita tells him she’ll make him a hero.

Nikita tells Alex she is free to go now that her tracker is hacked, Alex stays to avenge her family.

Alex goes to the club to meet Nathan.

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