Nikita Season 3 Episode 2 – Innocence

Title: Innocence

Air Date: October 26, 2012

Synopsis: A young girl named Liza is brainwashed and held captive by a rogue Division agent.

Army Research Lab, Fort Granville. A mysterious masked agent steals something from the lab and returns to her waiting trainer.

Nikita and Alex are at the jewelry store where Nikita leaves her ring to be resized. They talk a bit about whether children are in Nikita’s future. Then Alex asks, “What is Michael’s last name anyway?”

Division. Birkhoff is mixing some music when Michael interrupts him for a briefing with Ryan. Birkhoff is miffed that he didn’t hear about Michael’s engagement earlier. The rogue agent Wade, was the former trainer at Division with a perfect training record until an agent failed his mission and he beat him to death. Percy put Wade out into the field and Michael took over.

Ryan goes on to explain that an experimental explosive, RDX, was what Wade stole from Fort Granville. It has a 48 hour life, and they’re down to 36 hours. Wade’s cover was a travel agent in Boston. Nikita and Michael pose as honeymooners.

Upon arriving they allude to speaking to Wade previously but find that he wiped his computer before he left. Birkhoff talks Nikita through removing the hard drive from the copy machine. Birkhoff finds a copy of Wade’s ID and credit card on the drive and tracks him to a and address in Lexington, MA.

Michael and Nikita lead a team to the location. They find a young girl shooting at them in the basement that looks like some kind of training room. “You’re Division. He prepared me for this day. And if you don’t let me go he’s going to kill you all.”

Division. They find no signs of abuse on the girl but she’s disassociated from her emotions. Birkhoff reports her name is Liza Abbot, born September 9, 2000, and she was kidnapped on her way home from school two years ago.

Alex wants to get her home to her parents but Ryan Fletcher insists they keep her until they find out what she knows about Wade’s plan. Nikita goes in to talk to her but doesn’t get very far.

Michael is still at Wade’s house and sends Birkhoff some blue prints that Liza made notes on. Michael is almost ready to leave when he returns to check for hiding places and finds an beaded necklace hidden in the metal bed post.

Wade calls the house to ask where “Sarah” is, Michael tells him she is safe at Division and tries to talk him down but Wade just opens fire taking out an agent. Wade escapes.

Back at Division. Nikita release Liza’s wrist restraints and offers to answer questions instead of asking them but Liza is still very reluctant to say anything. Alex realizes that Wade may have threatened to kill Liza’s parents. Ryan sends protection and tells Alex to question the parents for any information to use with Liza.

Alex arrives in her business attire and glasses pretending to be law enforcement. Liza’s dead is tired of the reminders and walks out. Liza’s mother is more cooperative and states she won’t give up. She shows Alex her matching beaded necklace. Mrs. Abbott is reminded of a story she saw about Alexandra Udinov returning but Alex denies knowing about it. Abbott states, “I’m going to see Liza again. I know it.” “Keep believing that Mrs. Abbott. Don’t ever stop.”

Michael returns to Division and hands Nikita the necklace. She asks, “How did you find it?” “Luck. Anyway, I thought you could use it to help her.” Ryan informs Michael they still haven’t identified the building the blueprints go with and they are down to eleven hours.

Nikita recognizes the numbers on the blue print show planning for a kill mission. Michael mentions that Wade called her Sarah. Fletcher points out using a different name for the child is a method to further disassociate them from their past. “She kept this hidden all this time. The kid is strong than he knows.” Then she asks Ryan to clear the south quarter for her.

Nikita brings Liza to her former quarters when she was held captive in Division. She shows her the hiding place where she kept a key card hidden, something she only showed to one other girl. Liza asks if it was Percy that held her prisoner. “Yes. I forgot you know so much about Division.” Nikita tells how she hid the key card then went out to memorize and map the place.

Liza reluctantly asks, “What happened to him? To Percy?” Nikita replies with a slight smile, “I dropped him. Down a 300 foot shaft.” Then she shows her the necklace they found. She assures Liza that Wade never saw it, he doesn’t know she’s been fighting back. Liza turns away and starts repeating some phrase about the “inspiration of our future”. Cut to a scene of Wade carrying a gun into position outside in the dark. Nikita tells her she doesn’t have to be Sarah anymore. Liza stops and asks Nikita, “You can really stop him?” “Oh, I’m going to stop him. As soon as you tell me what he’s planning.” Liza tells Nikita the target is the hotel Normandy in New York.

