Nikita Season 2 Episode 15 – Origins

Title: Origins

Air Date: February 17, 2012

Synopsis: Nikita and Michael try to help Carla (Erica Gimpel) remember her past, which holds the key to taking down Division. Carla recounts the night Nikita was arrested and Nikita is stunned at what she learns. Meanwhile, Alex shows up at a Zetrov press conference and announces that she is Alexandra Udinov.

Previously on Nikita. Nikita’s voice-over recounts how she was taken off death row seven years ago to work for Division. Percy was replaced by Amanda in a power struggle. And ties in Carla, from the previous episode Rogue, with Nikita’s past.

Division 1998. Percy is talking to Carla in an old missile silo, what will become the Division headquarters, “This is where our future begins Carla.” Cut to the present, a snowy scene of Carla walking towards Nikita seated on a log, Nikita speaks of how she survived in Division because of memories of Carla; which she knows now were lies. “How could you create something so evil Carla?”

Carla insists she was saving lives and Amanda corrupted the original idea. Nikita questions why Carla is so focused on Amanda. “Because she tried to have me killed.

The Wyckland Hotel – New York. Amanda meets with Ari Tasarov who is seeing the end for them since Carla is with Nikita and knows a secret about Amanda. Ari suggests Alex will need to be sacrificed.

Division. Sonya is helping Alex prepare for her return as Alexandra Udinov to a Zetrov press conference.

Michael, Birkhoff, and Nikita are questioning Carla on what she knows about Amanda but she can’t seem to remember. Alex calls Nikita to say the mission is a go, “Feels like I’m about to tell the world I’m Iron Man or something.” Nikita tells Carla to start talking; she must know something.

Ari tells Amanda that Semak must be dealt with before he finds out the truth, still insisting that Alex must die. Amanda suggests they kill Semak. But Ari resists, he intends to frame Alex for Semak’s death then he and Amanda will go away together. Amanda feels bad about Alex.

Hamilton State Prison – New York 1996. Percy first meets Carla when she is a prison counselor and suggests building on her work hiding prisoners by faking their deaths to create what will be Division.

Carla continues to tell Michael, Nikita, and Birkhoff her past. Percy wanted to expand, which brought in Oversight to fund the program. And Amanda in 1998. Carla and Amanda were at each other’s throats from that day on. Amanda soon sent Brian, one of Carla’s first recruits, to kill her. Amanda had doctored papers to make it look like Carla was going to expose Division to Congress so Percy approved the hit. Brian went back to Division and told everyone she was dead giving Carla a chance to escape.

Nikita realizes Amanda must have been shocked to find Carla’s print on the gun Nikita used in the crime that sent her to death row. Nikita recalls Amanda interviewing her early on and asking about Carla. Then Michael recounts how Amanda went to Interrogation to torture Brian and then shoot him.

Birkhoff turns on the Zetrov press conference where Alex has revealed herself to the world. “It’s been a long time uncle Sergei.” Carla recognizes Ari Tasarov. Alexandra gives her uncle Sergei a hug on the cameras. Alex tells the press about her past, part of it occurring during the commercial break, and how she got out of the sex trade six months ago. After the press conference, Alex offers Zetrov in exchange for a 10% share and her mother. “You will give me my mother.” And gives him till tomorrow to decide.

(At this point I’m starting to wonder if Amanda is Alex’s mother…Smilie: ;)

Birkhoff’s Safe House. Carla remembers Ari as being American not Russian. City Square Hotel 1999. Carla meets Ari with Amanda introducing him as Bill Clay with Department of Defense. Birkhoff suggests Amanda is a Russian mole.

Semak questions Ari about what he is doing about killing Alex, Ari states he is staging a drug overdose. After Semak walks away Tasarov looks down at his Zetrov lapel pin for some reason.

Safe House. Birkhoff can’t find any ties between Amanda and Tasarov until they realize Amanda must have given up the location of Oversight, when Percy’s Guardians held them hostage, and is working with the Russians. And apparently that is why she wanted Carla dead because she saw them together; even if she didn’t know what was going on. Nikita calls Alex to warn her.

