Nikita Season 1 Episode 13 – Coup de Grace

Title: Coup de Grace

Air Date: February 3, 2011

Synopsis: A plan to foil Alex’s first assassination assignment goes awry when Nikita trusts the wrong person.

Hm, just as I was missing the soundtrack from LFN. We have an interesting song about 6:42 into the episode.

Nikita goes to the Princess with the information on the assassination plot. But Nikita is soon stunned, the princess calls Percy, she’s the one behind the assassination plot.

Alex certainly betrays a lot of emotion on her face; good operatives would pick up on that (e.g. when she was told Nikita was put down).

Nikita frees herself and protects the Prince. Then goes to bring his love interest, assistant, to him.

The royal marriage was a political move that the prince wants out of.

Michael arrives on site with a strike team posing as FBI to extract the agents. Nikita discharges the Halon fire system to cover her escape after getting the Prince and his girlfriend out. Nikita steals a look back at Michael as she leaves the area.

Michael may be able to read Alex’s lips on the security video when she’s talking to Nikita.

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