Nikita Season 2 Episode 7 – Clawback

Title: Clawback

Air Date: November 4, 2011

Synopsis: While in prison, Ryan Fletcher (CIA agent from the first season), discovers patterns in the news that reveal how Oversight gets much of its funding. Ryan sends a coded message to Nikita but Amanda intercepts it and alerts Oversight.

Roan enters a man’s home and uses a device to simulate a heart attack while he’s on a treadmill.

Amanda calls a man to report his order has been filled, he phones in a stock trade.

Ryan Fletcher, in jail, catches the report on the news and sees the pattern of how Division raises their funds by engineering accidents like this to affect the stock market. He makes a coded call to Nikita.

Michael sees that Cassandra is leaving Belarus and wants to go to her but Nikita cautions him against rushing off and putting his son in danger. Michael is still upset that Nikita kept the information from him. Amanda also intercepts the message and understands that Fletcher wants to meet with Nikita. Amanda lies to Sean telling him that Nikita corrupted Fletcher with sex.

Sean finds Alex gearing up with some guns as she feels she is being followed by Gogol. He wants to ask her some questions, for himself not Oversight, as he feels she will give him honest answers.

Nikita sends a stranger to meet Fletcher, wired with a radio so Ryan can talk to her. Ryan gives her the pattern to track right before Roan discovers the stranger and pulls off the radio. Ryan just became a bigger target for Division.

Sean and Alex are working through a park at night, he’s questioning the story Amanda gave him about Fletcher. Alex sets him straight and questions why is working for Oversight. Gogol agents attack. They take a young man back to Division for questioning. Alex recognizes him as the son of one of her father’s bodyguards. Alex goes in to question him.

Nikita and Michael confirm Ryan Fletcher’s findings that Division is taking on missions that result in funding Oversight. They find an address in Delaware for a member of Oversight, codename: Midas.

Amanda is talking to Midas in his office, along with Senator Madeline Pierce, to apprise him of Fletcher. Midas wants a meeting with Fletcher to find out how he discovered the pattern. Midas, Jonathan Gaines, meets with Ryan but Fletcher refuses to give up any information. Content that Nikita got his information even if he gets killed in prison. Ryan tells Gaines he’s a dead man.

The prison guard attacks Fletcher but Ryan manages to overpower him and ends up in the infirmary.

Michael and Nikita only find a post office box at the Delaware address. But they do recover a couple of letters that lead them to Jonathan Gaines.

Nikita wants to break out Fletcher.

Sean asks Senator Pierce, his mother, about who took out the hit on Fletcher. She informs him Oversight voted on it. He tells her that he wants out. As they discuss the situation, Amanda listens in via Sean’s cell phone (not certain if Sean knew about it at this point). The senator wants Sean to take over Division. He wants the hit on Fletcher called off before he considers anything.

Alex tries to get through to her old friend Uri, the Gogol agent, but isn’t getting too far. They discuss the past and how Semak came to power in Zetrov.

Nikita impersonates a guard with Michael as a prisoner. Michael is shot in the arm. Roan gets to Fletcher first and he appears to die as he tells Nikita to get Gaines. We hear the heart monitor flat line.

As they discuss getting Gaines, Nikita drugs the injured Michael telling him he has a son now and she can’t risk him.

In a limo, Sean lets his mother the senator know he is not happy about losing Fletcher. He gets out of the limo telling her that he’s going to turn in Gaines.

Roan and several agents are protecting Gaines as he packs to leave the country. Nikita uses some motorized device to scale the office building and some chemical to melt the window into Gaines’ office. Nikita dispatches a guard and has a gun on Gaines, “Ryan Fletcher says hi.” She demands names of Oversight.

Sean Pierce walks into the office, he tries to reason with Nikita as he knows Fletcher is innocent. Roan quickly calls Amanda and she tells him to kill both Gaines and Nikita.

Gaines, apparently realizing the end is near, names Senator Madeline Pierce. Sean fires the first shot and Gaines is dead. Nikita is pinned down by several Division agents. Sniper shots from across the street take out the agents, it is Michael. Nikita dives out the window and glides to the bottom of the building on that motorized device.

Back at the temporary safe house. Michael asks Nikita, “What the hell were you thinking drugging me like that?” She replies that, “Avenging Ryan was my mission.” Michael tells her there is no more “my” only “our” and she should not have made the decision for him. “Do you ever stop to think how I would feel if I lost you?! You have no idea how much you mean to me Nikita. No idea.” As Michael walks away, “If you ever pull a stunt like that again, we’re through.” (This Michael definitely shows a lot more emotion that Michael from LFN, or Michael from the movie.)

Alex returns to Division wanting to talk with Uri again, Amanda lets her know he was cancelled. A sad Alex walks down a hallway and lays down in a small bedroom at Division; not feeling safe in the outside.

Sean meets Senator Pierce on a park bench. She states that the loss of Gaines is critical. He lets her know that the reason he fired the first shot and the reason he’s going back to Division is because she was named and will be Nikita’s next target. “I may not agree with what you are doing, but you are my mother. And I will do whatever it takes to protect you.” She tries to take his hand and he avoids it. “After I know you are safe. I’m out.”

Nikita goes to see Fletcher’s mother, telling her that Ryan was a hero.

Amanda descends to a dark corridor of Division (like those mysterious corridors and basements of Section One in LFN) and in the shadows Ryan Fletcher is strapped to a chair. Amanda lets him know the world thinks he’s dead. Ryan wants her to kill him, refusing to help her. But Amanda wants him to continue going after Oversight to take them down.

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