Nikita Season 1 Episode 9 – One Way

Title: One Way

Air Date: November 11, 2010

Synopsis: Nikita and Michael temporarily team up to kill a terrorist. Alex is caught going through the medical files inside Division and creates a lie about Jaden.

Nikita has an informant Henry, that gives her intel, first time he’s been mentioned but appears to be an established relationship with Nikita.

Percy mentions Oversight as an entity that he needs to report to (La Femme Nikita had an Oversight also). Michael is given a 48 hour leave by Percy to deal with a terrorist, Kasim, who Michael has a past with. Michael was a Naval intelligence officer. A flash back to 2001 shows a wife and daughter.

Percy sees Nikita meeting Michael in Ubekistan and starts a mission to take down Nikita. Michael gets shot in the vest before he can get Kasim. And is taken by Kasim’s men.

Flash back to Yemen, 2001. Michael and his family. Kasim blows up his wife and daughter with a car bomb.

Nikita rescues Michael. They begin to track Kasim to the airport, Michael leaves Nikita behind to go on the risky mission.

Back at Division, Alex creates a lie to get Jaden to back up her story of why she was in the medical files.

Nikita calls in the local authorities to stop Michael before he can kill Kasim and be gunned down.

Flash back to 2001 Michael tries to overdose on morphine. He meets Percy who recruits him.

Nikita still has Michael’s lucky knife.

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