Nikita Season 3 Episode 5 – The Sword’s Edge

Title: The Sword’s Edge

Air Date: November 30, 2012

Synopsis: A former Division agent is elected president of Uzbekistan. Nikita and Michael need to extract him.

Two Division retrieval agents are executed by a man in a white shirt and tie. Moments later he steps out on to a balcony to wave at a large crowd below. A news voice-over announces the election of Alexi Markov as the new president of Uzbekistan.

Division. Birkhoff briefs the team on Edward aka Alexi Markov, one of Percy’s deep cover agents, who worked his way into the presidency. Fletcher plans to swap him with a double at an upcoming US visit next week. Michael and Nikita stress how little time there is for that kind of mission.

Nikita follows Fletcher to his office to question why he is so stressed. Fletcher reveals that Amanda appears to have a mole inside Division. Nikita recommends putting Alex on it. Ryan speaks with Alex and then takes a tunnel entrance into the White House.

White House. The President questions the results on some recent Division missions. And warns Fletcher that special forces are on stand by to scrub Division on her order if she hears of another negative outcome.

Division. Michael and Nikita plan to intercept Markov at his hotel before meeting the President. Birkhoff shows them a new polymer DARPA has been working on to create artificial muscle. They will need to get a detailed 3D scan of Markov’s face to make a mask for Michael to take his place.

The Brearly Hotel. Markov arrives in a motorcade at night.

Alex is speaking with Sonya about the mole when a Firewall alert goes off. It doesn’t appear they are trying to communicate outside but Alex goes to Medical to check it out. Owen is still recovering there.

Nikita drops from a glider to the hotel roof and releases a gas into the HVAC to Markov’s room. Nikita goes in through the window.

Some repair work is under progress in Medical. Alex asks Owen about the security breach. He replies that he was looking for information about his past. Owen quickly realizes there is a mole.

Markov wakes up on the floor of his hotel room to find a com unit in his ear and an armed grenade strapped into his mouth. Michael tells him to take the repel line down to the street. Nikita meets him and orders him into the car. He assures he that Division will be destroyed.

Medical. Alex hears something. She and Owen investigate. They find a gas leak and barely get out of the room before it explodes.

Nikita returns and stops to check on the explosion then heads to Birkhoff with Markov to start the scan.

Owen finds the gas nozzle that was sabotaged to caused the explosion, “This mole doesn’t want to be found.” Fletcher reprimands Alex for telling Owen about the mole. Alex replies, “I didn’t tell him. He guessed.” “Why do I get the feeling you all think I’m an idiot?” replies Owen. Fletcher tells them to keep investigating and warns Alex to arm herself.

Nikita, Michael, and Birkhoff are working on the mask for Michael to take Markov’s place. Markov wakes up and reveals he had help from Amanda and there is a video waiting to distribute across the net explaining his involvement with Division if he doesn’t give his people the password every morning. “Let me go or Division will be revealed to the world in a few hours. And the full force of the US military will be turned on you.” Nikita says, “Nice bluff.” Markov nods to Ryan, “I think he knows it’s not a bluff.”

Markov states that after he signs the deal with the President billions of dollars will be transferred to Uzbekistan and after he takes his share he’ll disappear.

Fletcher, “Get him ready for transport back to the hotel.” Nikita rushes after Fletcher as he leaves the room. As Nikita walks down the corridor with him. Ryan finally explains the situation to Nikita. The President does have a kill order in place. And to make matters worse, part of his deal, with the President, to keep Division alive included the identities and locations of everyone in Division.

The Brearly Hotel. Nikita reluctantly lets Markov go.

Division. Owen and Alex realize she wasn’t the target of the explosion he was. “Who would want you dead?” “In here. Who wouldn’t? I was a reaper, I killed agents and their loved ones.” Owen recognizes a name on the current duty roster.

Nikita, Michael, Birkhoff, and Fletcher are discussing options for Markov. Nikita is prepared to tell everyone and let them go rogue. Ryan asks for her trust. “You have lost the right to ask for my trust!” Nikita storms out of the room. Michael cautions Fletcher to let her go for his own safety.

Alex questions Carl, the agent that was doing repair work, about Owen and if he tried to kill him. Owen enters the room and Carl draws a knife to attack Owen. Nikita enters the room to try talking him down as Alex levels her gun at him. Owen speaks to Carl, “Go ahead. If we really can’t change. Then you’re right. I don’t deserve to live.” He explains that he wants to make up for his sins and goes on to describe the scene that he remembers of Carl’s girlfriend Julia that he was ordered to cancel. Owen apologizes. Carl finally drops the knife. Nikita walks out of the room, appears to have a revelation, and makes her way back to the meeting.

Birkhoff finds another file on Markov’s personal server announcing the death of President Spencer as revenge for Percy’s death. Michael states, “He become president of Uzbekistan just to get into range.” Fletcher picks up the phone to call and warn the President. Birkhoff tells him to stop or they’re all dead if the President goes through with the kill order. Michael is reluctant but has a duty to the President. Fletcher tells Birkhoff to follow Nikita and start running. Nikita returns to the room, “No one’s running. You’re right Birkhoff.” Fletcher still wants to warn the President. Nikita states, “No. We are going to stop Markov. Division is going to save the President’s life without her even knowing her life is in danger because she is wrong about us. We have changed.” Michael replies, “Not that I haven’t seen you do the impossible, but how exactly are we planning to do this?” Same plan as before replace him and fake his death later.

White House. Birkhoff is taped into the White House security. Ryan makes his way through the tunnel with the Cryptograph device (Consequences), using it to get an audience with the President. Michael and Nikita follow him in through the tunnels. Michael puts on his Markov disguise and enters the White House.

Secret Service quickly spots Markov (Michael) in a restricted area and calls Markov into security to verify. They also keep the President in her office. After Markov (Edward) is in the security office, Birkhoff directs Nikita there. However, Edward attacks the agents and leaves the room. “Killer in the White House! Killer in the White House!” announces Birkhoff to the team. Fletcher holds his calm near the President as they discuss the cryptograph. Michael and Nikita restrain and drug Edward. Michael slips into the Markov role explaining his attack as a reaction from PTSD.

In the Oval Office, Fletcher gets the all clear from his team as Secret Service reports to the President that her meeting with Markov is back on schedule. Fletcher excuses himself and helps Nikita pull Edwards limp body through the tunnel.

Division. About 10 days later. Michael and Ryan are watching a news announcement about Alexi Markov’s sudden death and scandal leading up to his election. Birkhoff uses a worm to destory the video files that Edward had distributed.

Alex talks with Owen a little as he’s resting in a medical bay. She questions his tattoo of a butterfly. “I don’t talk about that one. Some memories I like to keep for myself.” He then jokes about his memory and whether or not he even knows. Owen sees Alex’s tattoo of a butterfly on her back as she walks out.

Fletcher meets with Nikita, Birkhoff, Alex, and Michael and states that he is ready to step down if he doesn’t have their support. Nikita replies that it is not about support but trust. They decide to keep the President’s kill order a secret from the rest of Division for now.

Looks like Sean Pierce may be phased out and a possible relationship between Alexandra and Owen. Hopefully Amanda makes a bigger appearance, Percy was such a powerful bad guy and we have been missing that this season.

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