Nikita Season 3 Episode 7 – Intersection

Title: Intersection

Air Date: January 18, 2013

Synopsis: Nikita finds out that Sonya is Amanda’s mole in Division, and there is a second mole watching Sonya. Michael confronts Alex about her drug use and then ends up in an awkward undercover assignment with Alex.

A dark alley at night. Amanda meets with a rogue agent. Nikita is closing in on their position.

Division. Sonya is stressing out over her need to warn Amanda about Nikita or risk Amanda activating her new kill chip. Birkhoff tells her to calm down, “That’s not going to happen. Amanda is going down. And you’re getting free.” But Sonya tells Birkhoff she already warned Amanda.

Birkhoff warns Nikita of the trap just as she is attacked by Anne and gets a nasty cut to the neck and starts to bleed out. Nikita gasps, “Birkhoff, why didn’t you tell me?” Birkhoff is stunned. Amanda is on the big screen in Comm, “Because he didn’t trust you.” Then she activates Sonya’s kill chip and Sonya starts bleeding from the eyes and nose and collapses. Birkhoff goes to her side. Then wakes up at his desk.

End of dream sequence.

Birkhoff pulls up a video feed to check on Sonya and resolves to tell Nikita that Sonya is Amanda’s mole.

Day time. Nikita is walking down a street and apparently gets the sense she is being followed. She takes an alley and waits behind a black van. Nikita lunges at her tail, wrapping a strap from her bag around his neck. “Nerd?!” A gasping Birkhoff retorts, “Are you ever not armed?” Then replies that he had to be sure she wasn’t being followed and tells her about Sonya and the second mole watching Sonya. If Sonya doesn’t report in every two hours Amanda will activate her new kill chip. And Amanda wants her to focus on personal dirt. Nikita realizes that Amanda wants her to suffer. Birkhoff is reluctant but Nikita insists they tell the others and tells Birkhoff to be sure Sonya continues to play along.

Elsewhere. Amanda and Anne receive Sonya’s latest update, Amanda is now Division’s most wanted. Amanda placates Anne’s doubts about Sonya by showing her a website weather report that will update to bad weather if her other mole detects anything out of the ordinary with Sonya. Amanda compares her current situation to what Nikita must have felt like with a single mole, Alex, going up against Division.

At a park. Michael confronts Alex about her drug use. She admits she started taking the experimental pain pills when her shoulder was injured and she wanted to keep helping. She insists she tell Nikita and get clean before she goes back into the field. They’re both called back to Division.

Ryan Fletcher is briefing the team on getting Amanda; for show. He then brings Sonya, Michael, Nikita, and Birkhoff into a secure office where they can talk about Sonya’s situation. Sonya agrees to bait Amanda, if they take out Amanda she can’t activate the kill chip. Sonya sends Amanda a message about Birkhoff developing new weapons tech. But Amanda isn’t interested.

Sonya goes to meet Birkhoff in the garage as he’s talking about new tech on the car, Nikita and Michael walk in arguing. Sonya sets down an ear ring on a desk to capture their argument as she and Birkhoff walk away. Nikita stops abruptly, “Are we done yet?” Sonya forwards the video to Amanda. With the next step to have Michael “drown his sorrows” at the pub.

Ryan and Alex present some information to the agents about Amanda while monitoring their facial reactions and narrow down their possible mole to six people. As they watch the reaction to Sonya leaving the room, they’re narrow it to four. Alex then sabotages a server rack.

Amanda receives the video of the fight. She suspects Michael of hiding something. After looking at some recent surveillance photos of Michael and Alex together in the park she thinks Michael is starting an affair with Alex. Amanda has Anne contact the Watchman for another job. Anne is amazed at how close the Watchman was able to get to take the photos.

Sonya uses a steganography decoder to reveal the photo of Michael and Alex in the park, apparently holding hands (they were holding the bottle of pain pills), that Amanda just posted.

Nikita questions the group on why Amanda would have Sonya watching Michael and Alex, suspecting a real lie at this point. Michael begins to lie about the meeting but Alex comes forward and admits her drug use. Nikita is upset with Alex and Michael tries to calm her down. Birkhoff points out that this is what Amanda wants.

The team realizes Amanda must have the Watchmen working for her to get surveillance that went undetected by all of them. Nikita states, “Amanda thinks something is going on between you two. Let’s give the lady what she wants.”

