Nikita Season 1 Episode 14 – The Next Seduction

Title: The Next Seduction

Air Date: February 10, 2011

Synopsis: To help Ryan with a mission Nikita must reassume an old identiy she had while undercover at Division.

Berlin, CIA agent killed. Ryan signals Nikita for a meet to ask for her help.

Nikita reactivates her Josephine alias. Yergen pulls a gun on her, suspecting her.

Michael crashes Alex’s dinner with Nathan and makes her sound like an escort.

The Russian mercs are after Yergen too. He’s trying to defect. Nikita aids in getting him to the CIA.

Nikita sees a Division cleaner was the one who killed the CIA agent, she tries to warn off the vehicle that just picked up Yergen but is too late. Percy answers when she tries to call Ryan, it was a play to get Nikita to do his dirty work.

Nikita makes herself up to look attacked, interacts with the Russian merc. Then Nikita gets new intel from Alex on where the dirty bomb is being transported. Gogol (Russian merc) intercepts Nikita before she can leave and hands over the bomb – that turns out to be a suitcase of clothes.

Ryan’s recovery of the bomb gets him re-promoted to a higher clearance. Ryan kisses Nikita at there meeting, telling her that she can come back from what she was. Alex gets some approval from Nikita to risk a relationship with Nathan.

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