Nikita Season 1 Episode 22 – Pandora

Title: Pandora

Air Date: May 12, 2011

Synopsis: Percy makes a move to take over the CIA, Alex goes rogue, and Michael is trapped inside Division unable to help Nikita when her life is in peril.

Alex fires multiple times. Nikita falls.

She pulls off Percy’s camera bug. The cleaner from Division arrives to check Nikita. Percy calls. The cleaner reports Nikita dead. No penetration of the Kevlar, possible internal injuries.

Percy has Alex brought back to Division. Percy tells Amanda it was unexpected, maybe there’s hope for Alex yet. Then he leaves to brief Oversight about Operation Sparrow.

Birkhoff comes to see Michael where he’s chained down, upset about Michael betraying him. Birkhoff says he didn’t know he was baiting him into a trap, Michael calls him a coward, Birkhoff tells Michael that Nikita is dead, Birkhoff blames Michael.

Percy meets Oversight in a restaurant. (Quentin, Harris Yulin, from Buffy’s Council along with Madeline, Alberta Watson, from LFN are among Oversight).

Percy tells Oversight he wants a seat at the table. And his planted evidence surrounding Nikita as the terrorist mastermind behind the conspiracy. The black box given to CIA has apparently been rigged with the nerve toxin. Then he orders an appetizer.

As Alex arrives back at Division, Amanda meets her and questions if she knew she was going to kill Nikita. A flash back shows Alex getting some type of syringe from the box in Nikita’s apartment. Then how she gave Nikita the injection, telling her what it was, and good luck and “good bye”. As Amanda tells Alex the cleaner would be getting ready to dissolve Nikita’s body, she flashes back to Jaden’s death and the cleaner telling her that the muscle relaxer flushes toxins through the pores (doubt that would happen in real life).

Nikita struggles back to her senses, tosses acid on the cleaner and crawls toward her gun. The cleaner runs out of the area.

Nikita now notices the evidence on the table of the hard drive being prepped with the nerve toxin and tries to call Ryan but realizes there’s no cell phones at CIA.

Percy’s back with Oversight making his pitch to run CIA. He receives a call that Nikita is alive. Percy makes a call to activate an unnamed asset to go after Nikita.

Nikita is on the road, makes another call trying to warn CIA, but can’t get past the switchboard.

Percy arrives back at Division and puts Birkhoff on hacking CIA to find Nikita. Birkhoff warns him that the CIA will probably kick him out soon. Amanda offers to go kill Alex.

Malcolm is working on the decryption at CIA.

Percy keeps up his story with Birkhoff, not telling Birkhoff about the toxin.

Nikita walks in the front door of CIA naming herself as Nikita to get their attention.

Amanda goes back to question Alex on how she handled it. Alex replies screw Nikita, and screw you all too.

Nikita starts to get a warning to the right people but Birkhoff is blocking the phone lines and other communication in CIA.

Michael is released remotely unsure who did it.

Malcolm and Ryan gain access to the hard drive. Realize the phone line is dead.

As Nikita is still trying to get a warning through to the CIA, Percy’s agent enters and kills the CIA agents. Nikita takes him out. Ryan brings the top CIA guys into the room with the hard drive.

Ryan is about to access the Sparrow file. Which we have discovered will trigger the release of the toxin taking out the top men at CIA.

Nikita fires at the door to the room, Ryan gets up to see what the noise is, just then the toxin is released but she is able to get them out of the room.

Cut to Nikita being apprehended, and the upper level CIA guys have gone past her down the hall and out of sight as Percy watches on from Division.

Amanda reminds Alex of how she survived on her own and as she says she wants to live. Amanda turns up the juice killing Alex then gets an injection of adrenaline to her heart. As Alex jumps out of the chair, Amanda tells her that she was dead for 25 seconds so the kill chip thinks she’s dead and she’s free to go. She won’t try to hold on to her like she did Nikita. Amanda advises Alex not to return to Nikita, she needs to make her own choices.

Alex asks about Percy. Amanda tells her that Percy has enough to deal with today.

Michael attacks Percy in his office. Pins him down at gun point but doesn’t kill him because of the guardians. He does pick up Percy’s black box. Then he hands it to Birkhoff to decrypt it. Birkhoff lets Michael know Nikita is alive and foiled Percy’s plan. Then lets Michael know he was the one who released him and that Nikita is stuck in CIA.

Nikita tries to get the CIA to let her go. Ryan tries to support her but is about to be sent away when he turns on his superiors and helps Nikita out risking his career.

Nikita walks onto an office floor as Michael’s voice is paging ‘Nikki’. Birkhoff and Michael begin to help talk her out of CIA but their network connection is cut and she is on her own. She dives out an incinerator shaft with an explosion behind her (Ahh!! Original Nikita film scene replicated.)

Cut to Nikita walking into her house.

She calls Michael to let him know she’s home. He tells her Birkhoff is five minutes away from opening the hard drive. Nikita says she’s burning her safe house.

Birkhoff hands him the decrypted drive.

Nikita is setting charges to blow the loft when Alex walks in. They face off for awhile neither wanting to put their gun down.

Nikita explains that while she was following orders when she killed her father, the orders were to kill the entire family, but she took her first stand against Division in saving Alex.

Alex tells Nikita she didn’t trust her enough. Alex tells Nikita that Amanda deactivated the kill chip and she’s going after the person who ordered the hit on her father. Nikita tries to talk her out of the revenge plot. They start to fight with each other as a team crashes through the windows. Followed by more.

Alex and Nikita exit as a 1 minute countdown incinerates the loft. Nikita fires a cable across to another building and crosses. Alex cuts the cable and goes her own way.

Percy watches the carnage from Division.

Michael picks up Nikita on the street. “I’m really sick of people telling me your dead.”

A couple of men abduct Alex on the street.

Cut to Alex in front of a semi-circle table with six people seated – Oversight. They tell her that Nikita is the number one threat to national security. Alex tells them that Nikita won’t release the secrets, she might try to fix them. Alex tells them she won’t help Division. Amanda walks in and talks to Alex. Alex begins to smile at the thought of being backed by Oversight.

Michael and Nikita continue to drive away. Michael tells her to stop thinking about the past and start looking to the future.

“That’s what I’m worried about.” They disappear down the highway driving into a storm.

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