Nikita Season 2 Episode 8 – London Calling

Title: London Calling

Air Date: November 11, 2011

Synopsis: Michael becomes alarmed when he hears Cassandra (Helena Mattsson) is in trouble and rushes off to help her.

Michael and Nikita meet Birkhoff in some New York City office space, the new ‘safe house’. Michael tells Birkhoff that he expects a short trip to London, he just wants to see Max and doesn’t really have a plan.

Sean gets Alex from her bunk telling her to rise and shine and leads her into Percy’s office. Percy says, “Good morning recruit.” Alex starts asking why he let Percy out of the cell. Then it spins into a dream sequence with Percy tormenting Alex inside of the cell. Alex wakes up.

London. Michael is standing in the rain outside a window watching a man leave Cassandra and Max. Then he goes to the door, “We need to talk.”

Cassandra lets him in but doesn’t want Max to know the truth. Michael sits down beside Max as he’s watching a cartoon. Max breaks his cookie in half and gives half to Michael.

Nikita and Birkhoff are researching Senator Madeline Pierce. Birkhoff shows her a video feed of Michael and Cassandra taking Max on a walk. Nikita looks jealous.

Nikita calls Michael to let him know they’re being followed. Michael fights off the men. Cassandra tells Michael they are after her. Nikita leaves for London.

Back at Cassandra’s house. Michael keeps watch while Cassandra fills him in on General Tupelov’s men attacking because they believe she stole 200 hundred million dollars.

Division. Percy is working on his crossword puzzle when Alex arrives. He makes a deal with Alex to move some money for him to keep a hundred thousand to fund her revenge against Semak. And tells Alex that Semak is living in her old family home.

Cassandra’s friend returns to take Max to school.

Nikita joins Michael and lets him know they soldiers were not Division. They go to see General Tupelov to warn him off. Nikita has to pull Michael off of Tupelov.

Sean Pierce warns Senator Pierce that Nikita will target her and that he may have a way to Nikita through Alex. And he plans to seduce her to gain her trust.

Cassandra’s apartment. Michael answers the phone, it is Tupelov holding Cassandra hostage. Cassandra told Tupelov that Michael has the money.

Division. Alex goes to a computer in the tech impound to move Percy’s money for him. Sean discovers her there but covers for her when guards arrive. When Alex asks why he’s helping, he is evasive and then asks for a kiss. She ends up kissing his hand, “You never said where.”

With Birkhoff’s help. Michael and Nikita find the location where Cassandra was being held but she is not in the room. Michael and Nikita are pinned down by fire. Michael tells Nikita to save Cassandra but she hesitates and goes to his aid instead. The car with Cassandra in rolls over a cliff as Michael watches. Michael is furious and charges at the last of Tupelov’s men. We see Cassandra’s head rise up over the edge of the cliff behind the men and she quickly shoots one and tosses the other guy off the cliff. Michael is stunned.

Cassandra was with MI6 and was undercover for two years when the Division operation began. She suspected Michael was an agent. MI6 does not know Max is Michael’s son. Nigel, the man who was with her when Michael arrived, is her handler. Cassandra gets her turn at being surprised when Nikita tells her they are rogue now and if MI6 finds out they are there it won’t be good.

Cassandra lets Michael know she is grateful for Max. Nigel shows up with soldiers to take question Michael, realizing that Max is Michael’s son. Meanwhile Nikita slips out an upstairs window before the soldiers find her.

Cassandra meets Nikita outside and gives her the alarm code to sneak back in to rescue Michael. Not willing to risk her position with MI6 and being there for Max. Cassandra goes back in the house and convinces Nigel to go with her after a lead on Tupelov. Nikita frees Michael and they realize Nigel was asking about the money too much and wants it for himself. And Cassandra has no idea.

Nigel tries to kill Cassandra as Nikita arrives. Cassandra slides Nikita a gun and Nigel is dead.

Alex completes the bank transfer. A guardian recieves an encoded message from Percy to go to secondary protocol.

Michael is saying good bye to Cassandra, who’s still with MI6. As Michael and Nikita start to walk away, Nikita tells Michael he needs to decide if he is really willing to walk away from Cassandra and his son Max and never see them again. “You need to make the decision without me here.” Nikita walks away as Michael stands there.

Michael has certainly getting more of a family life than the Michael in LFN.

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