Nikita Season 2 Episode 9 – Fair Trade

Title: Fair Trade

Air Date: November 18, 2011

Synopsis: Nikita steals funds from Oversight, forcing them to host an emergency meeting. Nikita and Birkhoff figure out how to spy on the meeting so Nikita can identify the other members of Oversight, but things go awry and Sean captures Birkhoff.

Washington, D.C. Birkhoff runs into Alison, Senator Pierce’s assistant, in a coffee shop. Senator Pierce is on the phone discussing how Nikita stole 80 million dollars of Oversight’s money and she’s calling an emergency meeting.

Birkhoff planted a micro-tracker in the coffee that Senator Pierce swallows.

Division. Alex lets Sean know she’s going back into Russia as the sex worker she used to be. Sean gives Alex her father’s watch that Amanda had confiscated and asks her to call when she gets into Russia.

Nikita wants to be in motion when Oversight meets. Birkhoff is concerned she’s being too reckless since Michael stayed in London.

Graybrier Hotel. Nikita and Birkhoff observe Sean, Nikita doesn’t know him yet, with Senator Pierce and the increased security. Nikita devises a way to get into the hotel as a floral assistant. She gets photos of two out of three of the remaining Oversight members.

Dance club. Alex is undercover as a worker.

Division. Amanda is driving the agents to find Birkhoff and Nikita.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid the dance club stating the got an anonymous tip. Alex assaults them to ensure they are deported.

The Division agent discovers Birkhoff’s traffic on the hotel wifi and Oversight aborts the meeting. Nikita tells Birkoff to leave but he’s not able to get away. Sean chases Nikita out of the hotel and through a park. Nikita manages to knock a kids basketball into a police officer who turns in time to see Sean with his weapon drawn and makes him stop allowing Nikita to escape.

Dance club. Another dancer is upset with Alex but Alex assures her it will be ok.

Division. Birkhoff is strapped to a chair. Amanda begins to interrogate him and quickly takes a hammer to one of his hands.

Nikita returns to the safe house, not finding Birkhoff, she calls Michael in London for advice. Michael works to calm her down and suggests she trade the black box for Birkhoff.

Birkhoff refuses to give up Nikita’s location to Amanda. She begins to shove a large needle up his nose to paralyze his brain.

Nikita contacts Amanda at Division to offer the trade. Amanda pulls the bloody needle back out of Birkhoff. Perhaps the cruelest we have seen Amanda yet. Nikita assures Amanda that Birkhoff means more to her than the box and she is willing to trade.

London. Michael is spending some time with Max while giving Nikita advice on the meeting location and getting more leverage. Nikita realizes Sean is Senator Pierce’s son.

St. Petersburg, Russia airport. The immigration agent is selling the girls back into the sex trade. Alex kills the men coming to pick them up along with the immigration agent. Then loads the girls into the truck and drives away.

Nikita calls Amanda back and requests the boyscout, Sean Pierce, to meet for the trade. Amanda agrees.

Sean asks for two teams to shadow him but Amanda denies it stating that Nikita is on the verge of losing someone she loves and they must tread lightly.

Amanda confirms with Percy that the data on the black box can’t be copied.

Nikita sends a taxi to pick up Sean and Birkhoff. Nikita hacked the taxi’s transponder signal to interfere with Sean’s tracker so they can’t be tracked by Division while in the taxi. The taxi turns into a parking garage and a waiting Nikita. She has a dead man’s trigger in her hand. Sean is back on Division’s grid now that he’s out of the taxi. Nikita advises Sean that the trigger will cause the black box to upload on multiple wireless connections.

Sean sends Birkhoff over to Nikita. After checking himself for trackers Birkhoff goes upstairs. Nikita lays the black box on the ground for Sean. He tells Division, “Plan B.” and shoots the box. Nikita disarms him and tells him to open his eyes, “I’m not the threat. You wore your Kevlar right?” Nikita shoots him in the chest and runs upstairs to a waiting helicopter. Sean is unable to pursue.

Russia. Alex releases the girls and gives them all numbered bank accounts for them to start new lives. Then walks away.

Birkhoff is trying to use Nikita’s voice activated software and questions why it sounds like Alex. Nikita reminds him of her shell program that it took him over 3 years to find. Birkhoff holds up his bandaged hand, “You give no meaning to the phrase insult to injury.” She apologizes for getting him in that situation. Birkhoff remains strong even though his hand is shaking as he takes a drink, “I almost gave you up in there.” Nikita replies, “But you didn’t. You are so worth it. You rule nerd.”

Nikita leaves to find Owen and another black box.

The senator is upset that Sean destroyed the black box. She tells him to activate his plan for Alex.

Alex calls him, as he asked, he urges her to call somebody if she gets into trouble. Even Nikita.

Division. Sean walks over to a monitor where he has a tracker on Alex. Apparently in the watch he gave back to her.

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