Nikita Season 3 Episode 6 – Sideswipe

Title: The Sideswipe

Air Date: December 7, 2012

Synopsis: Michael and Nikita apprehend an arms dealer and use him as bait to capture Amanda.

An arms dealer is presenting a remote controlled assault gun to prospective clients. Nikita walks in and takes down the clients. The arms dealer, another rogue agent, turns the assault cannon on Nikita with remote in hand. Michael walks in from behind. The dealer turns the gun on Michael however, Birkhoff provided a hack for the gun so now Michael has control of it. After joking about giving them a wedding present, Nikita asks him for Amanda.

Andalusia, Spain. Amanda and Ann have setup their office inside what appears to be a Catholic church. “Nikita thinks she can run Division without selling her soul. She’s wrong. She’s going to have to sacrifice more than she could ever imagine. That is the lesson she needs to learn. And I will teach her.”

An encrypted message pops up on Amanda’s screen, notifying Amanda that Nikita just returned from a mission.

Division. Birkhoff and Sonya try to track the message but are not able to trace either end of it. Birkhoff meets Nikita and Michael as the bring in their prisoner.

Interrogation. Nikita and Michael question him about Amanda’s location. They know he has been supplying her. Clearly arrogant, having enjoyed virtual freedom under Percy to seek out and supply Division with arms, he appears to be cooperative. Stating he mostly deals with Amanda’s boyfriend, Ari Tasarov.

Nikita and Michael discuss their mission plan with the arms dealer Cyrus with Ryan Fletcher. The Sideswipe is a missile jammer that Ari Tasarov wants. General Tariq Rafat, of the Egyptian Army, was supplied a Sideswipe by the U.S. but fled with the device to sell to Cyrus. They quickly see that after Cyrus sells to Ari, Ari will sell it to Russia. However they don’t plan to let it get that far, but need to use Cyrus to make the deal and track Ari to Amanda.

They put a new tracker in Cyrus with a Birkhoff inspired voltage shock to prevent him from running.

Alex is in the gym working out on a heavy bag. Flashing back to talks with Amanda bout her addiction. Alex takes another pill from her bag.

St. Lucia. Nikita is sitting in the open with Cyrus waiting for the General. Alex and Michael are high up with Michael on a sniper rifle. Alex appears on edge and snaps at Michael when he tries to talk to her. While Nikita is talking with Cyrus he asks her to let him vanish after they get Ari’s location. “Because you owe me.” Nikita asks why. Cyrus reveals that tracking arms is what he does best and he knew her location in her loft after she first went rogue. Cyrus gives her some further details to prove he knew where she was and never told anyone. Nikita asks why just as a waiter sets down their drinks along with a note to go upstairs.

Nikita and Cyrus meet with General Rafat and his men. Cyrus turns on the Sideswipe blocking all the local signals, including his tracker, before placing it back in its case and telling Rafat that Nikita is with Interpol. He makes his way out as Nikita is attacked. Michael and Alex join the fight to back up Nikita. Michael has to pull Alex off a guy when she doesn’t stop beating on him. Nikita goes after Cyrus but he gets away after leaving the Rhino handgun on the beach for Nikita to find.

Andalusia, Spain. Cyrus pulls up in a black car and takes the Sideswipe to Ari Tasarov. Amanda gets a message that Nikita returned from the Carribean, suspecting she may have been working with Cyrus. Ari turns off the Sideswipe and Division has his location via Cyrus’s tracker.

Division. Among the frantic suggestions of what to do next Nikita recalls her conversation with Cyrus and his comment about the gun. She retrives it and finds a note tucked into a chamber of the revolver. “Ari Krilov 11-1-1830 U owe me twice!” Nikita states that Ari is heading to Romania. Nikita asks Birkhoff about the status of the mole and he advises they don’t have the person yet but discovered the messages are being sent on a 30 minute delay.

Andalusia, Spain. Before Cyrus can leave Ann subdues him and he finds himself in Amanda’s torture chair with her tools laid out. “I can smell her on you. I selected that perfume for Nikita years ago.” Cyrus tries to explain it away but Amanda starts cutting him, “I think you are protecting her.”

Amanda opens a video call with Division and tries to get Nikita to tell her what Cyrus is holding back. Nikita refuses and ends the call. Nikita tells Fletcher she’s going after Cyrus. He replies, “I won’t stop you but I can’t send a team. And you can’t be in two places at once. Who’s carrying out the mission to Romania and Ari?” “I will.” states Alex “I’m dying to see Ari again.” The two women walk out. Michael tells Ryan he’ll find a way to cover them both.

Birkhoff starts a new trace to find the mole. As he sees his work getting close to tracing the terminal in Division he hits his speed dial for Sonya. She is elsewhere in Division at a computer screen. As he tells her about discovering the delay, the program filters through and shows her ID. However, he doesn’t admit to Sonya that he discovered her and instead states the trace got stopped at the last relay. Sonya asks where the last relay was and wants to meet Birkhoff their to check it out. Birkhoff sits down with a look of hurt and despair.

