Nikita Season 1 Episode 19 – Girl’s Best Friend

Title: Girl’s Best Friend

Air Date: April 21, 2011

Synopsis: Alex and Jaden are assigned an overseas mission, but when things go awry, Alex must decide whether to try to save the mission or herself.

Alex is telling Nathan the truth about Division and a plan for Michael to fake her death. He opens the apartment door and Jaden steps in and they attack Alex. Jaden shoots her. Yep, dream sequence.

She wakes up with Nathan. She tells him her name is Alexandra, but then gets a call from Michael to lead a mission with Jaden.

Percy and Michael brief them using a large flat screen. No fancy holographic display like Section One (LFN).

Nikita wants to fake Alex’s death now to get her out. Michael wants to complete the mission. Alex gets the idea to fake her death on the mission as the mission is for a good purpose and she wants to complete it.

Nikita gets in a bit of an argument with Michael that there is nothing good about Division. But he insists there are good parts of Division; times when they can make a difference doing things that no one else can.

Jaden and Alex are under cover as call girls. Nikita is at the mission site to extract Alex.

Alex plants the explosives in the lab while Jaden keeps dancing with the host upstairs to keep him occupied. A customer arrives and he goes down to the lab to show the nerve toxin. The toxin can be turned into jewelry crystals and denoted with a smart phone app. Alex watches from her hiding spot as the toxin is demonstrated on a man.

The customer is leaving with the some of the toxin.

Alex calls Nikita to let her know the woman is going to attack a summit. Nikita tells Alex that if she tells Michael he will call off the mission and send them on the immediate threat and ruin her chance to escape. Nikita goes to stop the second attack.

Michael tells Alex not to blow the lab until he confirms Nikita has stopped the attack.

A guard finds sequins from Alex’s dress in the lab, now Jaden is suspected and the guards go to investigate.

Alex goes with the story that she is trapped but hears Jaden in the lab she is about to blow up. Jaden tells her to blow the lab. But Alex goes back in for her.

Nikita goes inside the summit to find the toxin.

Alex rescues Jaden. Jaden shoots her captor multiple times. Several guards arrive and a shoot out ensues. Jaden looks a little to happy when she kills the guards. Alex detonates the charges to destroy the toxin on their way out but is not able to stage her death.

Percy tells Michael to send them to the summit. Nikita has been knocked out but just recovers to go after the cell phone trigger and destroy it and recover the toxin ear rings. She alludes to the president’s son being a terrorist before she leaves.

Alex told Nikita that the reason she went back is that she thought, “what would Nikita do.” Alex tells Michael that she wants to stay in; at least in the fight if not in Division.

Jaden brought back the toxin for Percy and is promoted to an agent.

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