Nikita Season 1 Episode 21 – Betrayals

Title: Betrayals

Air Date: May 5, 2011

Synopsis: Michael sends Nikita in to save the last person on list of black box protectors, a CIA cryptographer named Malcolm.

Nikita wants Michael to snatch Birkhoff to decrypt the hard drive, but it will blow his cover in Division.

Alex is strapped in an electro-shock chair, Amanda knows she is Nikita’s mole. (I guess it wasn’t a dream sequence). Percy orders her cancelled.

Then Alex tells Percy her real identity, he sends Amanda from the room so he can talk to the heiress of Zetrov. Tells Amanda to keep it a secret.

Alex refuses to lead Percy to the black box at Nikita’s, she’s prepared to die.

Amanda won’t let Michael see Alex.

Birkhoff tells Michael he’s confined to Division because they don’t want Nikita to get access to him. He tells Michael of a number of cryptographers that Percy is targeting so Birkhoff will be the only one left that can decrypt the boxes.

Nikita finds the cryptographer Malcolm and prevents the Division team from getting to him. Cool sequence using Malcolm’s sound system as a distraction during the fight.

Nikita takes him to her safe house blind folded. Michael arrives. They ask Malcolm about decrypting the drive.

Malcom tells Nikita he needs access to ‘his toys’ to crack it. Birkhoff lets Percy know Nikita has Malcolm.

Percy is still trying to turn Alex. He shows Alex a video from the black box of her childhood. Percy gives her a half-hearted apology, that he was following orders from Oversight, and Division was just the weapon.

Nikita calls Ryan, her CIA contact, with a disguised voice. Nikita questions Michael again about Alex. She tells Michael to get her out.

Percy is still working Alex, showing Pale Fire mission video, of her father’s right hand man betraying them. And Nikita shooting her father during the mission.

Michael goes to Amanda again asking about Alex. She tells him to ask Percy.

Nikita talks Ryan through shaking his tales. She uses a bag from a locker as a red herring for Division and Ryan slips away.

Michael finally finds Alex in Percy’s office and Percy reveals to Michael that she is the mole. Percy sets a gun on the desk for Michael to clean up his mess. Michael is reluctant but picks up the gun then turns it on Percy. He tells Michael that if his heart stops beating it alerts the guardians to upload the black boxes. Michael lowers the gun toward his crotch and pulls the trigger but the gun just shocks Michael and he stays down.

Percy describes it all as a chess game with Nikita. Then Percy reactivates the kill chip in Alex’s head. Percy wants her to go back to Nikita bugged.

Nikita meets Ryan about getting into Langley to decrypt the box, but he says he can only do it through official channels which will reveal secrets on her and Michael as well.

Alex is back in Nikita’s apartment confronting her then tells her that Michael is trapped in Division. She gives Nikita the back story that Percy wanted.

Alex gets something out of a box at Nikita’s while Nikita is distracted.

Percy makes a call to his cleaner to take care of Nikita and Alex both after they have the black box. Nikita goes along with Ryan’s plan to decrypt the black box even though it risks releasing information about her and Michael.

Alex tries to question Ryan about the tracker / kill switch but Nikita pulls her away.

Percy goes to see Michael locked down. He lets Michael know how he figured out he was in it with Alex and Nikita.

Percy said he already made a deal with Dana in Plainview, and the last couple plays he let Nikita win. He says he planned for Nikita to deliver the black box to the CIA.

Percy tells Amanda that the black box is a trojan horse that will shake up the intelligence community.

Nikita and Alex break into an empty warehouse, she knows she’s been tracked for the past half hour and sees the ambush. She knows Michael is in trouble in Division. As Nikita lays out a game plan to Alex, she pulls a gun on Nikita.

Asks Nikita if she pulled the trigger on her father. Nikita tells her to calm down. Alex pulls the trigger.

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