Nikita Season 2 Episode 19 – Wrath

Title: Wrath

Air Date: April 20, 2012

Synopsis: Percy springs Nicholas Brandt, one of Nikita’s former targets, from a CIA holding cell and trades information on Nikita for plutonium that Brandt never gave up the location for.

Hammerfest, Norway. CIA Black Site: Lighthouse. A Quonset hut in a cold barren location. Percy and Roan arrive and talk their way into the prison to make Brandt an offer. He accepts Percy’s offer to give up the plutonium for revenge on Nikita for the past 5 years of torture by the CIA. Roan shoots the guards.

A cold beach. Nikita and Alex are racing along the beach with Nikita taking the lead. They talk about what they might do in the future. Nikita states that their presidential pardon from Senator Pierce is near now that Division has been stopped. Amanda and Ari on the run and Percy in the wind.

Inside the safe house Michael and Birkhoff are sparring. Nikita and Alex walk in from the beach as Birkhoff receives a call from Sean Pierce.

Sean informs them of increased Division activity that points to Percy. Senator Madeline Pierce is waiting nearby in a car to be taken to a safe house. Birkhoff realizes the video he sent Sonya of Amanda with Zetrov may have helped Percy regain control of Division. Just then someone rides past Madeline’s car and sets a magnetic explosive on it. Sean starts toward the car but is blown to the ground as it goes up in a fireball.

Safe House. Everyone is listening to the commotion after the explosion. Birkhoff quickly pulls in a satellite view of the burning car. Back at the scene Sean is stunned and distraught seeing that his mother is gone.

Division. Percy gets a report about the Senator Pierce’s death and appears to know who is behind it and is not happy.

Sean Peirce calls Alex to confirm his mother is dead and now it is personal. He is going after Percy. Nikita hands Alex the headset and tells her to keep talking to him. Birkhoff pulls up traffic cam footage showing Brandt deliberately revealing himself as the man who took out Senator Pierce.

Five Years Ago. Flashback to Nikita talking to Percy about her mission against Brandt. Nikita tells Percy about brutal Brandt is in torturing the wife of one of his employees. Nikita asks for five minutes alone with Brandt when she brings him in.

Safe House. Nikita fills in the team on Brandt and the plutonium. They realize Percy is after the plutonium, but don’t know why.

Division. Percy calls Brandt, angered at him for blowing up Madeline Pierce and bringing a national spot light to their activities. Brandt reveals that he intends to target the funeral and asks for the security layout.

Safe House. Sean Pierce arrives, “Tell me about the man that killed my mother.” Nikita fills him in. Alex tries to talk Sean out of going to the funeral because it is dangerous but he insists he will go and then hunt down Brandt. Nikita replies, “I think you should go. Brandt is looking for me. And that’s OK because I’m looking for him.”

Division. Percy briefs an operative on watching the funeral and trying to capture or kill Nikita.

A couple days later. Sean is in his Navy dress uniform talking to Alex at the cemetery. He doesn’t want her there, but she insists on staying so she can watch for Brandt and he can say good bye to his mother. Sean states good byes can wait and asks Birkhoff about the security. Birkhoff is running tactical from the safe house. All looks clear. Then he finds a delivery van that looks like Division. Nikita goes to check it out. As she approaches the flower delivery van she can see the driver has been killed and begins to report that something is wrong. Brand swings off of the van roof and knocks out Nikita. He loads her in the van.

Safe House. Michael, Sean, Alex, and Birkhoff are searching for Nikita without much luck. Birkhoff finds that a prisoner who spent time with Brandt is being transferred to a military prison today. They decide to target him.

Undisclosed location. Looks like a basement. Brandt has Nikita shackled to a metal rack and begins to electrocute her. He tells her he wants revenge for the last five years of torture. Nikita tries to explain that she was following orders. That Percy is the man who gave them but Brandt insists she enjoyed what she did to him, pointing to the scar under his left eye. “Feel free to scream no one will hear you.”

