Nikita Season 3 Episode 4 – Consequences

Title: Consequences

Air Date: November 9, 2012

Synopsis: Amanda sends Anne, another rogue Division agent, to free Owen from a Russian Prison.

First time in season three of Nikita that Amanda has resurfaced. As well as Ari Tasarov and Owen Elliot.

VK-240/2 Prison, Russia. Anne is walking through a dark, filthy, rat infested prison. She finds Owen in a cell. Anne asks him about Operation Skeleton Key. Owen offers to help her find the device if Anne gets him out. Anne pays off the prison guard but as soon as the cell door opens he attacks Anne. She shoots the guard in the head splattering Owen in the face and quickly knocks him out.

A short time later Owen awakes tied up in the back of Anne’s car as she makes her way down a country road. While Anne is on the phone with someone Owen frees himself and chokes her out. He disappears into the woods.

Nikita, Michael, Alex, and Sean are out to celebrate Nikita and Michael’s engagement. Alex toasts them. But Sean doesn’t seem too happy. Nikita and Michael are called into Division by Birkhoff. Alex questions Sean, he thinks she should leave Division. Alex is upset and walks away.

Division. Birkhoff and Sonya are on better terms, but Sonya wants to keep it professional. Birkhoff pulls up recent surveillance on Owen (recurring role from previous seasons, he was a Guardian under Percy but went rogue on his own and assisted Nikita in the past). Nikita knows he deliberately made the appearance to get her attention after being off the grid for the past six months.

Michael and Nikita take an alpha team to retrieve Owen. He attacks the Division agents until Nikita tries to convince him that Division is different now. Michael ends up hitting him with a taser.

Fletcher wants to verify Owen’s story about being in the Russian prison and sends in Alex to question Owen; telling Nikita she’s too close to Owen.

Owen talks to Alex. He was under the impression that Anne was still a Division cleaner. And she was asking about Operation Skeleton Key.

Birkhoff fills in the team on the operation. Percy had an ex-NSA engineer working on encryption and created a master key device that can crack any current encryption including Division. The same engineer that designed Percy’s black boxes and who Percy later killed. With Percy and the engineer both dead Owen is the only person that knows the location of the skeleton key device.

Owen questions why Nikita stopped short of taking down Division. Nikita explains they are bringing in the rogue agents but is forced to admit they 3 rogues so far ended up dead. Although they have done other good. Owen reminds her that actions have consequences.

Owen leads them to a cemetery where the engineer hid the skeleton key in a hollow tombstone. Owen retrieves the device but Amanda’s operatives open fire and Anne takes the device. Anne drops something off before pulling away. Nikita sees Amanda in the SUV. They bring back one injured prisoner.

Division. Michael suspects some of the operatives are ex-Gogol and Ari is working with Amanda. Nikita wonders why Anne tried to grab Owen again instead of killing him, more importantly why Amanda wants him.

Owen has some memories of Amanda doing something to him when he first got to Division. He tells Nikita he has no memory of his life prior to Division. He gets headaches when he tries to remember and suspects Amanda did something to him.

Luxembourg. Amanda and Anne return to Ari with the skeleton key device. Ari is not pleased Amanda went to New York on her own. Amanda tells Ari, “I sent Nikita a house warming gift. She should be opening it soon.”

Division. Infirmary. A doctor is examining the prisoner, unsure why is still unconscious. He suspects internal fluid and tries to drain it. But something isn’t right. Some kind of gas starts to escape out of the prisoners body and a Biohazard Alert goes off in Division sealing the Infirmary.

A short time later a team decontaminates the area. They find 8 dead and more injured. Ryan Fletcher tells Nikita and Michael it was liquid sarin implanted in the prisoner’s body. Just then Amanda breaks in on their communication channels telling Division is not safe and tries to undermine the trust in Nikita.

Luxembourg. Now Ari understands why Amanda went into the field. She knew their protocols and knew the human bio-weapon would be taken back to Division. “I created the Nikita people fear and respect. Then she used the gifts a gave her against me. I’m ready to return the favor.”

Nikita speaks to the troops in Division to find Amanda. Sonya quickly tracks the satellite signal back to Luxembourg.

Sean shows up in Division. He tells Alex he was concerned about her. But Alex insists she made a promise to Nikita. As they continue to argue, Sean confesses his love to Alex. “I’m not going to stand by and watch this place destroy another person I love.” “What!?”

“I love you. But if that is not enough reason for you to leave, then I have no reason to stay.” Sean walks out.

Alex takes some pills from the nearby drug cabinet, apparently pain pills, then finds Nikita. “Please tell me we’re going Amanda hunting.” Nikita allows her to go on the mission. Ryan names it Operation Black Forest. Nikita states, “Let’s burn the witch’s house down.”

Luxembourg at night. Nikita, Alex, Michael, and Owen are all on the mission to infiltrate the house, retrieve the device, and take out Amanda. Alex heads for the cryptographic device. Owen spots Amanda and Birkhoff begins guiding Nikita to Owen’s tracker.

The still injured Alex struggles with a guard near the crypto device. A fire fight breaks out as Anne tries to lead Ari to safety. Alex is still being manhandled. She finally grabs the guys gun and shoot him. Then shakily makes her way over to the crypto device. Michael arrives to help her out. “I got the crypto thingy.”

Birkhoff leads Nikita to where he thinks Owen is, but Owen is a floor down in the basement. Nikita goes after him. Owen catches up to Amanda. She toys with him, calling him Sam, as he has some flash backs of a medical procedure and takes away his gun. Anne and Ari arrive. Ari tells Anne to shoot Owen Elliot. But Amanda replies, “No. I didn’t go to all this trouble just to have you kill him.”

Nikita arrives outside the room. A new room that is not on Birkhoff’s plan. Nikita grabs a rifle and starts blasting at the wall to make her own door way.

Inside the room. Ari confronts Amanda on knowing where the crypto device was the whole time and realizes Owen was her objective. Ari stabs Owen, “Now he offers a distraction.” Ari, Anne, and Amanda all escape as Nikita comes through the wall to Owen’s aid.

Division. Alex ducks into a dark corner, tries calling Sean who doesn’t answer. She takes another pill (is Alex returning to her addiction?) Nikita talks to Owen who is recovering in medical. He knows Amanda knows about his past though he’s unsure of his future.

Owen decides to stick around.

Birkhoff is working at his computers. Sonya asks him out to dinner but he’s preoccupied with a project. Birkhoff explains that Amanda must have had someone inside to time her message. Sonya sits down to help him. “We’ll order in.” Birkhoff replies in jest, “We’ll have to kill the delivery man.”

Nikita tells Ryan and Michael that Owen is staying and calls it a win. Ryan explains that Birkhoff recognized a device from the room in Luxembourg as being used in brain surgery and Owen has evidence of experimental surgery from years ago that may have affected his memory.

Belgium. Amanda tells Anne that Owen is too obvious of a target but she insists she is not done teaching Nikita. Amanda is looking at recent surveillance photos of Nikita and the team.

Now we have Amanda, Ari, and Anne (Hm, should we call them Triple A or the A-Team…Smilie: ;) as Nikita’s nemesis in addition to the rogue agents. I still miss the music from the La Femme Nikita show although this sound track isn’t bad. And Percy was a much stronger character than Ari Tasarov or Fletcher are.

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