Nikita Season 2 Episode 23 – Homecoming

Title: Homecoming

Air Date: May 18, 2012

Synopsis: Continued from the last episode. Nikita and Michael invaded Division in an attempt to stop a devastating satellite weapon. Ryan (Noah Bean) stays close to the President not knowing if Michael and Nikita have succeeded and knowing the President has sent Marines to take down Division.

Noticed the episode summary that came with my iTunes download is rather far off the mark of what actually happens in the show. Who writes those things anyway?

Highlights from the previous show, Crossbow.

Flashback to eight years ago when Nikita was trying to escape and Michael told her there was no way out. Nikita is alive. She reports Crossbow is down to Michael. A Division agent attacks from behind. Nikita deftly ejects the round from his gun, ejects the clip and smacks him with it, then shoots him. Nikita calls for Michael on the radio again.

Michael is still in the ventilation tunnel, radios are down. Division is lock-down so all communications are blocked except the internal security channel. Percy tells all agents to arm themselves, “Michael and Nikita are in Division. Find them. Kill them. And you will be rewarded.”

Birkhoff is running tactical. Alex and Sean are pinned down by Division agents at the farm. Alex takes out the female sentry with a pitch fork.

White House. Birkhoff lets Ryan know Division is locked down and he doesn’t know if Crossbow is still online. Sean tries to get the President to delay rejecting the peace treaty. But the President doesn’t see that he has an option and won’t delay the Marines either, “If I go down. Percy goes down. Your covert operatives are on their own.”

Division. Michael and Nikita have both found radios. Nikita and Michael are on the same channel as Division but still manage to set up a meeting point.

The President denounces the peace treaty on television. Back in Division Percy cancels the lock down so he can call The Club. The mysterious man states that Percy will be allowed in the club but warns him of the approaching Marines.

Outside the farm. A Marine convoy is driving in, passing a cow in one scene (nice touch). Sonya reports over 200 troops. She’s starting to have some doubts about what is really happening. Percy tells Sonya and the rest of Division that he asked for the Marines to prevent Michael and Nikita from escaping.

Division. Nikita and Michael meet at the target range. Nikita is heading to the surface. Sean reports the approaching Marines preparing for a raid. Sean has a moment with Alex, still hiding in the farm. Sean mentions going on a date after they get out of this. She doesn’t say yes or no.

Percy calls the President again revealing that Crossbow was never a functional weapon it was all a ruse, comparing it to Cortez using an eclipse to conquer the Aztechs, he was able to move the satellite and then had a man on the ground use some plutonium to make the nuclear reactor meltdown. Nikita and Michael are stunned. Percy states the remaining plutonium is with Roan and he will take out a major metropolitan area unless told to abort. Cut to Roan shooting a man with a NMR name badge. The President asks, “What do you want?” Percy replies, “To surrender.” States he deserves some respect and will walk out on his own terms to retire. And warns that Roan will take action in 30 minutes.

Ryan tells Birkhoff to try tracking the Division vehicles to find Roan. Nikita tells Alex and Sean to go after Roan. Nikita and Michael go after Percy inside Division.

Division. Operations. Sonya receives a video chat from Birkhoff and she reluctantly gives him access after he explains the truth about Percy and the Marines there to take down Division. He tells her he could kiss her.

Bethesda, MD. Alex and Sean pull up and find Roan’s SUV and approach. “You never said yes.” Alex replies, “You never asked me on a date. You said I was a goal.” They find a body in the SUV and Alex snaps a picture for Birkhoff to identify.

Division. Nikita and Michael distract the Division agents, sending many of them in the wrong direction while they take control of operations. Michael pops the pin out of grenade and keeps control while Nikita heads to Percy’s office. Michael tells her to be careful. Nikita looks at the room full of armed agents, “Speak for yourself.”

Percy is gathering some items and confirms Roan is still on target.

Nikita finds herself in Amanda’s old office and has a brief hallucination of Amanda saying, “We’re not ready to let you go.”

Michael continues trying to convince the operatives that Percy is the bad guy. Sonya directs the agents away from Nikita’s position and lets her into Percy’s office. Nikita pins Percy to a desk and threatens to shoot him but he warns her that his heart switch will trigger Roan to carry through with the nuclear attack.

Nikita tells Percy to get on the intercom and call off the agents by telling them the truth. “Call off your boys or I take off your boys.” As she points a knife to his crotch. He does, then continues to incite them to come after him for betraying them. Nikita is forced to protect Percy and try to get him out alive.