Micheal, Sean, and Alex intercept the military police and question Masterson. Apparently Brandt didn’t talk much, mostly listened to Masterson’s messed up family problems.

Basement. Nikita being electrocuted again. Brandt is talking about how they met and how he survived by looking forward to hearing her scream.

Flashback. Nikita steps out of a room as Percy approaches, we see her blood covered knuckles and then a badly beaten Brandt slumped on the floor inside the room. “Looks like you put your five minutes to good use.” Percy tells Nikita that he had his doubts about her, but now he knows she has evil in her. Nikita looks troubled. “Relax. It’s a good thing. There are monsters in this world.”

Basement. Nikita screaming again. Brandt steps closer to Nikita to hear what she’s saying. Nikita gets a cold look in her eyes as she tells Brandt, “Sorry I didn’t take out your other eye. And if I knew you would be talking me to death I would have cut out your tongue too. So turn it up. Last one tickled a little.” Brandt replies, “You’ll beg me to let you die.”

“Like you did at the CIA? What’s the matter did they hurt the little psychopath?”

He punches her violently in the stomach but Nikita quickly recovers and laughs at him. Then tells him something she never told anyone. “I regretted most of my missions for Division. But not yours. You’re right. I enjoyed hurting you.”

Division. Percy is walking down a corridor and answers his cellphone. It’s Brandt. He insists he didn’t get what he was promised. He can’t hurt Nikita so there’s no revenge. Percy advises Brandt that he’ll need to hurt the ones Nikita loves to make her feel.

Safe House. Birkhoff receives an incoming transmission from Sonya. Percy tells Michael he’ll need to sacrifice himself to find Nikita.

Michael prepares to trade himself. Birkhoff hands him a digestible tracker to take after he’s past any countermeasures.

Night outside a warehouse. Michael enters and finds a video camera with a glass and note that simply says ‘Drink’. He does and soon collapses. Roan gets the plutonium from Brandt that tells Brandt where to find Michael. Roan looks at Brandt’s scar, turns his head slightly showing the scared side of his own face to Brandt. “Give my regards to Nikita.”

Basement. Nikita is starting to wiggle loose the bolts on one of her shackles. Brandt tumbles Michael down the stairs and sits him in front of Nikita. “Let’s see if I can hurt you now.”

Safe House. Birkhoff loses Michael’s tracker signal. (Not really sure when he took that as he collapsed from the drugged drink before Brandt scanned him.) Alex and Sean are out in a car talking to Birkhoff. They start considering where he could be then recall Masterson saying that Brandt was interested in hearing that his mother’s house was foreclosed. Birkhoff locates it at 52 Willow Lane, Allentown, PA. Alex says they’re only 10 minutes away. (Not currently a real street address by the way.)

52 Willow Lane. Nikita is upset Michael gave himself up. She was lost but it was a limited loss. Michael insists this is the most selfish thing he has done because he loves her and had to see her one last time. Even if it means dying. “You have no idea who I am. If you did you’d never love me. I have evil inside of me Michael.” He replies, “Maybe you do. But it is just a part of you. I love all of you.”

Brandt walks down the stairs and begins to hit Michael. Nikita Breaks out of her shackle and slams his face against the rack. She frees herself from the remaining three shackles and attacks Brandt with some limited help from Michael he is still tied to his toppled over chair.

Alex and Sean arrive as Brandt is choking Nikita. Sean shoots him several times then walks over to the dying murderer and shoots him in the head again with a hint of satisfaction in his eye.

Cemetery. Alex and Sean say good bye to Senator Pierce.

Safe House. Nikita apologizes for what she said in the basement to Michael but he tells her it is because she doesn’t love herself but I’m going to teach you.

Beach. Nikita is walking by the waves talking to Percy. She thanks him for bringing her and Michael closer together. Percy offers a truce but Nikita replies that there are “monsters out there” and she will come for him.

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