Nikita Season 2 Episode 13 – Clean Sweep

Title: Clean Sweep

Air Date: February 3, 2012

Synopsis: Percy has his Guardians hold the members of Oversight hostage until Amanda agrees to his demands. If she doesn’t, the Guardians will shoot all members of Oversight and release a deadly gas inside Division that will instantly kill everyone including Amanda. Nikita is torn between letting the enemy fall and saving the innocent lives in Division.

Previously on Nikita. Highlights of the Clean Sweep protocol that will erase Division with poisonous gas.

Birkhoff’s Safe House. Nikita, Michael, Alexandra, and Sean discuss their options as they listen on the phone line that Senator Madeline Pierce has left open.

Division. Amanda faces Percy as the Guardians relay their demands to release Percy or Oversight dies and the gas is released. Amanda tries to call his bluff on releasing the gas while he’s still in Division but, “I can live with that. The captain goes down with the ship.”

Amanda goes to the ventilation room and sees the bomb that has been placed on the door. She calls in an EOD team to deal with it.

Gates House. Oversight. The two remaining Guardians stoically hold Oversight prisoner while awaiting further instructions from Percy.

Amanda negotiates with Percy to let him go in exchange for the Clean Sweep trigger, but if he returns to Division she will have him shot on sight.

Nikita, Michael, Alexandra, and Sean formulate a plan to send Alex into Division to cut the hard line powering the generator for the poison gas in Division. Meanwhile Nikita, Michael, and Sean (who they barely trust) will go to Oversight to stop the Guardians and prevent them from using the Clean Sweep trigger.

Gogol Headquarters. Ari Tasarov is sending a team to Newark to look for the Guardians.

Gates House, Michael, Nikita, and Sean arrive at night. Sean gives them the layout. They still hear the open phone line as the Oversight members are moved into the study. However, Senator Pierce drops the phone and a Guardian shoots it.

Michael has to restrain Sean from rushing in, “There are two chemically enhanced killers in there that can hear a pin drop. If we go in hot, they will hear, and everyone in the house dies.” They calm him down and start to sweep the perimeter.

Division. Amanda sends Percy with several agents to Oversight and keeps Roan at Division. Roan and Percy share a look as he is leaving. Amanda makes a call to a mystery person stating that Percy is on his way but she has a saboteur in Division.

Gates House. A Guardian comes outside after hearing a scuffle between Sean and one of the guards. Sean makes it back to cover but the Guardian shoots the guard before stepping back inside. Sean questions why Nikita let the guard die, Michael tries to explain that the remaining Guardian would hear the difference in her caliber of gun and kill the hostages. Nikita replies, “You think I wanted to let him die, you don’t me.” She hands Sean a gun, as a show of trust, Michael has a questioning look but doesn’t say anything.

Division. The EOD team is working on the bomb at the ventilation room but it will take time. Amanda now suspects Roan but has no proof of his assisting Percy. Alex arrives and is let in to Division.

On the road in the rainy night. Percy starts talking to his escorts on how he saved their lives but can’t sway their loyalty to Amanda.

Amanda questions Alex but she doesn’t suspect anything. Alex tells Amanda that she wants at Percy to find out why he lied about her mother still being alive.

On the road. Percy retrieves a gun that Roan placed in the SUV and kills the agents then disables the vehicle tracker.

Division. Amanda asks Alex to keep an eye on Roan. Giving Alex the freedom to find the electrical panel to disable the Clean Sweep gas.

Elsewhere in Division, Roan has removed his tracker.

Alex reports back to Nikita that Percy is loose and likely on his way.

Gogol Headquarters. Tasarov lets Semak know he has located the Guardians and has a team nearing their location.

Division. The EOD team has disabled one trigger for the bomb but Roan surprises the agent and snaps his neck.

Oversight. Percy arrives and Nikita holds him at gun point. “Hi Percy.”

“You. Here. What are the odds.” Percy replies somewhat sarcastically.

Nikita wants him to give up the Clean Sweep Trigger and hostages and he might live. Percy jokes with Michael about embracing the “Rebel without a cause motif. Right down to the hairstyle.”

