Nikita Season 2 Episode 18 – Power

Title: Power

Air Date: March 30, 2012

Synopsis: Amanda and Ari set up a board meeting with Zetrov with Ari aiming for CEO. After a heated face to face discussion with Amanda, Nikita recalls what Amanda was like when she was first brought to Division. Meanwhile Alex surprises Ari at the board meeting.

DARPA research facility, Mt. Carmel, PA. Division operative Dina receives an H3 replicator from a researcher. She kills him making it look like a robbery.

Safe House. Michael just returned with some information from Senator Madeline Pierce on the H3 replicator and fills in Nikita and Birkhoff. The device represents the future of clean energy. Nikita jokes with Michael as he reminds her of the Division days pacing back and forth. They plan to retrieve the device.

Division. Amanda leaves for Moscow leaving Sonya in charge. Mason calls Percy to let him know Amanda is leaving for a few days. Percy sets their plan in motion to resume control of Division.

Moscow. Alexandra is meeting with one of her father’s old friends about taking over her shares of Zetrov and becoming CEO. She finds out that Ari Tasarov has called a board meeting and plans to show the H3 replicator that will change Zetrov’s future.

Division. Mason begins Percy’s plan and has Sonya send his team to check out a breach at one of their safe houses.

Passaic, New Jersey. A salvage yard. Amanda meets Dina to pick up the H3 replicator. Alex calls Nikita and Michael about the Ari and Amanda’s plans. Amanda kills Dina just as Michael and Nikita leave their cover and move in. Gogol agents start shooting and Nikita goes after Amanda. Nikita is overpowered by Amanda and gets shot in the chest in her body armor. Amanda hovers over her, aiming at Nikita’s head, but can’t pull the trigger. Amanda leaves with the H3 replicator.

Seven Years Ago. Nikita recalls her first meetings with a slightly nicer Amanda and how she was trained to be beautiful and ruthless.

Moscow. Michael helps Nikita with the bandage over her chest. They both wonder why Amanda didn’t finish her off. Birkhoff turns over the briefing to Alex who draws out some plans with stick figures. The replicator will likely be in the basement in a clean room vault.

Division. Mason and Percy arrive in the elevator to Sonya’s surprise. Percy acts as a prisoner and Sonya sends him to holding while she calls Amanda, after Percy sarcastically tells her to do just that. A worried Amanda tells Sonya to cancel Percy immediately. “As if Nikita wasn’t enough to worry about.”

Zetrov Headquaters. Ari and Amanda anticipate Nikita trying to interrupt the board meeting. Ari questions why Amanda let her live. Alexanda arrives in a fury of media cameras. Michael sneaks in, pretending to be part of the Zetrov security. Nikita arrives undercover as a Russian model, Birkhoff works his magic with the security cameras to fool Ari into allowing Nikita access.

Division. Cool back-lighting on Percy in a holding area. Percy, cool and calm as ever with multiple guns pointed at him (only Mason known to be on Percy’s side) convinces Sonya to go check for missing Division assets before canceling him. Warning the Division operatives that Amanda is betraying them. “Did she even bother to tell you where she was going? She is sleeping with the enemy, literally.”

Zetrov Headquarters. Alex passes a key card to Nikita before brushing past Ari and Amanda to make her way to the board meeting. Ari presents the information on the H3 replicator and his desire to be CEO. He introduces Amanda as an American asset. Amanda suggests that her operatives her expendable for whatever is needed.

Michael returns to a hotel room where Birkhoff is running tactical. Nikita gets to the basement and makes her way into the Hazmat vault.

Division. Sonya sees that Dina’s body has been found by the cops but she is not convinced and walks back to Operations. The cleaner is about to shoot Percy when Mason shoots the cleaner first, but gets shot in the process. A couple other agents come to Percy’s side and release him.

Board Meeting. Ari tells his people to send the device up to the board room, then pulls Amanda aside and sends her to the basement after Nikita who tripped a Hazmat alarm. Michael and Birkhoff see the alarm as well. Michael goes after Nikita when she is forced to lock herself in the vault.

Six Years Ago. Another scene where Amanda is training Nikita for her first mission.

Amanda confronts Nikita, each on one side of the glass vault door. Amanda turns on the air extraction on the vault giving Nikita 15 minutes till the air is gone. Michael leaves to rescue Nikita. Amanda tells Nikita that she broke her heart. Nikita replies, “You took me out of one hell hole and put me in another. You broke my heart.”

Division. Percy and the two operatives walk into Operations and a whole lot guns are drawn. Percy gives them a talk about protecting their home and then has Sonya contact Birkhoff who obligingly tells Sonya that Amanda is in Moscow now selling out Division. Then plays a video clip of her telling Zetrov that the Division operatives were expendable. At that the Division operatives lower their weapons and Percy is back in command. Percy states simply, “I rest my case.”

Board Meeting. Ari continues to stall. After a message from Michael to keep Ari in the room, Alex begins telling the board of Tasarov’s actions in killing her father and trying to kill her multiple times. Then plays on their Russian patriotism to not accept Amanda’s offer.

Nikita begins to lose consciousness mumbling about Amanda and the terror she saw in her eyes earlier in the day, then the gun slips from her hand and she passes out. Amanda quickly tells her men to breach the vault door allowing air in. Nikita wasn’t really out, she quickly knocks out the guards and sets off a small explosive knocking Amanda into the wall. She then levels a gun at her, “You see a moment of weakness. I see a moment of strength.” Nikita pistol whips her and leaves the room. The approaching Michael sees Nikita and takes down the two Hazmat men with him.

Board Meeting. Ari is still stalling and trying to get a handle on what is happening with Nikita. Birkhoff sets of the Hazmat alarm in the board room. The rest of the board decides to fire him after Alex implies he can’t even secure the building let alone their future.

Nikita and Michael make their way out of Zetrov in Hazmat suits. Tasarov and Amanda begin a hasty retreat. Amanda calls Division to ask for a ex-filtration team. Percy answers and says he’ll send a couple teams. “Bundle up. It’s cold out there.”

Alex watches the news report as her old friend at Zetrov is announced as the new CEO. She tells Michael she never wanted that future.

Bucharest, Romania. Ari walks into the room and shows Amanda one of Percy’s black boxes that has been partially decrypted. When Amanda doesn’t cheer up he asks her what is wrong. “I let her live.”

Michael sits down beside Nikita. She says, “For a second there I didn’t think I could do it. I know it suprised Amanda.” Michael asks, “What are you talking about?” “I let her live.” Nikita smiles and rests her head on Michael’s shoulder.

Certainly a well named episode. Power. Lots of changes. Percy is back in power at Division. Ari and Amanda are moreless rogue agents with a black box. Perhaps Nikita and Michael will be working with Percy to get that black box under control. Hopefully, we will get to see some more of Alex now that she is out of Zetrov.

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