Nikita Season 2 Episode 14 – Rogue

Title: Rogue

Air Date: February 10, 2012

Synopsis: Percy continues his plan to take back Division by threatening to kill Nikita’s mentor, Carla, the woman who took Nikita off the streets when she was a junkie. Nikita races to get to Carla first.

Newark, New Jersey. 2:05 AM. Percy meets a man outside of a bar, he dials 911 to “report the brutal and senseless murder of a Newark police detective.” Roan shoots the detective spraying blood down the side of his car.

Day time. Nikita and Michael sparring. Alex arrives to say that Amanda is strutting around Division but has no active divisions aside from planning to help Alex get her mother out of Russia. Nikita tells Alex to go along with the mission. Later that night, Michael gets a message from Birkhoff, who’s out of town in Seattle, that Nikita is on the news. They see the detective that Percy killed and spray painted Nikita on the car. Nikita has a flash back of her time with Carla and knows that Percy is trying to get to her.

Warehouse. Percy has set up base and calls Senator Madeline Pierce who puts the call through to Nikita. Percy threatens to kill Carla, the woman that helped Nikita get clean when she was a junkie. The woman that was close enough Nikita thought of her as a mother. Percy assures Nikita she has his full attention.

Another flash back, 10 years ago, of Nikita’s time with Carla encouraging her with a story about wild flowers thriving in the desert.

Nikita tells Michael about how she relapsed and when she returned to find Carla there were a couple police there and she ended up shooting one of them. Nikita feels responsible for Carla having to run again after that night.

Division. Alex and Amanda are working on a cover story for Alexandra Udinov’s return to Zetrov.

Senator Pierce gives a press conference about the recent tragedy of losing the other members of Oversight. And gives Nikita’s message to Carla during the conference, the same story about the wildflowers in the desert. Percy hears the message as well.

Roan is outside the senator’s office with a laser microphone and hears the meeting location in Baltimore when Carla calls the senator and talks to Nikita. Roan relays the information to Percy.

Nikita and Michael find Carla living out of an abandoned car on the street.

Division. Alex finds out Carla Bennett is at the top of Amanda’s kill list, even above Percy.

Baltimore. Nikita is talking to Carla who questions how Nikita is doing so well and how she is not in prison. Nikita tells her she was on death row. Nikita receives a call from Alex about the kill order. Nikita and Michael realize there is more to Carla and suspect her of being in Division. Carla asks, “What happened to Percy?”

Michael replies, “So you were in Division?”

“It wasn’t called that when I was there. Nikita I had no idea.”

Percy and his agents arrive. Nikita, Michael, and Carla are pinned down. Carla tells Nikita she won’t let them hurt her again and walks directly at the men shooting at them and crawls into Percy’s SUV. “You wanted to talk to me? Then drive. And leave her the hell out of this mess.” Percy calls back his men and they drive off leaving Michael and Nikita a bit puzzled.

Nikita and Michael at the safe house are trying to figure out how Carla fits into Division since Michael never heard of her in his 10 years at Division. Nikita flashes back to the night at Carla’s half way house where one of the other kids is shot by one of the cops and she picks up a gun and shoots the cop. Carla touched the gun and must’ve had her finger print flagged by Division. But still doesn’t explain why Percy wanted her alive. Michael realizes Percy used Nikita to find Carla.

Warehouse. Carla asks Roan what happened to his scarred face. He simply replies, “You met her.” (Referring to Nikita throwing acid on his face.) Percy questions why Carla ran that night instead of coming to him but doesn’t understand why Amanda is afraid of her. Carla doesn’t seem to recall why Amanda is holding such a grudge.

Safe House. Nikita gets an idea to track the dead man switch Percy has installed near his heart. Michael states it will need to be pinged from inside Operations at Division. Nikita calls Alex to pass the information to Amanda as her own idea.

Division. They locate Percy. Alex leaves her phone open so Nikita can hear the location and get ahead of the Division strike team that Amanda sends.

Warehouse. Carla continues to state that she doesn’t know what triggered Amanda to turn against her. The strike team arrives and begin to close on Percy’s position. The Guardian Patrick notifies Percy that Division satellites just pinged him. Nikita and Michael help defend against the Division strike team as a fight erupts. Nikita makes it to Carla just as Percy uses her as a shield and puts a gun to her head. But Nikita says, “You won’t do it.” Percy replies, “You’re right.” and levels his gun toward Nikita but Carla knocks him backward down some stairs. Roan and Patrick drive up in the SUV and take Percy out of the building. Nikita and Michael recover Carla and return to the safe house.

On the road. Percy calls Amanda at Division to tell her that Nikita now has Carla and to not bother tracking the dead man switch as they are now blocking it.

Safe House. Carla wakes up to see Nikita and Michael both staring at her. Carla was stunned that Nikita was in Division. Nikita asks for the truth. Carla replies, “This is a nightmare for me. You being involved in this. And me being the cause.” Carla tells Nikita that all she ever wanted to do was help her. She believes that what happened to Nikita is part of their destiny. Michael steps in, “Percy said Nikita was the first to ever escape.” Carla replies, “That’s true. Because I wasn’t in the program…I created it.”

So perhaps Carla is the analogue to La Femme Nikita’s Adrian. But is the creator of Division really living on the street? Or was that an act? Hopefully we don’t get a repeat of the “Mr. Jones” from La Femme Nikita; where it was an actor acting as if he was an actor playing a part to protect the real Mr. Jones, or something like that (it is elsewhere on the site). There are more continuing plot lines in this series than there were in LFN; more of a serialized style. Such as Alexandra’s desire to save her mother and how Zetrov might play into the future continuing to be intertwined since early in Season 1. Most of LFN was more segmented, you can watch almost any of them one at a time and know what is happenning.

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