Nikita Season 2 Episode 5 – Looking Glass

Title: Looking Glass

Air Date: October 21, 2011

Synopsis: Michael discovers Cassandra, a woman who once romanced under Division orders, is in danger. Feeling guilty for how things ended and wants to help her but Nikita suspects there is more to it.

Michael is in bed talking to a blond woman talking about art as she joins him on the bed. Belarus, Six Years Ago. She has to leave. Michael reveals that he is an American agent assigned to neutralize the threat of her husband. And he asks for her help.

Present day. Michael sees that the puppet Belarusian president that Division put in place during operation Looking Glass is getting out of control. Cassandra stayed to sell the deception.

Amanda fills in Percy who now has a chair, area rug, and tea in his cell.

Michael reveals to Nikita that he was intimate with Cassandra to acquire her help. Nikita asks about how many times he had to seduce women for Division since he was her handler and knows how many times she had to. He replies that it was only once.

Amanda wants Alex to go on a mission to take down Ovechkin, when she refuses another agent volunteers instead.

Minsk, Belarus. Nikita outbids Cassandra on a painting to get her attention and sets up a meeting with Michael. When Cassandra arrives to meet Michael she has her son Max with her. Michael lets Nikita know things just got a little more complicated.

When Michael asks, Cassandra tells him that Max is not his son that he is 4, and Ovechkin kept it a secret to protect him. She tells Michael she has her own plan to get out.

Amanda’s agent is captured. Sean wants to rescue her but Amanda tells him it is not Divisions way. Sean Pierce declares you never leave a man behind telling Amanda to go to Oversight if she has a problem with it. Alex goes with him feeling responsible because she turned the mission down.

Cassandra’s plan to leave gets prevented by a suspicious Ovechkin. She calls Michael via the auction house. Nikita looks jealous.

Nikita and Michael plan an escape but have to abort when Max doesn’t want to go out the window with Nikita.

Alex and Sean arrive in Minsk. Ovechkin is questioning the Division agent when Amanda calls him and manipulates him into killing her. Alex and Season watch as she is shot too late to try anything. Amanda already knows Sean and Alex will go after Ovechkin.

Birkhoff, Michael, and Nikita plan to use Ovechkin’s evac car to get Cassandra and Max out of the country. Meanwhile, Sean and Alex plan to blow up the car by planting a bomb inside.

Sean is turning out to be more of a fair agent, doing the right thing, when I expected him to be more of a snitch to Oversight.

Amanda goes to speak to Percy with one of his suits in hand telling him, “Sometimes you have to sacrifice a pawn to motivate your knights.” Percy jokes about how easy the chess metaphors come.

Max mentions a lady coming to the nanny so she is ready when Nikita shows up. Several shots are fired but Nikita is able to overpower her and get to Max. She coaxes him out of a closet talking about happy things like birthday presents.

Sean plants the bomb in the car. Alex delivers a coded message from Percy that causes Ovechkin to head for his evac vehicle. He stops on the porch to look for his wife and child.

Nikita gets Max to Cassandra and sends them to the car and heads back for Michael who is still near the residence.

Sean arms a radio transmitter. Birkhoff detects the signal and alerts Michael and Nikita that there is a bomb in the car. They both race for Cassandra and Max.

Michael runs outside and is knocked down by the bomb blast a pained expression on his face but then Nikita walks out of the flames with Max in her arms and Cassandra.

Ovechkin grabs Alex and questions who is behind all of it. Sean strangles Ovechkin then shoots Ovechkin and Volkov to set it up as a murder suicide.

Cassandra stays behind as Michael and Nikita leave. She speaks to her countrymen to unite them.

Alex admits to Sean that it does feel pretty good to do something good.

Cut to shoes being laced, cuffs being down, a jacket being put on…Percy is back in his power suit “It’s a start.”

Belarus. Cassandra gives Michael a final hug. He apologizes for what he did and hopes that she can move on. Cassandra thanks Michael for being there when she needed him. She walks over to Nikita as Max goes and sits beside Michael. Nikita reveals to Cassandra that while they were playing Max insisted he is a little over 5, not 4, born about 9 months after Michael’s mission. Cassandra admits Max is Michael’s son. But urges Nikita not to tell him because it would mean an end to everything. Michael wouldn’t be able to stay away. And if enemies found out Max would be in danger. But lets it to Nikita’s decision saying, “Our families are liabilities. Our loved ones our weaknesses.” Nikita looks over at father and son sitting together.

Michael, Roy Dupuis, had a son in LFN as well. Max is almost certain to be used against Michael at some point now that we know he exists. Though Cassandra is at least still alive. I kinda like the idea of Seymour Birkhoff bankrolling all this with his hacker skills Smilie: :-)

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