Nikita Season 1 Episode 20 – Glass House

Title: Glass House

Air Date: Apirl 28, 2011

Synopsis: When Nikita goes to a small town after one of Percy’s black boxes, she is shocked to find the guardian has abandoned her post.

Nikita’s place. Alex is talking to Nikita about getting out now that she has Michael working with her.

Division. Percy is briefing Michael about Plainview, PA where one the black boxes is at. Wants Michael to surveil Dana Winters.

Birkhoff leaks a hint to Michael about an Operation Sparrow that will go live in a couple weeks concerning the black boxes. But he has no other information.

Michael goes to Nikita’s, he suspect Operation Sparrow is Percy’s move against the government. Michael gives Nikita 6 hours to get the box before he shows up. Michael wants to see what is on the black box to get ahead of Percy.

Nikita arrives in Plainview, PA with a little over 4 hours (I think this is the first time an on screen countdown has been used). Nikita finds the house occupied by a squatter that has been there for the last year. She calls Michael and lets him know the guardian was gone, Dana had removed her tracker, Nikita considers she might still be in the area. She tells Michael to get there to help flush out the guardian.

Nathan shows up at Alex’s apartment. She tells him that he knows too much and needs to leave since they are government assassins. He thinks she’s lying and walks out.

Amanda is talking to Jaden, she has a kill chip implanted as well, tells her to look to Alex for some help adjusting.

Nikita stages a bank robbery, leaving before the police arrive. Dana shows up at the scene briefly, Nikita tails her to her house. Dana appears to have a relationship with a police officer.

Michael arrives in town and meets Nikita at a diner. Nikita wants to protect Dana feeling responsible for putting Percy on the alert. They go to her house as newlywed neighbors with a house warming gift. Dana invites them in, glaring at them in a knowing way.

Nikita says she is a vegetarian.

She gets herself alone with Dana and lets her know she’s there to help. Talks her into telling her man the truth. Nikita tries to talk him into working it out. His son overhears and runs out.

Jaden shows up at Alex’s apartment and invites herself in. Nathan walks in to drop off some clothes. Jaden introduces herself as a coworker and he mentions government assassins.

Michael reports that Dana is MIA with her tracker offline, Nikita is after the black box, and requests a team.

Nikita goes for the black box, Michael tries to the delay the team, and Dana goes to find the boy.

Alex tries to pass off what Nathan said to Jaden as nothing to worry about. Jaden wants to call it in. They get into a fight. Nathan walks in to break it up. Gets hit. Jaden has a knife to Alex when Nathan picks up a gun and kills Jaden.

Alex tells him to pack and leave now!

Alex called Nikita leaving out who actually pulled the trigger, then calls Division for a cleaner.

Nikita gets the black box from the safe deposit box. The team arrives in a van similar to the Section One vans (LFN) rather than the black SUVs so far.

Michael spots Eddie, the son, at the hardware store and texts Nikita. She arrives as he’s getting some cash and thinking about leaving. Nikita tries to explain how Dana does care for him.

Michael and the team arrive at the bank after the box is gone.

Dana makes a dumb mistake of talking on the CB and Birkhoff locates and sends Michael to intercept. Dana makes up a story about using the police to track Nikita. Birkhoff finds Nikita on a camera at the hardware store with the kid.

Eddie decides to stay and go back to his dad and Dana. Michael’s team pulls up in front of the hardware store. The agents start firing before Michael can stop them, but he does get them to cease fire.

Nikita offers the black box for the kid’s safety. Michael goes with the plan. Eddie goes out toward Dana, one of the agents grabs Eddie as a hostage. Dana shoots the other four agents in rapid succession surprising Michael.

Alex’s apartment. The cleaner smells aftershave and asks Alex about it. She lies about Nathan being there. The cleaner asks if they were drinking because the muscle relaxer will push toxins from the body. She throws up in the sink while the cleaner begins to work.

Dana gives Nikita a blood sample to open the hard drive with before leaving with her boy friend and Eddie.

Michael tells Nikita she is the best thing to happen in his life in a long time.

Amanda debriefs Alex who plays off Jaden’s jealousy as the reason. Amanda has a recording from Jaden’s implant of Alex calling Nikita (dream sequence I think).

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