Nikita Season 2 Episode 12 – Sanctuary

Title: Sanctuary

Air Date: January 13, 2012

Synopsis: Sean attacks Nikita and Michael in an effort to protect mother. Meanwhile, Percy gets the upper hand on Amanda and threatens to level Division unless she releases him.

Prologue. We see Senator Pierce as a member of Oversight and her son Sean placing a tracker in Alex’s father’s watch.

Gates House. Oversight. The remaining four members of Oversight are meeting to discuss the current situation with Nikita and they are not happy with how Amanda is handling things.

Beach house. Birkhoff tells Nikita that Michael is on his way back as they suspect the two cleaners to attempt to release Percy. And Alex tried to take Birkhoff’s pain medication.

Nikita goes to talk to Alex about trying to get the pills. Alex is still struggling with finding out her mother is still alive and had an affair with the man that killed her father. Nikita urges her to try to give her mother a chance. Then shares a story about her past when she knew a woman at a half way house, Carla, that helped her try to get clean. But Carla left without an explanation one day. And she ended up in prison on death row. Both Nikita and Alex share some tears. We see Alex is still wearing her father’s watch.

Gates House. Sean is checking Alex’s location on his laptop. Madeline Pierce is overruled when the remaining three decide they need to implement Clean Sweep to liquidate Division and all personnel.

Division Headquarters, rural New Jersey. Amanda goes to talk to Percy about the escape that he hinted to Fletcher about. Amanda sees no way out. Percy assures her that he will be out before the day is over. “And my favorite part. There’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

Amanda calls Division together to advise them of an imminent threat and put them on high alert.

Oversight. Madeline goes to Sean to convince him to try to dismantle Division rather than the Clean Sweep. He hesitates but agrees after hearing about Clean Sweep. He tells her that he has a solid lead on Nikita, nothing to do with Alex, but a solid lead and he has to leave now.

Beach house. Alex and Nikita are talking. Nikita is still unsure of her relationship with Michael. And the two girls realize they were both in Belarus at the same time. Birkhoff questions Alex about how Percy got his message to the Cleaners, she realizes the money Percy gave her for the bank transfer was the signal.

Bader Field. Trenton, New Jersey. The Cleaners arrive with sky diving gear and execute the pilot.

Back at Division, Roan helps deploy the defense perimeter. He receives a call from the cleaner. “See you soon.” Amanda goes back to question Percy. He tells her to let him out and they can join forces but she doesn’t go for it.

Beach house. Michael arrives. Birkhoff and Alex welcome him back then leave he and Nikita alone to talk. She starts to apologize for making the decision for him to stay in London. But he replies that he needed the time.

Outside on the beach. A diver raises up out of the night surf. Sean quickly sets aside the dive gear and sets up his rifle. Sean sets his sights on Nikita as she and Michael talk inside the house.

Alex tackles Sean just as he squeezes the trigger and the shot goes wide hitting the window. Alex fights with him and just as Sean starts to get the upper hand Nikita runs in with gun aimed at him then Michael hits him from behind, knocking him out.

Back in the house. They restrain Sean in a chair and prepare for the Division back up time. Birkhoff scans Sean and pronounces him clean of trackers or comm units. Nikita realizes Sean is on his own without backup. “How’d you find us?” An angry Alex pushes the question and he looks down at her watch. She is upset further that he would do that to her father’s watch. Alex is about to smash it but Birkhoff stops her saying he can get the tracker out of it.

“Not even your mother can save you now.” Nikita fills in Alex on his mother being Senator Pierce from Oversight. The former Seal, Sean, continues to remain silent unti finally telling Alex he didn’t want her to get hurt. Alex whacks him in the head again.

Division. Percy and Amanda continue their banter with Amanda leaving the room after Percy tells her she is incapable of love.

Outside somewhere at night. The Cleaners drop from the sky and proceed with Roan’s instructions.

Beach house. Birkhoff wants to shoot Sean. Michael wants to leave him tied up and leave. Alex says it is not Sean’s fault he has questioned how Division operates. Nikita decides they should tell Sean their side, “If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends. Talk to your enemies.”

Oversight continue to discuss how to handle Percy’s kill switch. Madeline is still arguing against the Clean Sweep but Bruce has a control case brought in (like the President’s football). Bruce pronounces Division a domestic threat that must be handled. Amanda calls from Division and gets permission to induce a coma in Percy.

Beach house. Nikita and Michael begin to reason with Sean and how he is protecting his mother from the wrong people. They begin to get through to him. Sean tells Alex that he supported her in Russia to help her get out of Division. (Leaving out the part where he told his mother he was going to use Alex to get to Nikita.) Birkhoff finds a bug in Sean’s phone.

Outside in a wooded area. The Cleaners are still approaching their target. Elsewhere, Roan plants some type of explosive on an entrance in a corridor somewhere, apparently, in Division.

Beach house. Sean realizes Amanda may have overheard his conversation with Madeline about Oversight not being happy with Amanda. Then Sean tells them about the Clean Sweep fail-safe. Which involves a hidden tank of VX gas, that Percy had built in, that will flood Division 20 minutes after Oversight pulls the trigger. Sean questions why it matters to Nikita and Michael and they insist they want to take out the leadership but the foot soldiers are just like them and are not there by choice. Nikita tells Sean they are going to call his mother and threaten to upload a black box, which they don’t have, if Oversight doesn’t stop the Clean Sweep.

Division. Amanda calls someone about a plan changing.

The Cleaners are still approaching their target. They dispatch two guards.

Division. Amanda is preparing to inject Percy.

Oversight begins to enter their pass codes and fingerprints to arm the Clean Sweep switch. Senator Pierce receives a call from Nikita. Sean advises Madeline about their plan to release a black box, lying to his mother about its existence. During the call, gun fire is heard and the Cleaners are infiltrating Oversight. Madeline slips the cellphone into her pocket as Nikita, Michael, and the others listen to the events unfold.

The two Cleaners control the room with the Oversight members and the Clean Sweep switch.

Beach house. As they listen in, Michael recognizes the Cleaner.

They call Amanda telling her to release Percy or they will trigger the Clean Sweep. She is hesitant to believe them but Percy insists if he can’t have Division no one can.

This episode was rather fast paced. Felt a little like an episode of 24 with much of it happening almost in real time.

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