Nikita Season 2 Episode 6 – 343 Walnut Lane

Title: 343 Walnut Lane

Air Date: October 28, 2011

Synopsis: While searching for information on the black box, Birkhoff stumbles upon Nikita’s birth certificate. Nikita and Michael track down her father, Richard, but the reunion is not quite what Nikita expected.

Alex goes to confession at a church. She’s actually talking to Nikita through a video link. Alex wants a file from the black box. Roan observed Alex at the church.

Flashback, Percy tells Alex that there is information that will help her avenge her father’s death on the black box. He offers what he knows for a box of cigars, but Amanda said no fire allowed. Alex apparently decided to contact Nikita instead.

Percy anticipated Alex going directly to Nikita. While Birkhoff is searching the black box he finds information on Nikita’s father that leads them to believe he was a CIA agent. Percy tells Amanda that he can deliver Nikita for a cell above ground. Nikita and Michael plan to infiltrate a CIA archive.

Flashback to September 2004. Nikita is a new recruit severely beating large man that insults where she came from. Michael makes a plea to Amanda and Percy to reason with her.

Nikita is still troubled over lying to Michael about his son Max.

Birkhoff tells Alex that Percy played her.

Amanda finds out about Nikita’s break in and knows Nikita is going after Richard Ellison, who she believes is her father, Amanda tells Percy she doesn’t need his information now.

Nikita meets Richard in his house at 343 Walnut Lane. They flee to Birkhoff’s safe house as Division agents arrive. Richard and Nikita begin trying to bond about the past. Nikita tells him about Michael’s son Max.

Alex learns from Percy about the plan he and Amanda put in place 7 years ago for Nikita to “discover” her father, but never implemented because Michael was able to talk sense into Nikita, Alex realizes Nikita is in the middle of a Division trap.

Roan and a team are waiting outside Birkhoff’s safe house. Alex alerts Birkhoff to the trap, before he can warn Nikita Richard confronts him looking for the black box. Birkhoff manages to defend himself long enough for Michael and Nikita to restrain Richard. Amanda sends in the agents telling them to kill everyone. Richard reveals the truth about the plan to Nikita as the Division team opens fire.

Nikita tells Birkhoff to use his drones for air support. A missle obliterates part of the house. Michael, Nikita, and Birkhoff walk out looking back to see Richard stand up from the rubble. Nikita shoots and kills him as Michael pulls her away. Roan sits up in the rubble beside the fallen Richard, finds his glasses, and makes it back to his fit (looking somewhat like a Terminator).

Alex goes to Percy. He tells her that he knows she warned Nikita and he will tell Amanda if she doesn’t do what he says. “I own you Alex.” Alex tells him to go to hell and walks out.

With Birkhoff’s safe house is compromised and destroyed. Seymour uncovers a sports car and says to Nikita and Michael, “We’ll rendezvous on Tatooine or wherever I setup the next rebel base.” (Gotta love the Star Wars references from the geek. He referred to Cerebro, from X-Men, in the last episode Looking Glass).

Nikita and Michael both feel they should have known better. Nikita lets Michael know about his son Max. Telling him that’s why she shot Richard, to protect them, not for revenge. Michael is clearly confused going through emotions from happy to anger to confusion and drops Nikita’s hand.

I really thought Nikita was going to keep that secret longer. But I suppose it fits with her effort to be more trusting and quit keeping secrets.

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