Nikita Season 2 Episode 1 – Game Change

Title: Game Change

Air Date: September 23, 2011

Synopsis: In the second season premiere, Nikita and Michael plot to take down Division and Oversight and are prepared to use the contents of the black box to do so. Amanda is in charge of Division and Alex is aligning herself with Division to use their resources to avenge her father.

Nikita goes to an underground casino referenced in Percy’s black box. She tells one of the men that she’s taking a break from Michael.

She’s taken into a backroom for interrogation, but quickly gains the upper-hand. Michael blows the wall in. Nikita grabs the money and jumps on the back of Michael’s motor cycle. Nikita and Michael arrive back in a hotel room. Nikita is having some doubts about how to handle the information in the black box. She’s feeling bad about some of the small lies she told Alex.

Alex arrives at the casino and searches through some cell phones.

Then Alex reports back to Amanda at Division. Amanda states they are no longer taking jobs for money and recruitment is on hold. Amanda wants to recover the black box. Alex says she will help if Amanda helps her get the man who killed her father. Amanda introduces Sean (Dillion Casey), an observer from Oversight, who is not happy about using Alex as she is a double agent. When he challenges her, she distracts him with an explanation about the cellphone and then draws his own gun on him. He pulls a knife to her throat but Alex had a slight advantage.

Michael and Nikita are talking about Operation: Game Change, from the black box, where the lead investigator, Tony Merrick, was framed by Percy and is now in a military prison but apparently stashed some evidence before he was captured.

We see Amanda going to visit Percy in some kind of glass box jail cell (similar to the cell Magneto was in in X-Men). Amanda mentions that Percy has an eidetic memory so should recall what was on the black box. Amanda makes him an offer. Percy says he will speak to Alex since she is an independent contractor. Amanda tells him the only reason he’s still alive is the dead man’s switch near his heart that is keeping the three remaining black boxes from being released by the Guardians. (So what happens if he’s too heavily shielded and that signal from the dead man’s switch is not getting to the black boxes. Or considering the black boxes are typically in bank vaults how would they get a signal?)

Nikita and Michael arrive at Leavenworth, impersonating officers, and see the prisoner. But Merrick doesn’t want out and insists he is guilty. Michael incapacitates the guards and takes Merrick from the interview room to Nikita in a waiting car.

Oversight Conference, apparently somewhere in Washington, D.C. Amanda is conferenced in on speaker phone. Senator Madeline Pierce (Alberta Watson, Madeline from LFN) is taking charge of the conversation. Amanda sends Sean out of the room and gives Alex the location from Nikita’s cell phone. Alex asks Amanda to let her do it her way since Nikita still thinks she’s on her own.

Hotel Room. Merrick recovers from Michael knocking him out. Merrick tells them his son was threatened by Percy and that’s why he insisted he was guilty. He’s been alienated from his son Justin.

Alex calls Nikita pretending to be using drugs again while she watches from outside the hotel. Michael tries to warn Nikita not to trust her. Nikita leaves to go meet Alex, believing her call.

Sean followed Alex with a strike team that interrupts Alex’s plan when Nikita sees the approaching vehicles and Alex, then gets pinned down by fire. Two drone planes take out the Division agents then drop gas that knocks Michael and Nikita out.

The two recover in a mystery bedroom. Michael tells Nikita that their captors didn’t take his knife. Birkhoff steps into the scene, “It wasn’t a capture dingle berry it was a rescue.” Michael locks him in a choke hold. Nikita checks his tracker which has been removed.

Birkhoff fills them in on Amanda taking over and that he has lots of money from his hacking days. He tracked their location with a line of code he put into the black box encryption. He tells Michael and Nikita to let Division know he is not helping them, that he wants to stay out of it. Michael replies, “So you rescued us to tell Division you’re not helping us?” Nikita smiles, “Ah, nerd, you’re lonely. You missed us.” And gives Birkhoff a hug.

Division. Alex is not happy. Sean starts giving out commands. Amanda belays the order and reigns him in and puts him back in his place of asking her for approval of any Division resources.

Amanda sends Alex down to see Percy. He offers information for a television with news.

Michael understands Alex’s desire for revenge. Nikita still feels responsible for her.

Nikita arrives at a nightclub looking for Justin Merrick, notices Division agents on site. Birkhoff sends a video stream of Michael to Division to distract them. As the Division agents try to track his location Birkhoff gets arrogant and sticks his head into the video to brag about how good he is. Michael tells Amanda, “By the way, Birkhoff is not helping us.” (This Michael definitely has a more sarcastic character than Roy Dupuis in LFN).

Nikita spots Alex talking to Justin.

Alex leads Justin out to a car and Sean but Nikita stops the car. She faces off with Alex. Nikita warns her to stop then breaks her arm telling her, “Remember I did this because a I care.” Then shoots Alex in the leg.

Oversight Conference. One of them men, Edward, is starting to feel things are falling apart. Senator Pierce tells him to pull it together they will handle it together.

Nikita and Michael are watching the news, Edward Adams from Oversight has been found dead with the evidence linking him to the mission that framed Merrick. Merrick and his son reunite, the jail break being written off as an FBI operation.

We see Alex recovering in Division. Michael tells Nikita that Adams is one down and five to go in Oversight.

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