Nikita Season 2 Episode 21 – Drop Dead

Title: Drop Dead

Air Date: May 4 , 2012

Synopsis: When it looks like Percy’s nuclear weapons plan is getting out of control, Ryan suggests they go to the director of CIA. Nikita is opposed but Michael takes Ryan’s side and tensions rise.

Nikita and team setup a buy with General Koong, with intel from Ryan Fletcher (former CIA from previous episodes) to obtain a nuclear trigger but Division intercepts the triggers for Percy. Sean gets hit in the fight.

Beach House. Alex is watching over Sean. Fletcher says Percy still needs missile casings to complete his nuclear bombs and he needs the CIA resources to help. Flash back five years ago Nikita is at a function with Percy meeting Morgan Kendrick, the new Director of CIA. Ryan and Michael decide to trust him despite Nikita’s reluctance.

Michael and Ryan meet Kendrick at a club. Kendrick thought Fletcher was dead. Nikita shows up unexpectedly and talks to Michael. Fletcher confronts Kendrick with getting him intel to pass to Nikita on where Percy might get missile casings. Nikita brushes by Kendrick on her way out.

Beach House. Alex finds Sean trying to send an email to a contact about the nuclear missile casings. With Birkhoff’s help she gets Sean back to his bed and gives him a shot of painkiller.

Nikita, Ryan, and Michael return to the house with Ryan stating, “I think I got through to him.” Nikita replies, “I know I did.” And tunes in the bug she planted on him. Birkhoff comments on the poor sound quality wondering where she put it. They overhear Kendrick telling Percy about the encounter. Nikita says, “Don’t think of it as losing an ally. Think of it as gaining a target.”

Ryan is still confused at how Kendrick could be working for Percy. Kendrick calls Ryan back to setup a meet where I can pass the intel. During the call Division is trying to trace it. Kendrick commends Fletcher on his instincts during a previous mission called Black Sands as he ends the call. Nikita wants to take Kendrick out, expecting Division operatives at the scene she feels if the CIA gets involved they will pass the blame to Division.

Division. Percy sends Steven, a former student of Michael’s, to lead the team to the meeting with Kendrick.

Beach House. Sean, still dopey from the pain killer starts flirting with Alex and tells her how amazing she is. Alex pretends it is because he is still drugged.

Michael and Nikita prepare to take out Kendrick from a sniper position at the park.

Beach House. Ryan starts to question the end of the phone call with Kendrick and why he mentioned Black Sands. With Birkhoff’s help they begin to think Kendrick is acting under duress. Birkhoff begins to analyze the call again and picks up a signal from a Division kill chip that was embedded in Kendrick’s heart. They call off Nikita’s shot just in time. Michael and Nikita turn it into a rescue mission.

Nikita and Michael get Kendrick into a subway tunnel with Division operatives in pursuit. As they make it underground Division loses their signal on the kill chip so Kendrick is safe for the moment. Nikita wires up a netbook to an EKG and gets on the metro wireless. Birkhoff builds a VPN to the netbook and looks for a way to hack the pacemaker. Michael defends their position.

Kendrick talks to Nikita and they find some common ground on the limitations of government. He asks her to shoot Percy for him if he doesn’t make it, which brings a smile from Nikita.

Birkhoff has to take the pacemaker offline for about a minute. Kendrick tells them to go ahead.

Michael takes out two Division operatives but Steven keeps on coming. They go hand to hand as they’re both out of bullets. Lots of trash talk from both as they grapple briefly. Then Steven makes a crude comment about Nikita, Michael flips him into a sort of pile-driver snapping his neck on the floor. “I also taught you manners.”

Division. Sonya stumbles on Birkhoff’s VPN as she is scanning for the kill chip. Looks like she is about to stop the trace but Percy sees the location traced back to Birkhoff’s Beach House.

Nikita has to give Kendrick a jolt from the defibrillator as he is telling her about Percy wanting to get into “the club” and he survives until his pacemaker is back online.

Beach House. Alex is avoiding Sean but he insists he meant the things he said. The intrusion alarm goes off. Birkhoff starts passing out guns when he realizes Division is closing in fast. The Alex gets an idea.

The Division operatives crash through the skylights to find the house apparently empty. Then they spot a large amount of explosives just as the house explodes.

A dark SUV is pulling away. Birkhoff tells Alex, “You are buying the next house.” “Deal”.

They go to Fletcher’s safe house and meet up with Michael, Nikita, and Kendrick. Alex and Sean share a kiss in the back of the SUV.

Kendrick gives them access keys to the CIA network and states he’s going back to ferret out any other Division moles.

Division. Roan reports to Percy that the devices are almost ready. Percy doesn’t appear too concerned about Nikita, apparently he is not just building a bomb but has other plans.

Ryan’s Safe House. Nikita makes up with Ryan for her kill first approach with Kendrick. Michael and Nikita share a moment. He asks, “Do you remember when it was just you and me working out of a motel room?” “And before that it was just me. Working out of fabulous loft.” Michael talks about needing their own Operations soon, but Nikita doesn’t like the sound of that. They go back and forth and he suggests “Home-quarters.” As they watch the growing group across the room. Birkhoff, Alex, Sean Pierce, Ryan Fletcher, and now Morgan Kendrick.

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