Nikita Season 2 Episode 22 – Crossbow

Title: Crossbow

Air Date: May 11 , 2012

Synopsis: Percy calls the President of the United States and threatens to set off a nuclear explosion unless his demands are met. Birkhoff finds two scientists that could help stop Percy’s new nuclear plan sending Nikita and Michael after one and Alex and Sean after another target.

Maxwell Air Force Station, North Dakota. A Division agent, Robby, infiltrates the stations and steals several old computer mother boards that haven’t been active for 20 years. (I do like the recurring roles in this show compared to LFN. Gives it more continuity I think.)

Division. Percy hands the boards to Sonya to install telling her, “The fate of the world lies in your hands.”

Safe House. Nikita wakes up from a nightmare beside Michael. Fletcher digs up data on a number of old aerospace engineers dieing of suspicious causes recently. Only two engineers with the same skill set from project Crossbow appear to remain alive. Michael suspects Percy may want to use an old satellite to guide a nuclear missile.

Washington D.C. CIA director Kendrick gets a call from Ryan Fletcher to fill him in. Kendrick tells Fletcher about the stolen control boards.

Safe House. When the view they the security tape. Alex recognizes the operative as Robby, the cadet that went nuts while she was in Division and she thought he was cancelled. Birkhoff locates one of the engineers, Henderson, by tracking his propane purchases. Nikita and Michael go after him while Alex and Sean follow Robby into upstate New York.

Shipping Yard. Nikita and Michael find Henderson. He tells them the other scientist died of cancer 10 years ago. Henderson gets very nervous when he realizes someone got Crossbow online. Before he is able to tell them any details about the project Division agents arrive and open fire. Michael makes short work of them by blowing the propane tanks and taking out all the Division agents. However, Henderson died during the attack. Taking with him any knowledge of how to easily disable the satellite. They search his trailer and Nikita finds an old Betamax tape (it lost out to VHS during the VCR era; for you young folks those were before DVRs) in the refrigerator.

Research Reactor, Upstate New York. Alex and Sean find Robby near the reactors. Alex confronts Robby but falters when he mentions being a Cleaner now. Sean knocks him out and they restrain him in a nearby tunnel. He won’t give up any information but they do find some type of transmitter on him.

Safe House. Birkhoff indeed pulled a Betamax player out of storage and they see Henderson highlighting a Star Wars initiative, Crossbow, from the President Regan era. Satellites that were supposed to shoot missiles out of the air but never succeeded. They are puzzled why Percy wants the satellite. Birkhoff realizes it could hit a stationary object on Earth. “Percy has control of his own personal Death Star.” They call Ryan in D.C. who, along with Kendrick, advises the President of the United States.

Division. Sonya tells Percy the boards are online and he has control of a satellite. He sends it to upstate New York.

Research Reactor. Alex is still trying to reason with Robby. He slips his restraints and runs out of the tunnel with the transmitter and drops it down one of the reactor silos just before Sean shoots him. Alex goes to his side as he’s dieing. “Alex, get out of here or you won’t have a future either…”

Alex reports back to Nikita at the safe house but they’re still not sure what the device was supposed to do. Birkhoff says it could be a beacon or transmitter.

Oval Office. Kendrick shows the President that a satellite was re-tasked. The hot phone rings, “This is Percival Rose and I created Division. Ring a bell?” Percy warns him of a demonstration.

Safe House. They’re discussing how the satellite from the 1980s would target and realize Robby set a beacon at teh reactor. Nikita tells Alex to get out now as they see a reactor heating up.

Research Reactor. Alex and Sean speed away on the motorcycle as a reactor explodes in the background.

Division. Percy calls the anonymous man about getting into “The Club”. The man would like another demonstration and asks Percy to have the President say a quote on air.

Nikita is speaking with Ryan on the phone. Alex and Sean made it out of the blast area in time. But they still don’t know Percy’s end game.

White House. The President addresses the press, and Nation, and uses the quote as demanded by Percy. Percy has gained favor with “The Club” but they want to take it to a higher level. Percy calls the President again telling him to cease peace talks with Afghanistan tonight or there will be a nuclear strike in a populated area. Ryan walks out of the Oval Office and fills in Nikita.

Safe House. Michael, Nikita, Birkhoff, Sean, and Alex are horrified at the thought of Percy having control of the President. Nikita wants to go into Division to take away control of the satellite. The rest of the team is a little stunned and reluctant but they see it as the only way and begin planning a surgical assault. After they have their plan together. Birkhoff takes a moment with Nikita, “I really hope this isn’t the last time we see each other.” Then kisses her on the lips. “May the force be with you.” As he walks past Michael, “You can kick my ass when you get back buddy.” “Will do.”

Michael and Nikita joke briefly about Birkhoff’s actions. Nikita is concerned she’s making the decision for everyone. Michael assures her she is not. “My worst nightmare is dieing in that hell hole without you.” Michael continues to reassure her.

Oval Office. Kendrick and the President, along with military advisers, are discussing alternatives to deal with Division. Kendrick assures them that Division was built to withstand a nuclear hit. The President replies, “So you are telling me that the combined might of the U.S. military is helpless against a mad man? From New Jersey?!”

Aerial view of farmland. Sean confronts one of the Division sentries posing as a farmer. Alex knocks him out.

Ryan calls Birkhoff hoping for good news. Birkhoff says they’re just beginning the run. He zooms in on some schematics that show the farm sitting on top of Division headquarters.

A Farm in New Jersey. Sean drives the truck back to the farm where they disable the second sentry. Nikita and Michael go to blow the hatch on the abandoned underground silo. Alex and Sean secure the sentries in the barn; alive so their trackers stay online and all appears normal inside Division. Unfortunately, the ladder inside the silo was removed. So Nikita must go in to the server room alone while Michael anchors the rope. Michael is not happy about the change in plans. “You scare the crap out of me but I love you anyway.”

Division. Nikita makes her way through the ventilation to the server room. She quickly takes out the techs and sets a charge after Birkhoff walks her through finding the right communication section.

Farm. While Alex and Sean are not paying attention the female sentry kicks her legs up over the man’s neck and snaps it. With his tracker disabled Sonya gets an alert inside Division. Percy sends a team up to the farm. After getting no response from the server room he sends security there and locks down Division.

Michael starts urging Nikita to get out but she insists on completing the mission. Finally he stakes down the rope and goes in after her. Birkhoff warns him the rope won’t hold. Michael makes it part way through the ventilation when Nikita tells him to blow the charge but he won’t do it right away. Nikita insists he blow the charge before the guards find it but Michael still refuses.

Above ground, the alpha team attacks Alex and Sean.

Nikita takes out a guard as she runs from the server room and screams to blow the charge. Michael finally does. Nikita is knocked to the ground by the blast.

Michael calls, “Nikita? Nikita?”

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