Nikita Season 1 Episode 17 – Covenant

Title: Covenant

Air Date: April 7, 2011

Synopsis: Michael confronts Nikita and reveals that he knows Alex is the mole.

Flash back to an early mission with Michael and Nikita growing close.

Michael suspects Nikita of working with Gogol and through them had a way to get to Kasim. She lets him know that Gogol wants her dead too.

Michael wants Nikita to get Kasim’s location from Gogol or he will turnover Alex. He shoots Nikita’s computer as he leaves and says, “There is no us.”

Nikita goes to St. Petersburg to meet the Russian.

Flash back to Michael and Nikita’s early mission with Nikita trying to seduce Michael where he reveals his wife and daughter were killed.

Nikita makes a proposal to the Russian to get the truck route of Kasim’s drug shipment. Michael asks Percy to let him go to Russia. Percy tells him he can’t go and alludes to some future move involving his black box insurance policy and loosening the government oversight.

Kasim gets a phone call in Paris about the drugs, Nikita traces the call but only as far as France. Kasim goes to meet Ari, the Russian mercenary, in St. Petersburg. Nikita arrives at the theater as well and takes out Kasim’s guards then drops one of them off the balcony in front of Kasim. She abducts Kasim and calls Michael.

On her call with Michael, Nikita demands the location of black boxes and guardians putting Michael in the position of deciding between Kasim and Alex.

Alex talks to Nathan about leaving his life behind.

Michael and Nikita arrange a meet. Kasim gets loose but Nikita quickly restrains him. Kasim’s men storm the house. Kasim breaks her laptop cutting off the cameras. Nikita surrenders to them just as Michael arrives on the scene. He confronts Kasim. Starts to strangle him. It is revealed that Percy recruited Kasim in the past and he was sent by Percy to kill Michael. Kasim was able to unlock the Division sat phone helping to confirm he is Division.

Michael walks out.

Michael tells Nikita a story about saving up for a house with his wife. And what Percy took away from him. Tells Nikita he’s going to go back and shoot Percy. Nikita reminds him of the turmoil it will cause if the black boxes are in the open.

Michael tells Nikita he didn’t get the locations. She takes it well and leaves.

Michael is back in Percy’s office stating he agrees with something 100%.

Then Michael is in Nikita’s safe house. Kisses her and lifts her up.

Hmm, mysterious agreements. Reminds me a little of Michael in LFN being constantly mysterious in what he was really planning.

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