Amanda and Ann leave Cyrus strapped in the chair as they leave.

Division. In a dark corridor. Sonya goes to the terminal Birkhoff lied to her about. Then confronts her with a gun in hand. Seymour asks her about how long she’s been a mole and questions if that’s why they were together. “Was any of it real? Any of it?” Sonya steps toward him. “Take one more step and I will kill you.” Birkhoff declares with conviction.

“Then do it. I’m dead anyway.” Sonya replies then tells him Amanda reactivated her kill chip 3 weeks ago when Ann abducted her briefly. She explains that there is another mole watching her and she’s been forced to send updates to Amanda every two hours. That she’s barely slept in the three weeks. The explosion in medical was meant as a warning to her. Birkhoff is still struggling with whether to believe her and finally appears to accept her explanation. He puts the gun away and offers to help. Sonya doesn’t want anyone else to know. Birkhoff insists Nikita, Michael, and Alex can be trusted but for now they’ll send some low value intel.

Spain. Michael is just ending a call with someone, perhaps Sean, sending them to Romania when Nikita walks up. She apologizes for pushing too hard on this mission. Michael replies, “Do me a favor. If Amanda is here, push harder. This time. Kill the bitch.”

They enter the dark church and find Cyrus in the basement, still strapped to the chair, with large bomb under his chair. Cyrus tells them, “She’s gone. You really shouldn’t have come for me.” The bomb is on remote. A monitor comes on and Amanda greets Nikita and sees Michael as a pleasant surprise.

Cyrus tells them to leave. Amanda tells Nikita it isn’t a test but a lesson, the first of many. Amanda tells Nikita that her friends in Romania will suffer as well.

Krilov Factory, Romania. Alex and her alpha team move in. Fletcher and Birkhoff are running tactical. Birkhoff nods to Sonya and she sends her message to Amanda that Alex is prepping a mission with Alpha Team Two. Amanda sees it as old news. Alex reports the factory is empty. The Sideswipe is activated and Alex’s team is cutoff from communication as Ari’s men open fire.

Amanda tells Nikita she has 20 seconds. The bomb under Cyrus starts beeping. Nikita refuses to leave, disregarding the urges of Cyrus and Michael to leave. “I get it now. The lesson. The things we care about can hurt us, so the trick is not to care.” Amanda smiles on the video screen. Nikita continues, “Let’s see how well you learn.” She walks over and stands beside Cyrus as Amanda watches, then appears to struggle with the decision. Michael stares in near disbelief as Nikita challenges Amanda to blow the bomb. Amanda deactivates it. Her video cuts out. Nikita and Michael sigh in relief.

Alex’s team is still under fire and taking casualties. Alex gathers her resolve. Grabs a second machine gun off a fallen agent and takes out a few of Ari’s men but runs out of bullets and takes cover. Ari is still watching from above in the factory. Several men near him are shot as he looks around. A men slides down a rope from the ceiling, taking out Ari’s men one after the other. The Sideswipe is hit by a stray bullet. Sean slides the rest of the way to the floor. “Michael said you might need some backup.”

Alex hugs him.

Cyrus questions why Nikita risked her life for him. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I didn’t. Amanda wants to teach me a lesson and she can’t do that if I’m dead. She cares too much. She’s not done with me yet.” They make their way out of the church.

Division. A small bare room except for a small square table. Nikita and Ryan are sitting across from Cyrus. Cyrus is questioning his future. Ryan asks him if he thinks he can still operate his arms business. He replies that he can rebuild it. Ryan passes him a list of people he can no longer do business with. Cyrus begins to say, “It’s like everyone I ever sold… I like a challenge.” Cyrus is reinstated as a Division agent. Ryan shakes his hand before leaving.

Cyrus says, “I knew you were warming up to me.” Nikita replies with a smile, “I knew you’d pick a side.” Then asks, “What’s the real reason you didn’t give me up to Percy?” “You were doing the right thing. Let’s just say that you remind me of someone.” Nikita smiles and accepts his response.

Corridor. Alex runs into Sean and thanks him. Season remains business as usual and walks out.

Nikita tells the group that she knows now that Amanda wants to hurt the things she cares about. “I’m not her target. All of you are.”

Nice episode. Amanda’s character adds a nice touch of evil. It’ll be interesting to see if the Cyrus character returns. Owen was missing but I’m not sure where he could have added to the story, aside from taking Sean’s place. It appears that strained relationship with Alex is going to carry on awhile longer. I’m starting to think Alex’s addiction is likely going to play a part in the season finale. Sonya turning out to be the mole reminds me of some of the plot twists in La Femme Nikita where the back story is just dropped right in and there was never a clue prior to now – but I suppose that’s necessary to be a mostly complete surprise to us as well as Birkhoff.

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