Nikita Season 2 Episode 10 – Guardians

Title: Guardians

Air Date: December 3, 2011

Synopsis: With Michael out of town, Nikita turns to Owen to help her track down and steal another black box from a Guardian.

Quick recap of the black boxes and Owen meeting with Ari Tasarov.

Colmar, Alsace Region of France. A small house at night. Agents storm into the house. Owen takes off his helmet. “The Guardian is not here.” He tells Tasarov the Guardian left recently and it is unexpected. The tension incrases between them as Tasarov questions if Owen knows what he’s doing.

Owen arrives at his apartment to find Nikita waiting for him. She is not happy that Owen is working with Tasarov and Gogol; as Gogol still wants her dead. Owen assures her he is just using them for their resources and has warned them not to touch her.

Division. Sonya tells Amanda she can’t find Alex but she does show Amanda the satellite images she accessed of the Udinov mansion. Amanda correctly assumes Alex is already in Russia.

Alex goes looking for weapons, when the men don’t take her seriously she quickly incapacitates two of them and pins the last one to a pool table and very explicitly tells him the Glock and knife she needs.

Nikita tells Owen about operation Pale Fire where she rescued Alexandra Udinov. Owen understands why Alex was working with her now. And he’s off the Regimen.

Storage locker. A Guardian sends a message to Percy. Back at Division, we see someone reply to the message and quickly walk away but no indication of who it was…

Pinsky Forest, outside of Moscow. Alex has a gun and knife. She jumps off the back of a truck and starts jogging through the forest.

Owen cooks Nikita breakfast. She tells Owen that Michael is figuring some stuff out but she doesn’t want to call him. Nikita wants to check out the farm house in case they missed something. Owen is still confused why the Guardian changed protocol without hearing directly from Percy.

Division. Amanda has Percy secured and removes all of his amenities from the cell angry that he sent Alex after Semak. Amanda appears a little concerned that Alex could die. Amanda questions why Percy wants Semak dead but he doesn’t give her any information.

Udinov mansion. Semak asks Tasarov about Alex’s location. Ari assures him that she is likely in hiding.

Alex is making her way through the forest while flashing back to memories of time in the forest learning from her father when she sets off a perimeter alarm. She uses some fur from her gloves and some blood to make it appear an animal ran into the trip wire.

Back at the farm house. Nikita questions where the Guardian was getting his Regimen drugs with Percy locked up. They use Gogol to track the supplier. Owen Elliot is surprised she wants to use Gogol instead of Birkhoff, she dodges the question then reveals to Owen that Birkhoff was tortured by Amanda. She’s sad. Owen asks her about it. “I’m so tired. I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore”. Owen reminds her that she needs to stand up for the people that can’t fight because it is the right thing to do. “When Division gave you the ability to kill, they also gave you the ability to protect. You taught me that.” Nikita is still sad not knowing if Michael is coming back. Owen replies, “If he can’t see what he left behind. Maybe you shouldn’t be together.”

Tasarov and Semak are on the phone, Tasarov suggests keeping the black box instead of destroying it but Semak is adamant about it being destroyed.

Pinsky Forest. Alex climbs into a tree to hide from a patrol of soldiers. She’s nearly discovered when her rope slips to the ground but luckily the soldiers walk away. However, Alex slips climbing down from the tree, hits her head on a rock and passes out having a flash back of her father telling her she’s not alone.

Owen identifies a likely chemist with Gogol’s assistance. Ari Tasarov sends a team to retrieve the black box telling Owen thre’s been a slight change of plans and they are keeping the black box. Outside on the street, he calls the information to Nikita so she can try to get there first. Then he makes another call and tells someone about Nikita making a solo approach. Just then a couple Gogol men stun Own from behind. They take him with Tasarov to get the black box.

Pinsky Forest. Alex wakes back up and thanks her papa.

Division. Roan decodes a message from Percy’s crossword puzzle. Amsterdam. He relays the location to the Guardian in Switzerland revealing that the Guardians will meet in Amsterdam.

Nikita arrives before the Guardian but is unable to secure the black box before Gogol mercenaries arrive. She works with the Guardian to defend against Gogol. Nikita grabs the black box and the Guardian follows her. The local police block their path. Nikita waves off the Guardian from taking them on and they are arrested.

Alex arrives at the Udinov mansion and has some childhood memories of playing outside. She picks the cellar lock and is inside.

On the road. Nikita and the Guardian are restrained in the back of a van. He tells Nikita she has no idea what’s going on. Then retrieves a hidden knife from his boot and cuts himself free. Now if the police had used handcuffs instead of zip ties that wouldn’t have been possible.

Nikita keeps the Guardian at bay for the moment. Then Gogol launches a rocket at the van knocking it off the road.

Owen struggles trying to free himself in the back of Gogol car while watching Nikita still restrained in the overturned van. Tasarov gets the black box from the police car and informs Semak he’s bringing it to him. Ari tells his men to clean up the loose ends including Owen.

Tasarov’s car leaves. The Gogol mercenaries approach Nikita.

A silver car races into the scene spraying bullets out the driver side window killing the Gogol mercenaries, then slides to a stop. Michael climbs out and cuts Owen loose. “Thanks for calling.”

Nikita finally frees herself in the van and shoots the last Gogol mercenary. The other Guardian is gone.

Owen’s apartment. Nikita asks Michael how Max is, Max calls her the “gun lady”. Owen got the Guardian’s laptop and tells Nikita and Michael that secondary protocol has been activated so the Guardian’s are meeting for instructions. Owen says he’ll go after the Guardians, Nikita and Michael can go after Ari and the black box. But Nikita insists Michael goes with Owen since there will be three Guardians. He’s reluctant to leave her since he just got back. But Nikita insists it is the right thing to do.

Owen put a tracker on Tasarov’s car for Nikita to follow.

Division. Percy is back in his white onsie with nothing in his cell. Amanda offers to give his crossword back if he tells her about what he told Alex. Percy speaks about how he told her she needs to know the truth about her past to think about her future. “If we have the courage to face the truth it can lead to the right path.” As Percy continues…

Alex infiltrates the mansion. Nikita makes her way through the forest toward the mansion. Tasarov arrives with the black box.

Alex walks into a bedroom and sees a woman sitting at a vanity. “Mama?”

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