Nikita Season 1 Episode 16 – Echoes

Title: Echoes

Air Date: February 24, 2011

Synopsis: Alex is sedated to help her heal after her last mission. Amanda takes advantage of Alex’s drugged condition to question her.

Flash back to training with Nikita…a dream sequence with Amanda questioning her. And Nikita playing some kind of conscience to Alex.

Amanda admits to Michael that she is using the rehab to interrogate Alex.

Alexandra Udinov, her younger self, talks to Alex in her dream state.

Nikita is talking to her forger about creating a new identity for Alex; Nikita is troubled by the video of Alex executing Vlad.

Michael has Birkhoff research “Whitfield” that leads to the old mission file where Nikita rescued Alexandra.

Michael listens to some audio files of Alex’s calls, then has Birkhoff analyze them since he suspects Alex wasn’t in her apartment when she answered some of his calls.

Nikita encounters Nathan in Alex’s apartment while she’s getting items to complete the identity cover.

Back in Alex’s dream state we see Nikita and Michael as love interests.

Birkhoff creates a spatial analysis of Alex’s call when she was in Nikita’s safe house. And Michael appears to recognize the space.

Amanda continues to push Alex; realizing that Alex is fighting her somehow.

In Alex’s dream state. Nathan and Alex apparently married with a baby for three years. Alex sees the same circular symbol from the beginning of the dream sequences still without revealing the meaning of it.

Nikita talks to her forger about an off book neurosurgery for Alex’s kill chip implant.

Dream state. Alex kills Jaden in a confrontation. Amanda keeps pushing. Then we see a conference of sorts between Nikita, Percy, Amanda, and Alex’s father. Her father’s company Zetrov’s logo was the circular symbol Alex kept seeing earlier.

Michael matches the spatial analysis to Nikita’s safe house from the superdollar mission involving Alex’s father.

Alex wakes up, still hallucinating, and Amanda begins to follow her down the corridor.

The forger tries to double cross Nikita, but she is prepared and puts him back on the task of the new passport for Alex.

Amanda is still following Alex, as she mumbles about another way out, Michael stops her from continuing (and it happens that he stops her where Thom died).

Amanda concludes Alex is afraid of herself, Alex’s dream state confirms the fear while a future Alex tries to talk her into reclaiming Zetrov. The future Alex appears to win the internal struggle.

Amanda tells Percy they may have another Nikita on their hands. Recommends cancellation. Percy states he will take it under advisement.

Alex returns home and calls Nikita about getting out. Nikita begins talking to her then sees Michael standing in front of her in the safe house.

“Ask me how I got here.” states Michael. Perhaps the best one liner in the show yet.

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