Nikita Season 2 Episode 11 – Pale Fire

Title: Pale Fire

Air Date: January 6, 2012

Synopsis: Alex’s mission to take down Gogol comes to a head as she infiltrates her childhood home and ghosts from her past. Nikita also ends up at the mansion to steal Semak’s black box. Meanwhile Michael and Owen go after the remaining Guardians.

Previously on Nikita. Nikita voice-over highlights how she disobeyed orders and saved Alexandra during operation Pale Fire. But Alex is going for revenge now. Recap of the last episode: The Guardians.

Udinov Estate. Nikita arrives and sees Ari’s car is at the estate. Flash back to seven years ago. Nikita is being briefed by Percy on the mission Pale Fire.

Alex gets teary-eyed at seeing her mother, who thought Alex was dead. Her mother says she doesn’t remember what happened. She woke up in the hospital. Alex tells her mother that someone took her and saved her life, though she’s confused as to why her mother is still in the house. As guards approach, Alex hides in a laundry chute.

Amsterdam, Holland. Michael receives Nikita’s text that she has eyes on the box. Owen takes a moment to caution Michael that he needs to get his relationship straight with Nikita.

Alex returns and sees her mother is being drugged, “Semak can have Zetrov but he can’t have you.” Tells her mother to stay put she’ll be back.

Nikita break finds her way into the basement and runs into Alex, “Oh crap.”

Division. Amanda continues trying to convince Ryan to help her in bringing down Oversight. He tells her that he needs to know everything to help. Amanda puts him in the cell with Percy.

Alex tells a surprised Nikita that her mother is in the house. Nikita agrees that rescuing her mother will come first and the black box can wait.

Amsterdam. Michael and Nikita follow a Guardian and manage to take him out and retrive his black box along with a message leading to a meeting at a dry cleaner. Michael takes a blood sample from the Guardian.

Division. Ryan Fletcher begins to gain a better understanding as Percy tells him bits of information concerning Pale Fire and how Semak reneged on his deal. Ryan tells Percy that Nikita disobeying him was what started his downward spiral into the cage.

Udinov Estate. Alex goes back to get her mother but guards quickly enter the room and take her away. Nikita hears of Alex’s capture on the radio she took from a guard.

Ari and Semak question Alex about Percy, believing Percy took her on purpose to brain wash and send back in. She tells them they are mistaken as Nikita was the one that rescued her against Division orders. And that she infiltrated Division to take down Percy and murder Semak.

Ari orders his men to take Alex away as Nikita watches from a distance.

Amsterdam. Michael gets into the Guardians meeting using the blood sample, under a patch on his thumb, to pass himself as a Guardian that Percy put into play as he was being taken prisoner. He places his black box on top of the remaining black box.

Nikita intercepts the car with Alex in it, efficiently taking out the mercenaries, then heads back to the Udinov estate to get Alex’s mother.

Roan calls into the meeting to advise them of a rendezvous in New York in two days and to visually identify each other. They two Guardians and Michael open the packages to find a phone, credit card, and passports. Michael quickly realizes he can’t pass this one. “You’re right. I’m not a Guardian. Just a guy who rigged the black box with explosives.” Owen busts in firing as Michael detonates the black boxes (leaving one in the hands of Ari). Owen and Michael race away as the two Guardians are left behind. Michael is concerned about Nikita not calling back.

Nikita makes it back into the estate and tries to put Alex’s mother on the phone with Alex. However, the mother knocks the phone away. Alex’s mother still thinks Alexandra was brainwashed and she was protecting Alex by telling Semak. Nikita tries to set the story straight as Alex listens in on the open line. She also reveals that she was having an affair with Semak and that is how she survived the attack, Semake protected her as part of the deal with Percy. Nikita finally tries to force her out but she calls for the guards and Nikita must fight her way out, along with some help from Alex who returned to the estate. Nikita and Alex work together and make it away safely.

Back inside the estate, Alexandra’s mother, Katya, starts to see some truth about Sergei Semak.

Division. Percy hints at his plans to Ryan. “Oversight is irrelevant. As you said, there is always a group behind a group.”

Brussels, Belgium. Owen and Michael realize that Percy is using the remaining Guardians to help him escape. Nikita gets a call from Michael and Michael tells her that they need to talk about their relationship as well as Percy.

Flashback seven years ago to Michael telling Nikita he can get her off of the Pale Fire mission. But Nikita insists on going to see if she can prove to herself what kind of person she has become.

Nikita encourages Alex not to give up on her mother yet. Alex and Nikita begin to reconcile their differences.

I continue to enjoy the lighting of the scenes and the cinematic quality of the show. Birkhoff didn’t make any appearance in this one, I suppose he’s still recovering but I would have expected a mention for continuity. So with Percy planning an escape, will Nikita and Michael help Division or let Percy out?

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