Perimeter Alert. Wade has opened fire outside the farm on the surface. Ryan sends Michael with a team. Nikita leaves an agent with Liza and heads to Operations. Liza is scared of what is happening and begs Nikita not to leave.

The agent approaches the crying Liza to comfort her (a bit unlike Division agents) but she headbutts him then efficiently disarms him and rolls over his back knocking him to the ground as she heads out the door with his gun. Liza makes her way out through the motor pool. Nikita finds the disabled agent and rushes after Liza.

On the surface, Michael finds a servo controlled machine gun but no Wade.

Next day. Liza is sitting on a bench at a playground holding her necklace. She quickly tucks it away as Wade walks over and commends her on escaping. Using the name “Sarah” was part of their planning so she knew to make her move to escape. “You’re Jessica now. And what does Jessica do?” Liza replies, “She completes the mission.”

Division. They realize Liza lied about the location as the blueprints don’t match. Ryan recognizes the repeating phrases Liza used as the Pakistani National Anthem. Birkhoff brings up Wade’s file and they see the target on Wade’s failed mission is now the Pakistani ambassador to the U.S., Saeed Tamir and he’s about to give a speech. Nikita realizes Liza was trying to help. The blueprints match.

Michael leaves with a team for the two targets – Wade and Liza.

Nikita follows Ryan toward his office with Alex right behind her. “Liza is a victim not the target.” But Ryan won’t change the order.

Alex goes back to the Abbott’s to retrieve the mother’s matching necklace stating it was only a lead but the necklace could help. She passes the necklace to Nikita as Nikita slips into the consulate.

Liza breaks away from the youth group and makes her way into the ventilation ducts.

Michael is outside the consulate. Birkhoff detects an encrypted ad-hoc WiFi signal and sends Michael after Wade’s apparent location nearby. Nikita calls Birkhoff about the ventilation ducts as Liza plants the bomb underneath Saeed’s position at the podium.

Basement. Liza reports she made it to the basement. Wade orders her to detonate now and escape in the confusion. She arms the trigger and is about to press the detonate button when Nikita finds her. Nikita shows her the Indian girl necklace from Mrs. Abbott and tries to talk her down.

Michael nears Wade’s position in a nearby hotel but another servo-rifle pins him down. Birkhoff downloads a control program to Michael’s phone and tells him to get it within ten feet. Michael manages to slide it across the floor near the gun.

Operations. Birkhoff is in his zone. In a slightly robotic voice, “I am Wade’s servo gun. I now betray my overlord.” He turns the gun on Wade, “Exterminate. Exterminate!” Ryan and Sonya watch on with a mixture of amusement and amazement.

Nikita continues to talk Liza down as Wade continues to order her to detonate. With tears she finally turns off the detonator. Then drops her com unit on the ground and smashes it.

Michael gets a clear shot on Wade. Michael approaches him. “Who’s Nikita?” “My recruit.” Michael replies to the dying Wade.

Nikita hugs the crying Liza.

Division. Michael finds Nikita sitting in her old quarters. Lets her know Liza is ready to leave. Nikita asks Michael, “The Indian girl necklace. Wade never found it in two years. But you did?.” Michael reveals that he did know where she hid the key card when she was a recruit. “I always had your back.”

Alex, Nikita, and Liza are sitting in a car outside Liza’s house. Liza wants to go over the cover story again. It leaves out everything about Division and who Wade was stating that he shot himself in the end and she called 911.

Alex says, “And you’ve never heard of Division.”

“What’s Division?” with one of the first child-like expressions we’ve seen. “I’d probably make a really good agent one day huh?”

Nikita and Alex share a troubled look. “Hello. Just kidding. But I’m probably one of the youngest girls you’ve saved right?”

Nikita looking at Alex, “There was one other girl.”

Alex walks Liza up to the house to reunite with her parents.

Nice show overall. Nikita wasn’t the only operative to train her own recruit. Still no appearance by Amanda or Ari Tasarov or any fall out from decrypting Percy’s infamously generic black box. The characters did a nice job driving this story forward without big explosions or car chases.

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