Not that I’m always going to point this stuff out but notice that the SUV Percy arrives in does indeed have some rain on it though it does not appear to have rained at all at the Gates House. Nice detail for continuity. Good thing he drove out from under that rain so that everyone didn’t have to stand in the rain for their negotiations.

Division. Alex is making her way to the electrical panel but is interrupted by Roan. She questions him on his side mission for Percy in letting her mother live. But he knows she’s there for a different reason. Alex manages to get away when another agent happens by but drops Birkhoff’s phone with the program for disabling the trigger.

Percy tries to get in Michael and Nikita’s heads. He shows some surprise and seeing Sean Pierce with them and knows he’s there for his mother Senator Madeline. Percy’s phone rings and Nikita answers it telling the Guardians to release the hostages and the trigger or Percy dies. She holds out the phone for Percy to confirm her demands. “Kill them all but Madeline.” The Guardians quickly dispatch the other two members of Oversight. Nikita slams Percy against the SUV. Percy simply states, “I think we both knew they had it coming. Now that Oversight is out of the way I’m willing to negotiate.” Percy will release Madeline if he can leave with the trigger.

Nikita speaks with Michael and agrees, counting on Alex to deactivate the Clean Sweep from her end.

Division. Alex eludes Roan and makes it to the control panel. Birkhoff begins to talk her through the process without the phone.

The Guardians make their way outside and hand Percy the trigger. Gogol’s team arrives and Tasarov gives the order to kill everyone.

A fire fight breaks out. Percy is hit in the stomach but makes it into the SUV with the trigger briefcase and starts the Clean Sweep process on its 20 minute countdown. One of the Guardians goes down.

Division. The lights dim and Amanda realizes the Clean Sweep has initiated. She goes to her office and gets out a gas mask to be ready. (I would expect Oversight’s VX gas to be deadly on skin contact rather than inhaled. So a gas mask alone wouldn’t be effective.) Amanda appears to be a little more scared than normal.

Gates House. The remaining Guardian leaves with Percy. Nikita goes inside to rescue Senator Pierce while Michael and Sean continue to fight Gogol.

Division. Birkhoff is talking Alex through the final circuit and she deactivates Clean Sweep just as Roan starts shooting. Alex locks herself in Percy’s old cell. Roan fires at her once but the cell is bullet proof. Alex slumps to the floor in relief. Amanda looks relieved.

Gates House. Nikita frees the senator and takes out the remaining guards with some help from Michael. Sean enters and hugs his mother. Madeline thanks Nikita. Then Nikita has Madeline Pierce call Amanda and confirm Division survived. Amanda assumes Percy lost control of the trigger. Amanda offers to send an escort to pickup Oversight. Madeline reveals that she is the only one left. They briefly discuss how they will reconnect and cover up what happened but Madeline realizes she has lost control of Amanda and Division.

Elsewhere, Roan meets up with Percy and Patrick Miller, the remaining Guardian. Percy has finally pulled on some black clothes instead of the white prison onsie. Roan lets Percy know that Clean Sweep failed. “Good, leaves us some options.” The three men walk toward the camera looking a little like the “Three Horsemen” (maybe they should have kept another agent in the shot for the full Four Horsemen look).

Division. Amanda comes down the elevator and sees Alex, “How did you…” Alex lets her know it was Roan and that he escaped. Alex is still not happy about her mother being out there. She suspects Amanda wants to help her to get a foot hold in Zetrov and Alex wants no part of it. However, Amanda lets her out of the cell suggesting that they let the world know Alexandra Udinov is still alive.

Gates House. Nikita and Madeline clash a bit. Then Senator Pierce suggests that Nikita and Michael take down Division quietly so the public doesn’t find out and offers them Presidential pardons. Michael and Nikita are stunned at the idea. Michael states, “I thought today was going to be the day it all ended. This is the first time I can see a real light at the end of the tunnel.” Nikita looks thoughtful.

Division. Amanda makes another private call saying that she thinks Alex may be ready to make her return. We finally see she has been talking to Ari Tasarov, head of Gogol.

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