Birkhoff IDs the body as Kyle Devry who works at something called NMR. Ryan asks the President if he knows what NMR is. The President replies it is the National Mall Reactor, right below D.C., stating they put it in during the Y2K scare.

The Marines cut through the silo going down to Division.

Nikita and Percy take cover in a room. Nikita has a flashback of waking up in Division and seeing Michael for the first time, in the same room. Percy tells her that after tonight no one will be able to touch him, “I’m moving on. But everything in your life with meaning came from within these walls. You’ll never be able to let go of this place.”

Inside the power plant. Alex and Sean begin to search for Roan. Birkhoff tells them there are multiple places Roan could place the plutonium. Alex tells Sean she can take care of herself. “So is that a no?” She replies, “You still haven’t asked me yet.” They split up.

Roan takes out another guard, snapping his neck.

Nikita makes it to the surface with Percy and surrenders to the Marines. Percy attacks her, some twisted sense of revenge I suppose. Percy growls, “I brought you into this world and I can take you out!” Nikita is caught off guard but turns it on him and Percy is dangling in the silo with Nikita holding on to him. “Help me up. If I die Roan goes through with the meltdown.” Nikita replies, “I’m done helping you.” Then tells Birkhoff there’s about to be a signal at the silo and to track it. Percy loses his grip on Nikita’s arm as she lets go and he plunges to the bottom of the silo crashing through a glass ceiling. Percy’s broken body looks lifeless.

NMR. Roan gets the signal. He takes his glasses off for a moment knowing Percy is dead. Birkhoff gives the location to Alex and Sean. Alex gets there first, picking up a small pipe wrench along the way. Roan breaks her arm during the attack. Sean arrives and they both battle the terminator-like Roan finally knocking him into some high voltage lines. They just sit there for a bit watching Roan. “So you want to go out?” Alex has passed out.

The Marines continue to move on Division. Nikita tries to tell the Vice President to back down as the body count will just climb on both sides. Ryan states, “They are in a command crisis and are looking for orders.” Nikita wants to go down. The Vice President replies, “But you’re their enemy.” “They only respect what they fear. They’ve been made to fear me.”

Division. (Nice scene.) The elevator doors open and a number of red laser sites are on Nikita’s chest as the camera pans up to her face. She calmly walks toward the armed agents with her hands out to her sides. Then makes her way to Operations where Michael is at. “My fight was never with you.” She tells them that she expects the Vice President to gun them down as soon as they walk out, but she wants to change that. “If they want to get to you, they’ll have to go through me first.”

Ryan Fletcher comes down to find all the agents lined up behind Nikita. “Let’s talk.”

Nikita continues to defend them. Michael reminds him that the Division agents in the field will go rogue. Ryan informs them that he already told the Vice President that, and the best way to contain it is to keep Division active. Ryan says, “There are still monsters out there.”

Tallin, Estonia. A hacker has just cracked the decryption on Percy’s black box. Amanda is revealed standing behind him and shoots him.

Division. Ryan Fletcher still wants to get to the men above Percy. And the Vice President wants him to run Division. Ryan tells Nikita she can trust him. Michael continues to object. Nikita walks away and has several memories of her past at Division and fighting Division. “They’re waiting for an answer.

The farm on the surface. Nikita and Michael are standing in the sunset. “Division is in good hands with Ryan, Nikita, we can go.” “Where?” “Home. Remember, you did say that.” Nikita replies, “I said it. But I don’t know what a home is Michael. I never had one. All I know is I grew up here. Learned right from wrong. And fell in love here. Those people down there deserve a chance.”

Birkhoff walks into Operations. “What numnuts turned this place into the starship Enterprise?” Sonya asks for his assistance with some trackers. “Sure. Let me show you how it’s done.” He takes her in his arms and kisses her. Ryan is amused and looks away.

Alex wakes up in the infirmary. Sean lets her know she is in Division. He starts to ask her on a date again but Nikita arrives and he leaves. Alex asks her what happened. “Do you remember what I said when I decided I was going to let you infiltrate Division?” Alex is puzzled for a moment then says, “Here we go?” With a small shrug Nikita replies, “Here we go again.”

Perhaps someone discussed this already. But I just realized this episode could have served as a series end. Not really a cliff hanger, just leaving future possibility while tying some things up. Similar to how LFN ended in the additional fifth season. It would be nice if the writers knew whether or not they had another season so we wouldn’t suffer the cliff hangers that never got resolved. E.g. Alcatraz or Heroes.

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