Nikita Season 2 Episode 4 – Partners

Title: Partners

Air Date: October 14, 2011

Synopsis: Nikita is stunned when she hears that her old Division partner Kelly escaped a Turkish prison. Nikita thought Kelly died years ago and always felt responsible because it happened after Nikita escaped from Division.

Van, Turkey. A blond woman, dirty and beaten, kills several police offers and drives away in the police van.

Division. Sonya brings the information to Amanda’s attention. Amanda orders in a cleaner team.

Birkhoff’s house. Birkhoff states the black box lists her as Killed in Action on operation Broken Eagle; when Nikita staged her escape. Michael lied to Nikita years ago telling her that Kelly was killed on a different mission. Michael didn’t want Nikita to feel responsible.

Flashback to them working together on the mission. Kelly thinking Nikita was killed, it was remote controlled guns that Nikita used, Kelly tried to complete the mission and was captured.

Division. Amanda confronts Alex about the Kochenko’s execution. Then asks her to go track Kelly, expecting Nikita to get involved, and offers her more information on planning a hit on Semak.

Semak speaks with Ari and Gregor about Kochenko, he wants to know how it happened. When Gregor starts to challenge him, Semak shoots him in the head. Ari is promoted. Semak knows Percy kept the information regarding Zetrov on the black boxes.

Division. Alex realizes that Kelly must’ve a backup passport she needs still stashed in Turkey since she’s not heading toward the border.

The cleaner, Roan, goes with Alex on the mission to take care of Nikita; he has bad scars on his face from the acid Nikita threw on him last season.

Ankara, Turkey. Kelly recovers a phone from a vent in her old safe house. She receives a call from Nikita offering an explanation and meeting spot. The meeting is quickly interrupted by police. Michael leads the police away while Nikita and Kelly take another direction. Alex sees through the subterfuge and follows the right car with Kelly and Nikita.

Eskisehir, Turkey. Train station. Nikita and Kelly retrieve a disguise that Nikita hid, then board a train soon followed by Alex and Roan.

Birkhoff warns Nikita and Kelly that Roan and Alex are on the train. Kelly questions why Nikita doesn’t want to kill Alex and goes along with Nikita’s vague reason. After a brief fight Nikita and Kelly jump from the train. Kelly sneaks a phone call to Ari, he’s after the black box, and hired her. Kelly describes Alex to Ari and he realizes Alex was Kochenko’s assassin. He tells Kelly that Alex is her new target.

As Nikita and Kelly pull out in a stolen car, Kelly stabs the tire creating a slow leak. Kelly finds out more about Alex being Nikita’s partner. Kelly accuses Nikita of not trusting anyone.

Division. Amanda and Percy are having tea, on their own sides of his glass cell, he knows that Amanda wants her own puppet at the head of Zetrov. Percy suggests that Amanda find the missing members of Nikolai Udinov’s inner circle as they may be able to help reestablish Alexandra. In return he asks to have his clothes back instead of the white onesie.

Nikita calls Michael again to let him know they have a flat tire, then notices that the tire was punctured and draws her gun on Kelly after finding the cell phone and hearing Ari on the other end.

Birkhoff sends Michael to Nikita’s coordinates. Gogol is closing on the position. Nikita locks Kelly in the trunk of the car and tells Michael about the trap for Alex.

Alex and Roan arrive moments later and take fire from Gogol as they run through the forest. Kelly got out of the trunk and has Alex at gun point when Michael arrives. Nikita shoots Kelly to save Alex. Nikita offers to help Alex now that Gogol is after her and apologizes for not treating Alex like a partner. Alex insists she needs to kill Semak now to save herself, not just for revenge, and returns to Division as they will help protect her. Alex reports back to Division that there was no sign of Nikita and Kelly is dead.

Birkhoff’s house. Michael is massaging Nikita’s shoulders. As they are talking Nikita says she doesn’t have a good track record with partners. Michael replies, “You can call it whatever you want.” Nikita looks up, “Boy toy?” “Except that.”

Division. Amanda compliments Alex telling her that even Roan was impressed. Alex is concerned that Gogol has figured out who she is. Amanda assures her that they will get Semak.

Ari discovers that Alex is Alexandra Udinov and advises Semak that she is still alive. Semak orders Ari to shoot on site he wants Alex dead.

Apparently a scene was cut on how Kelly got out of the trunk she was shut in. Typically you can pull a cable on many car models but if that was the case, why did Nikita bother to put her in the trunk? Nice to see more on how Nikita escaped Division but how would she have had time to put those remote gun stations in place during a mission? Quite a few big time jumps in this one. The real time feel of 24 was awesome, would be nice to see more of that.

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