Nikita Season 2 Episode 17 – Arising

Title: Arising

Air Date: March 23, 2012

Synopsis: Michael is furious when he discovers a secret that Cassandra kept from him, so he and Nikita fly to Moscow to confront her. Meanwhile, Alex makes another effort to find her mother.

Prolouge. Highlights of how Cassandra, of MI-6, is the mother of Michael’s son Max. And how she is Gogol’s mole.

London. Ari meets Cassandra in the park while Max is playing and give’s her a mission; apparently to execute Sergei Semak.

Moscow. Sean Pierce and Alex are looking at the file on Cassandra. Sean states, “If this means what I think it means, she’s going to kill Semak. This is what you want right?”

Beach House. Nikita is spackling some bullet holes. Michael walks by to get some coffee. Alex calls Nikita about Cassandra being the Gogol mole. Michael is furious and ready to storm off to London to get his son. He tells Nikita he wants to get Max and “get out of the fight” with her. But she doesn’t feel she is mother material. Nikita talks Michael into the two of them confronting Cassandra instead of kidnapping Max.

MI-6 Headquarters London. Cassandra presents some information on a Gogol courier and gets a go ahead on a mission to Moscow.

Moscow. Semak storms in on Alex and Sean looking for Katya, Alexandra’s mother. Alex sees the genuine fear in him and realizes he did not take her mother away as Ari told her.

MI-6 Safe House – Moscow. Cassandra sends one of her agents out into the night street to follow the courier. After the agent leaves she sees Nikita on the surveillance camera, also following the courier, and goes to check it out. As soon as she exits the door Michael pins her to the wall and demands some answers. Cassandra insists this is her last mission so she can leave Gogol and retire from MI-6. She regrets having been involved with Gogol but it happened when she was ninteen. As the heated discussion slows down Cassandra insists there were no orders for Semak’s execution. Cassandra tells Micheal that it is only an intelligence gathering mission, that Semak wants MI-6 chasing a mole that doesn’t exist. They realize that Ari is planning to use the MI-6 agent, Stewart, as a patsy for Semak’s murder. Nikita continues to follow Stewart down the street after the courier.

Semak arrives nearby at Tasarov’s office. Ari gets him to leave his guards behind and follow him outside.

The courier turns to shoot the MI-6 agent but Nikita prevents it. Michael arrives to subdue Stewart. Nikita shoots the Gogol agent after a fight. Michael and Nikita walk away with the courier’s case, telling Stewart they are CIA.

Alex holds an interview on TV encouraging her mother to contact her. Katya is somewhere watching the news interview.

Tasarov and Semak are out in the street and Ari turns over a dead body to see his own agent. He appears undecided for a moment but adapts his plan and executes Semak himself. Then Ari returns to his office and sends several Gogol agents to the MI-6 safe house stating they must’ve been behind Semak’s murder and wants them dead before they leave Russia!

Udinov Estate. Nikita and Michael greet Sean and Alex. Michael hands Alex a note that was slid under the door. It is a note from the front desk with a message that must be her mother’s location. A hunting lodge from her child hood.

Tasarov calls Alex to tell her that Semak is dead. Sean asks how she feels. Michael knows she feels empty. Nikita attempts to comfort her. Michael and Nikita realize Ari is going after the MI-6 agents as fall guys. Alex and Sean go after Katya.

Cassandra and her men are trying to clear out but get pinned down by Gogol. Michael arrives to hold off the Gogol agents while Nikita leads the MI-6 agents out a different exit. One of the Gogol agents sees Michael and Nikita leaving with MI-6 and is able to report back to Tasarov. Ari knows Cassandra turned on him so he leaks her status as a mole to MI-6.

Abramtsevo Forest. Sean and Alex arrive to see the lodge guarded by Division operatives. Her mother steps out on the porch and allows them in. “These men are protecting me.” Ari arranged for the Division operatives.

Wethersfield Airport – England. Michael, Nikita, and MI-6 are waiting for some other MI-6 agents to arrive for a debrief. Stewart receives a call from control that Cassandra is a Gogol spy.

Abramtsevo Forest. Katya and Alexandra get some time to talk about the past. Katya receives a call from Ari and he wants to talk to Alex. Ari adds Amanda into the call. They want Alex and Katya to sign over their shares of Zetrov for their safety.

Back at the airport Stewart confronts Cassandra about being a spy. Michael, Nikita, and Cassandra manage to over power the remaining MI-6 agents and leave the airport in a car.

On the road. Cassandra knows MI-6 will use Max as leverage. Nikita agrees to retrieve Max while Michael and Cassandra continue to lead the agents away. She bails out of the moving car and quickly makes her way to the park where Max’s baby sitter has taken him. Nikita arrives in time to prevent a couple MI-6 agents from getting to Max and gets away safely. Nikita sends a text to a relieved Michael. Cassandra wants Michael to come with her and Max but he can’t leave Nikita. Cassandra is hurt and scared now that she has two intelligence agencies after her but Michael insists it will be ok.

Ari is advised that Cassandra has chartered a private plane and plans to be waiting for her when she lands.

Abramtsevo Forest. Amanda sent Alex a contract to sign over Zetrov. Katya is encouraging her to sign it and let it go. Sean wants her to decide for herself. And of course Amanda wants her to sign saying they will both get what they want. Alex replies, “That’s the thing Amanda, you don’t deserve to win. And I’m not going to let you.” Alex stabs one of the Division agents in the leg with the pen. She and Peirce take out the Division agents. Amanda, still on speaker phone, “If you walk out that door we will hunt you down!” Alex replies, “You don’t have to worry about that. We will be coming to you.”

Nikita reunites Max with his mother at the air field. Michael asks Nikita, “Are you sure you want to do this?” “Yeah, I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Moments later. Nikita is taxing the plane down the runway and takes off before the MI-6 agents are able to stop her. Stewart is reporting to headquarters when the plane blows up. We see a detonator in Michael’s hand and a worried expression on his face. Cassandra and Michael are hiding nearby with him.

MI-6 assumes Gogol got a bomb on board and Cassandra is dead. Ari gets a report of the explosion and assumes it is another MI-6 “accident”.

Nikita is walking across a field in her parachute rigging and calls Michael to say her flight got cancelled.

Alex says good bye to her mother; Sean is taking her to a tropical island.

Michael says a tearful good bye to Cassandra and Max who will have to severe communication so no one can track them down.

Nikita recognizes Michael’s act of grace in giving up his son for his own safety. “You’re a good father Michael.”

The lighting of all these dark scenes is great. I think it is more than the HD quality compared to the SD that I watched La Femme Nikita in. Just a lot more subtle lighting to bring more depth into the scenes. One thing that was a little out of place was the lighting for Alex’s interview. For a news interview I would have expected more flat lighting than the nice dramatic lighting that was on Alex.

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