However, Alex’s phone is vibrating on the bed as an agent walks into her room. Alex is apparently in the shower as the agent checks in with Tasarov. As he walks toward a closet, Alex attacks him and injects him with the heroine meant for her.

Ari tells Semak they will have confirmation in nine minutes as he walks away to check on tomorrow’s press conference. Ari takes off the Zetrov pin as he leaves Semak and calls Amanda to tell her he has the video of Semak ordering Alex’s death. Just then, Alex levels a gun at his head. Ari insists Alex has the wrong idea and puts Amanda on speaker phone. He says they are trying to help her. Ari tells Alex that he is a mole. She replies, “What do you think?” Ari appears confused. Then Alex reveals the Bluetooth ear piece and Nikita tells Alex to ask about the man sent to kill her. Tasarov continues his plea that he is working to bring down Semak as well.

Sergei Semak gets suspicious and sends someone to check on Tasarov. Nikita doesn’t believe Ari and tells Alex that Michael is on his way. Tasarov tells Alex that there are man all through the hotel with a shoot to kill order and her only way out is for him to guide her. Alex tells Nikita, “Looks like I’m going to have trust this bastard.” Nikita tells her to put Ari on the phone and Birkhoff plays back the recording of Ari saying he wants Semak dead and threatens to play it on the hotel PA system if anything happens to Alex. Ari gives Alex a radio and an exit route and wishes her luck as he leaves.

Alex heads down the stairs toward the basement. Ari is back in Semak’s security room and Alex can hear him on the radio. Birkhoff scrambles the security cameras at the hotel. Nikita and Birkhoff realize Carla has walked away with the tablet and recording of Tasarov, Carla wants to destroy Amanda and is about to send the recording. Birkhoff quickly levels his sidearm at her. “Put that down now!”

Hotel. Alex hears Ari sending men to the stair wells while cutting power to the elevators. She quickly heads to the elevator and pries the doors open.

Nikita tells Birkhoff to put the gun down as she tries to reason with Carla. Birkhoff keeps the gun on her, “I hate to tell you but your friend is cuckoo for a certain cereal.” (Birkhoff gets some good lines.) Nikita tells him to disable the tablet, but he replies it won’t do any good as the file was already uploaded to the hotel security system. Carla insists Alex can handle it from here. Birkhoff threatens Carla again. (Much stronger character than the Seymour Birkhoff from La Femme Nikita who could barely handle a weapon.)

Division. Amanda wants the hotel feed in her office and she darkens the windows.

Hotel. A gunfight breaks out in the laundry room. Alex runs out of ammo and takes down another agent hand to hand. It looks like Alex is about to get caught in a cross fire but the man in front of her shoots the other agent and hands her a clip, “Compliments of Amanda.”

Nikita is still arguing with Carla who wants to get rid of Amanda and restore the program. Nikita says they are past trying to save Division and Birkhoff does not want to leave Alex out in the cold. Nikita finally talks Carla into handing over the tablet.

Hotel. (Although Birkhoff supposedly scrambled the security cameras, Ari and Semak are still seeing them.) Alex makes her way out through the parking garage just as two operatives are approaching. They are cut down. Alex looks across the street to see Michael. A Division SUV pulls up and Alex leaves with them as Michael nods okay.

Press Conference the next day. Semak tells the press that they are not able to locate Alexandra. Just then, Alex walks up to the podium. She thanks him for his years taking care of the company but it is time for her to step up.

Birkhoff is confused about what Alex is doing. Nikita replies, “She’s declaring war.”

Division. Amanda receives a call from Tasarov and replies that Alex is doing this on her own.

Nikita tells Carla that she can’t expose Amanda and Ari’s relationship yet since Alex needs their support right now. Carla is still confident she can restore the Division program to the way it was.

Carla is walking along the beach and calls Percy to ask for his help to reboot the program into making heroes as they originally discussed. (I’m still not sure if Carla is serious or a little crazy.) Carla tells Percy about Amanda and Ari Tasarov.

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