Nikita Season 2 Episode 2 – Falling Ash

Title: Falling Ash

Air Date: September 30, 2011

Synopsis: While investigating P9, an old corrupt Division program that seems to have resurrected, Nikita and Michael run into Owen (from Season 1). He tells them he is searching for Dr. Joseph Mars who is not only the mastermind of P9 but also invented the Regimen and could help Owen wean himself off the dangerous drugs. Michael is hesitant to trust Owen.

Simsbury, CT. A young guy that’s starting a business with an ice cream truck receives a an anonymous package. His phone rings, he hears some odd sounds, and is in a trance-like state. He gets a gun out of the package, ignores his customers, and attempts to kill a Senator Irving giving a speech nearby. He’s gunned down by security.

Birkhoff’s house. Nikita has a lead on a member of Oversight, she asks Birkhoff to borrow his jet and money. He tells them they should look for their own place. He’s still reluctant to be helping them.

Michael catches the news and recognizes the P9 protocol. He fills in Nikita on it and insists it is more important right now than tracking down Oversight.

Division. Amanda is discussing P9 with Sean wondering why P9 resurfaced. Division and Michael believe Dr. Mars, the P9 creator, was killed in the raid.

Alex is still recovering. Amanda asks her to talk to Percy about the Falling Ash mission in exchange for a list of men close to her father’s killer, Sergei Semak. Alex goes to ask Percy if their is any information he can provide.

Nikita changes her mind and follows Michael to the P9 compound site. Owen Elliot shows up, he was on the original mission and reveals that Dr. Mars was kept alive at Percy’s request. Dr. Mars also created the Regimen and Owen is looking for information on how to detox from the Division drug regimen.

Alex learns from Percy that Mars is still alive. Percy is still in his glass cell, forcing Alex to answer as much of his questions as he reveals information.

Alex leaves Percy and goes to a computer search engine, that looks disturbingly similar to another search engine we all know, but there are some variations.

Nikita, Michael, and Owen arrive at the same benefit dinner as Alex. Nikita disarms Alicia, controlled by P9, while Alex protects the senator. Nikita and Michael take Alicia back to their safe house.

Owen finds out that Nikita does have a black box and that’s where their intel is coming from. He tells Nikita that he still plans to eliminate the remaining three guardians and the black boxes. Then Percy. Nikita says she won’t stop her.

Alicia wakes up and realizes what she tried to do. Birkhoff is upset that they brought her to his house with all the cops looking for her. Michael says, “We’re the only ones that knows she’s innocent. We have to help her.” Birkhoff tells them to leave. “Don’t give me the goatee of intimidation, I know you won’t hurt me.” (Certainly a different dynamic than the LFN Michael that would have killed Birkhoff if necessary). Owen steps in eating some of Birkhoff’s snacks, “You’re small. You’d dissolve quick.” Birkhoff just says, “Whatever. You’re on your own.” and walks away.

Alicia tells Nikita that she was in rehab with a new therapy that Nikita realizes is P9. She goes undercover as a junkie.

Birkhoff and Alicia begin to bond over geek and gamer topics. She compliments his hardware. She knows about Shadow Walker, his hacker handle, he talks up Shadow Walker but doesn’t admit that it is him.

Sean gets Alex released from jail.

Mars suspects Nikita and several men restrain her. Michael calls Birkhoff to hack the security system to show them what’s going on. Birkhoff quickly breaks into the security system and talks Michael and Owen to Nikita’s room. They take out several guards while Nikita disables a few others. Dr. Mars executes the P9 sound tones activating several people at the clinic as well as Alicia who hits Birkhoff and walks out with a gun.

Birkhoff follows Alicia concerned that she doesn’t deserve it. Michael, Owen, and Nikita regain control at the clinic. Owen stays behind to clean up the crime scene, he used to be a cleaner for Division, while Michael and Nikita go to head off Alicia from her target that the realize is not the senator but a judge who’s prosecuting an oil company instead.

Birkhoff tries to talk Alicia down but she’s about to shoot when Michael slides his car along side them and Nikita jumps out the back door and disables Alicia.

Birkhoff’s house. Owen found the information to detox, tells them he’s going to start tracking the remaining guardians.

Division. Alex is reviewing information on Ari Tasarov and Sergei Semak. Sean tells her to take the shot with Nikita next time, it will be better for Nikita that Oversight getting ahold of her.

Birkhoff shows Michael and Nikita Shadow Bot a news scanning tool he created to gather information relating to data in the black box. Apparently he’s officially helping them.

Owen meets with Ari from Gogol, but lies about Nikita having a black box. He threatens Ari not to hurt Nikita.

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