Nikita Season 1 Episode 8 – Phoenix

Title: Phoenix

Air Date: November 4, 2010

Synopsis: If a U.S. senator agrees to help pass a bill that will continue to fund Division, the agency will cover up the senator’s secret affair.

No monolouge.

Nikita arrives at the house to see the mistress was executed, by recruit Thom. Michael tells Thom he is an agent now.

Percy is out in the field again with the senator at Regal House. Nikita listens in from a phone extension. The cleaner notices the phone light on but Nikita sneaks away before she is discovered.

Division sees Nikita use Anna Harcourt’s key card knowing that she would know Division’s protocol.

She calls in a 911 for the police to check Anna’s apartment after finding that Anna was pregnant but the Division cleaner gets there first and the police don’t find anything.

Nikita tells Anna’s parents what happened. Part way through telling them Nikita notices the family picture just as the man posing as the father attacks. Nikita kills the woman but is knocked out by the man. The couple was not from Division but some Russian mercenaries.

Nikita is drugged with a poison that will kill her in 12 hours if she doesn’t kill the senator.

Alex gets herself injured to go to medical for the antidote Nikita needs; with plans to plant it on Michael. She plants it on Thom but it still gets to Nikita.

Nikita ends up on the senator’s arm in the party where Division can’t touch her. She releases a recording of the senator.

Nikita runs into the Russian mercernary who knows about Percy’s black boxes and he makes her an offer to work for him but Nikita walks away.

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