Nikita Season 2 Episode 16 – Doublecross

Title: Doublecross

Air Date: March 16, 2012

Synopsis: Division is in an uproar when their agents are being assassinated one by one. Amanda realizes Percy is behind it, trying to undermine her authority with the Division agents. She reluctantly calls Nikita to make a deal.

Opens with a scene of a Division operative, Paul, being assassinated by a sniper. The fourth agent down in three days. A Division agent suspects Nikita is behind it but Amanda assures her it is not Nikita and orders everyone to stay on the Zetrov situation.

Moscow. Alex is talking to Nikita on the phone. Alex tells Nikita she needs a couple more days to rescue her mother from her old family home although she is not certain her mother will come with her.

Carla cautions Nikita about allowing Alexandria to continue with her plan. Nikita replies, “First you protect the people you love. Then you worry about the greater good.”

Michael and Birkhoff return and tell Nikita about the string of murdered agents. Carla takes a walk to ask Percy about his plans for Amanda. Michael realizes that Gogol could be behind it as the agents were on a Gogol task force Percy had him set up.

Nikita and Michael try to pick up Dina, the next agent on Percy’s old Gogol task force list, but she fights back and is abducted before they can get to her. Nikita tells Michael that it had to be a Guardian not Gogol.

Dina is being held in an old empty gym, Percy is speaking to her through a PA system in a Russian accent. Then they stage her escape and allow her to return to Division.

Beach House. Michael, Nikita, Birkhoff, and Carla are discussing why Percy is behind the murders to undermine Amanda’s authority.

Division. Dina returns and stirs up the other agents telling them it was Gogol and they want Division to stop helping Alexandra Udinov.

Moscow. Sean Pierce shows up to help Alex. He assures her is there to help and he’ll only go after the black box if they after getting her mother out. (Sean uses a reference to a Alex having her own hash tag. I wonder how well that will stand up over time with no reference to Twitter. It is certainly fits with current culture though.)

Division. Amanda calls Ari Tasarov but he is unable to assist right now, but gives her the idea to reach out to Nikita to go after Percy.

Beach House. Nikita finds a picture of Cassandra and his son Max that Michael brought home, she cautions him about being more careful as an enemy could go after Max. Birkhoff sets up the call from Amanda. Nikita is reluctant to cooperate with her until Amanda offers to trade Ryan Fletcher whom she is still holding prisoner. Nikita thought the former CIA agent was dead.

Udinov Estate. Alex and Pierce arrive with the media and then go looking for her mother but Alex realize that she must have been moved.

Division. Birkhoff is working with Sonya to track the agent that Percy recently grabbed. Birkhoff explains it as some back channel into the tracker even if has been disabled. Carla steps away from the group and sends a text to Percy to get out. They get a location on Percy in Manhattan. Birkhoff is basking in his genius. Carla is surprised they found him so quickly. Sonya is puzzled as well but accepts Birkhoff’s results.

Downtown Manhattan. Percy is in his apartment when he senses somewhere nearby. Nikita appears behind him. After a quick struggle Michael and Nikita take him back to the Beach House.

Percy soon realizes they are planning to trade him for Fletcher. Percy cautions them that Amanda will doublecross them once she has them all together. After they arrange a meet with Division, Michael knocks Percy back out with an injection. Carla is concerned about a doublecross but Nikita tells her that Michael will hold Percy at a different location until they know Fletcher is on site. Carla slips away and sends a text to Roan telling him where Percy will be.

Udinov Estate. Tasarov tells Alex that Semak must have moved her mother, he wasn’t aware. He tells her that he has a plan to use a foreign intelligence operative to make Semak’s death look like an accident but he won’t give her any details. Meanwhile, Pierce uses a device to copy Tasarov’s hard drive.

An old steel plant. Amanda watches from Operations as the exchange begins. Carla is surprised to see Percy being walked in by Michael instead of being in the top floor of the machine shop as planned earlier. She goes looking for a cell phone but Birkhoff holds it up. They knew she was working with Percy. Birkhoff warns her off with a gun while revealing that they traced her text to find Percy. There was no back channel into the tracker. And they wanted Roan and the other guardian to go to that top floor because that’s where Amanda’s man will be. We see a an agent with a rocket launcher.

Carla won’t back down from Birkhoff and he reluctantly shoots her as she starts to walk away. She grabs a machine gun and starts blasting away. He shoots her a second time in the stomach. Birkhoff grabs some bandages and does what he can to keep Carla alive.

Steel plant. Nikita and Michael are cut off from Birkhoff. They get Fletcher back and Percy is turned over to the Division agents. Just then the guardians take out the rocket wielding agent sending his shot wide. Chaotic gun fight ensues.

Nikita knocks a pile of steel pipe on the guardian and stabs a smaller pipe through his chest. Percy tries to run but but runs into a fence. He talks down the Division agent telling him that Amanda is taking her orders from someone else. Roan knocks out the agent and leaves with Percy.

Beach House. Nikita, Michael, and Fletcher return. Carla admits her deal with Percy to Nikita as she dies. Telling Nikita she knows the Division program can work because it made Nikita. Then Nikita comforts Birkhoff letting him know Carla knew what she was doing.

Alex and Sean search the data from Ari’s laptop and discover the MI6 operative that Tasarov is using is Cassandra, mother of Michael’s child.

Beach House. Michael burns the picture of Cassandra and Max in front of Nikita, “You never know how close your enemies are going to be.”

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