Nikita Season 2 Episode 20 – Shadow Walker

Title: Shadow Walker

Air Date: April 27, 2012

Synopsis: Nikita convinces a reluctant Birkhoff to use 20 million dollars of his own money in a plan to trap Percy. After Percy ends up stealing his life savings Birkhoff hacks into an old network and ends up arrested by the FBI. Nikita plans a rescue of Birkhoff while Alex and Michael go after the money.

Zurich, Switzerland. Michael and Nikita stage a bank robbery while Alex, as Alexandra Udinov, sneaks a look at Percy’s account with Birkhoff’s expertise. They all slip out just as the police arrive.

Birkhoff traces the account to Ian Damascus (Carlo Rota who played several characters in La Femme Nikita) who manages the account for Percy.

Ian is surprised by a call from Percy who wants to cash out his account. Percy realizes he shared the account number with Alex and is now vulnerable.

Beach House. Nikita convinces a reluctant Birkhoff to finance her plan with his life savings of 20 million, which he stole during his early hacker days. Birkhoff insists he go on the mission as the wealthy investor to keep an eye on his money.

Ian Damascus’s estate. Nikita is undercover as Birkhoff’s bodyguard. Ian begins scanning the bearer bonds into a new account. Outside Michael and Alex are watching the perimeter when another call pulls up. Damascus shows Birkhoff the new account on a laptop. Meanwhile Damascus leaves the room with the bearer bonds stating he will have them disposed of so there is no paper trail. Ian hands the bonds to Percy’s carrier along with another case but he’s still 30 million short of Percy’s 100 million.

Alex is trying to trace the account on her laptop but announces there’s no WiFi status. Birkhoff realizes they were tricked. Alex tells them that all the Damascus accounts are emptied. Inside Birkhoff and Nikita try to pursue Damascus but are caught by the guards. Roan shoots Damascus. During the ensuing fire fight Nikita gets a minor hit when Birkhoff freezes up and can’t pull the trigger.

Safe House. They suspect Percy will convert it to cash, which means a big truck and Nikita states if they can’t hijack it they will have to destroy it. Birkhoff is not liking that idea and ends up storming out of the house. Planning to get his money back by hacking the way he did the first time.

Birkhoff is in a cyber cafe hacking into an old network he accessed before. The FBI arrives and rescues Birkhoff aka Shadow Walker.

Safe House. Michael is asking Nikita about what happened with Birkhoff and they realize the last time he shot at someone was Carla, who was an old mentor of Nikita’s. Alex, bragging up her skills just like Birkhoff, tracks Roan after he left Ian’s.

Safe House. An alert pops up and they see the local police is holding Birkhoff for the FBI. Nikita goes after him while Alex and Michael go after the money.

Division. Percy sends a team to impersonate FBI and get to Birkhoff first.

Night. Michael and Alex are staking out the truck but they watch three of them leave the building and have to guess which one to follow. Alex makes a remark about using satellite imagery to measure the bumper to ground distance to see which one is weighted down with the money. Michael simply asks if she knows how to do any of that. “No. But I saw it in a movie once.” They follow the third truck but soon find it is empty.

Police station. Nikita impersonates an FBI agent to get Birkhoff out. Division agents engage at Percy’s instruction. They fight their way down a stairwell. Nikita is in trouble when Birkhoff grabs a gun and is able to shoot the Division agent several times to save her. They drive away and call Michael.

Birkhoff pulls satellite imagery and does just as Alex suggested earlier to pinpoint the truck. Michael pursues but realizes they can’t off load the truck before Division gets to it. Birkhoff tells them to destroy the cash before Percy can get it. “I’m looking at the big picture…Just do it before I change my mind.”

Michael blows up the truck with a grenade launcher. At Division, Percy has a pained expression on his face as he watches the surveillance footage.

Still in the car. Birkhoff and Nikita talk about Birkhoff killing Carla and begin to heal that wound.

Next day. Percy meets with some man in an art gallery with a lot of double talk trying to build a new partnership. The man doesn’t seem interested. Percy replies, “Money isn’t everything.”

Safe House. Birkhoff is talking to Nikita. He’s feeling bad that he missed the trick Ian played on him. Birkhoff reminisces about his near legendary status as Shadow Walker that was essentially erased by Division. And the money he just lost was the last symbol of that past. Nikita tells him, “You’re irreplaceable. And one of kind. And that’s a good thing because I don’t think the world could take two of you.” They share a laugh together.

Michael and Alex return with Chinese food. He ribs Alex for messing with his computer. She hands him an envelope saying maybe it will make up for it. Birkhoff slowly slides a check out of the envelope for one million dollars. “I know it is not near what you lost but the best I could do on short notice. Besides you’ll be able to double that in no time right?” Birkhoff replies, “We are going to have to double this. They way Nikki blows through money it’s like her greatest talent in life.”

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