Nikita Season 1 Episode 15 – Alexandra

Title: Alexandra

Air Date: February 17, 2011

Synopsis: While out on a mission, Alex runs into Irina, a woman from her past and tries to help her.

This sounds like a plot out of LFN.

Division killed Alexandra’s parents and Nikita rescued her then turned her over to a friend of the family who later sold Alex into being a sex slave junkie.

Alex goes on a mission to date a tech billionaire. She lies to Nikita about Irina recognizing her, then goes back to meet her. But Irina leads her to an ambush with her old handler.

Michael tries to track Nikita but can’t find the signal. Nikita learns Alex has been taken by Vlad. Michael finds the security footage has been altered so doesn’t see Vlad taking her.

Michael goes to Amanda for help.

We find out Alex was a princess, then flashback to her being sold.

Vlad is trying to question Alex. Flashback to Nikita helping her prep her past story. Alex tells Vlad the story but he doesn’t buy it.

Birkhoff and Amanda suspect Irina as being from Alex’s past.

Michael and Nikita both go after the same Russian contact and work together to survive but don’t get the intel to find Alex. Nikita lies to Michael about why she was there. They continue to work together with Nikita saying she’s after the cellphone prototype.

Vlad shoots up Alex trying to get her to admit who she really is.

Alex begins to tell Vlad about being a Division agent but he’s not believing it either. Nikita and Michael begin their rescue.

Irina lets Alex out. Alex shoots Vlad and tells him who she really is as she executes him. Alex tells Irina to run, and she’ll kill her if she ever tells anyone what she heard.

Michael lets Nikita go. Alex still looks good for having the cellphone prototype. It appeared the camera that was recording Alex was missing (Nikita took it).

Michael takes Alex back and Amanda takes care of her withdrawal. The show ends with Amanda saying she has a few questions before giving her the methadone to help her…

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