Nikita Season 2 Episode 3 – Knightfall

Title: Knightfall

Air Date: October 7, 2011

Synopsis: Birkhoff tells Nikita and Michael that a black box file reveals that an international terrorist named Ramon, who has taken credit for some serious political assassinations, has been working for Division.

Quebec City. Interesting music. Someone on a motorcycle rides up to a street side diner and executes a few people.

News flashes while Nikita is doing yoga. She turns to the TV when she hears the name Ramon.

Birkhoff’s Shadow Bot flagged the news and Ramon was someone Nikita captured in the past and was let go by Division but kept on the payroll as an assassin. Nikita is upset to find out at the kills he completed after she turned him over to Division six years ago.

Flashback to their first meeting. She apparently had orders to kill him but didn’t go through with it.

According to the black box data the news anchor breaking the Ramon stories gets the news directly from Ramon. So Nikita is going after her.

Division, Amanda is congratulating Ramon on his recent accomplishments. Alex arrives, not thrilled to know someone like Ramon is on the payroll. Amanda tries to talk Alex into taking a mission to execute Anton Kochenko, the public face of Zetrov, to draw out Semak. Amanda takes the mission.

Michael talks to the news anchor about an interview and she offers to go for coffee, leading him down an alley to her car, where she tries to seduce him. Michael knocks her purse down. After seeing the sat phone, “Do you want to call Division or should I?” She attacks him and Michael slumps against the car. The agent dials Division, an unknown voice asks her a few questions about her situation and she reveals she is Ramon’s handler and his location. Birkhoff and Nikita walk into the scene with Birkhoff ending the call. Nikita incapacitates her. Michael stands back up, clearly pretending to be knocked unconscious.

Monte De Concepcion, Colombia. (Nice shot of Michael and Nikita in front of a waterfall; no other real purpose that I see.) Birkhoff is running support from his house. Nikita and Michael flirt about a date after they capture Ramon (certainly a change from the mostly serious LFN missions).

Michael enters a crawl space to tap into security cameras since Birkhoff said the security is tight and that would be simpler.

Alex is researching Kochenko. Flashback to Kochenko intimidating a young Alex into giving him a security code that allowed the Division team to kill her father. Sean offers her some advice to take a sniper shot instead of a frontal assault and she heeds his advice.

Amanda learns from Sonya that Michael and Nikita are near Ramon. After some surveillance they realize Ramon is in a wheel chair and could not have been doing the assassinations.

Nikita scales the wall to Ramon’s house and enters his office as he finishes recording a video for the Kochenko hit. Nikita overhears Amanda telling him that the hit won’t be for about 20 minutes.

Alex impersonates a news reporter to gain access to a high position for her sniper rifle.

Ramon is angry at Nikita for his situation. Flashback to Percy paralyzing him with a bullet to the spine.

Ramon manages to get away while Nikita is pinned down by several guards. Michael comes to her assistance and Nikita leaves to chase Ramon. However, Michael is trapped in a safe room in the house.

Nikita stops Ramon and reports back to Michael, but Amanda replies back on the channel stating she has Michael and is jamming all transmissions on the mountain. Nikita is just outside the jamming field so that Amanda can talk to her. Birkhoff recieves the file from Nikita regarding Kochenko.

Amanda warns her not to release the file as she has a drone circling the house and will destroy it with Michael inside. She tells Nikita to give her proof of death on Ramon as he is now a loose end.

Alex has her shot but Amanda tells her to wait. Alex does have both eyes open at the sniper rifle, nice detail.

Birkhoff tells Nikita he is out of ideas to help unless Ramon will give her the number for the phone line in the safe room. All Division safe rooms have a hard line.

Ramon wants Nikita to kill him. But won’t give her the number. Michael starts to gather supplies to make something in the safe room. Ramon continues to debate with Nikita, revealing she was a foster child and junkie. Nikita finally hands him a gun, “Finish it yourself.” and races off to find Michael.

Birkhoff regains his satellite link to see Nikita is racing toward the house. Ramon calls Michael on the safe room line and tells him of an underground passage. Amanda orders the drone to fire. Nikita arrives in time to get knocked down by the explosion.

Michael walks out of the passage behind Nikita and lets her know Ramon called, “You’re welcome.” Michael replies to Amanda, “You missed.”

Percy sees the Ramon recording playing on air while Kochenko is still alive. And smiles.

Alex disobeys orders and still takes out Kochenko.

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