Nikita Season 1 Episode 18 – Into the Dark

Title: Into the Dark

Air Date: April 14, 2011

Synopsis: Nikita goes to London with Owen to retrieve one of Percy’s black boxes; there the two disagree about what to do with it.

Nikita and Michael wake up in bed together. Owen walks in (a former guardian of a black box, see earlier episodes). After Nikita gets the two men to put their weapons down Owen says he’s close to finding a black box in London. She asks Michael for a name of the guardian there.

(Now these black boxes are secure hard drives, if they are taken out one at a time Percy can easily deploy more. I’d prefer not to see this plot hole so easily.)

At Division, Alex deletes Nathan’s record from her file.

Amanda assigns Alex to debrief Jaden after her provisional mission.

Owen and Nikita arrive in London. She sees that he is still on a regimen of drugs and steroids. Nikita asks Michael about the regimen, it was apparently a treatment that was discontinued and withdrawal led to erratic behavior.

A couple of Alex’s secrets come out in her debrief of Jaden. Amanda confronts Alex about it and has Birkhoff bring in a FMRI to use on Alex.

Nikita and Owen get to a storage container of Division cleaner equipment. Owen wants to release the contents of the black box when they find it. The guardian sees Nikita on a camera in the container and detonates the container remotely but Owen and Nikita get out.

Michael reports to Percy that Owen Elliot is in London. Michael leaves to get them.

Owen and Nikita narrow down the bank they expect the guardian to use. Owen sees him leaving the bank as Nikita is entering and they give chase. Owen throws the guardian into an ice covered river after he’s shot by Nikita. Owen and Nikita argue over what to do with the box. Nikita is hit by a car and Owen runs off with the box.

The guardian climbs out of the river.

Birkhoff tells Amanda that according to the FMRI Alex is lieing. She admits to the lieing to protect Thom. And fabricates enough story to get past the test. Now Amanda wants to understand why Michael didn’t suspect something of Thom being Nikita’s mole.

Michael arrives in London, Nikita wants to help Owen with his withdrawal symptoms.

Owen steals a laptop then calls Percy to tell him he’s going to open the box. Birkhoff tracks his location. The guardian goes to Owen.

Amanda calls Michael to tell her of the allegations Alex made, he supports the allegations at Nikita’s request.

A strike team arrives at the church where Owen is waiting. Owen takes out three of the strike team and kills the guardian. Uses the guardian’s blood to unlock the secure hard drive. Nikita and Michael arrive as he’s searching for a wifi signal. Michael shoots the drive before Owen can upload it. Michael is about to shoot him but Nikita talks him into subduing Owen instead.

Michael reports the destroyed black box to Percy while lying about Owen.

Owen tells Nikita he’s sorry about Danial, and he’s going away to working out his issues.

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