Division. Michael briefs the team on how the Watchmen was Division’s close surveillance expert. Able to get close and disappear very quickly by changing his appearance on the fly. Only Percy and Amanda knew his name or what he looked like. Cut to a scene of the Watchmen putting some high-tech contact lenses in. After Alex and Michael rendezvous in a night club, the Watchmen will show, and Nikita plans to follow the Watchmen to Amanda. Birkhoff orders the four suspects to do the lengthy repair work on the server rack Alex sabotaged earlier; thus keeping them away from Sonya.

Night club. Alex and Michael begin their awkward date. Michael takes the opportunity to start talking to Alex about her detox program. Nikita insists they need a photo op for the Watchmen and tells Michael, “Be a good little spy and kiss her.” Nikita looks away briefly a bit uncomfortable as her fiance and Alex are kissing. Nikita looks back and sees a shadow step out from the crowd, the Watchmen, taking photos with the contact lenses as he blinks.

Nikita trails him out into the night street. The Watchmen reverses his coat from black to tan as he crosses the street. Nikita calls back to Birkhoff what she is able to observe so he can adjust the computer algorithms to track the Watchmen. He goes down an alley and through a shop, dropping his coat on a rack as he walks back into the night and pulls up the hood on his hoodie. Birkhoff tracks him into a cab. Nikita takes a different cab and Birkhoff directs her to his location.

The Watchmen starts a file upload and Birkhoff tracks it to Amanda’s location in Quebec City.

Nikita apprehends the Watchmen.

I liked this sequence of nearly real time events, felt a bit like 24. It would be nice to have more of this.

Division. Michael and Alex are prepping for the mission. Nikita walks in with the Watchmen’s laptop, reporting that there are more pictures then they realized. The Watchmen got photos of Michael’s proposal and Nikita thought it might be a nice keepsake, after she got past the creep factor. Nikita takes a moment to let Alex know she talk with her about the relapse later. Nikita tells Michael she has a bad feeling as they leave for Quebec City.

Birkhoff goes to Alex and Ryan. He wants to start the deactivation procedure on Sonya’s kill chip now in sub-level 12, Amanda’s old torture room. The mole suspects should be occupied about 4 hours and the deactivation will take 3 hours. Ryan gives the go ahead.

Elevator down to sub-level 12. Birkhoff is nervous about making a mistake. Sonya replies, “I’m about to let you poke at my brain with a needle. Apparently I trust you.” Birkhoff begins the procedure, inserting a probe that makes contact with the chip attached to her upper spine. Now to wait till it can deactivate the chip.

Server room. Baker cuts himself to get an excuse to leave. Alex observes on a monitor and goes to intercept Baker.

Quebec City. Nikita and Michael arrive outside the house but don’t want to breach until the kill chip is deactivated. Anne and Amanda leave the house to a meeting with Ari.

Division. Baker sees Birkhoff with Sonya and is about to send Amanda a message when Alex confronts him. Alex reports to Nikita that the second mole is down but Sonya’s deactivation is only at 72%.

Quebec City. Nikita and Michael are forced to change their plan when Amanda and Anne pull out in a SUV. They follow. Amanda begins to get suspicious when her Division weather page has not been updated. Birkhoff reports deactivation complete on Sonya’s kill chip.

Nikita accelerates after Amanda. Michael fires out the passenger window but doesn’t do any good. Anne gets evasive. Amanda realizes it is Nikita and tries to kill Sonya but finds the kill chip is offline. “Grr. Birkhoff!” Anne drops a grenade out the window against Amanda’s orders. Nikita and Michael’s car flips through the air with the explosion and rolls repeatedly before grinding to a stop upside down. Anne stops her SUV and gets out as Amanda orders her not to kill Nikita. Nikita crawls from the wreckage as the car begins to burn. Michael’s arm is stuck and she can’t free it.

Anne opens fire. When she runs out of bullets she pulls a knife and engages with Nikita. Michael continues trying to free himself of the burning car but his hand is stuck. Nikita turns the knife on Anne, killing her. Amanda watches on with a worried expression. Nikita turns back to helping Michael. The flames are getting bigger on the car. Michael growls, “I love you. Just go!” Nikita replies, “I love you too.” with a look of despair. Then Michael watches Nikita pick up the knife. She looks down at his right wrist and then swings the knife down. Michael screams. He is free of the car. Nikita wraps her scarf around his wrist and they stumble away as the car explodes knocking them to the ground.

Well I wasn’t expecting Nikita’s bad feeling to turn into Michael losing his hand. Though this type of cutting a limb off to escape seems to be more common in this genre. Arvin Sloane had a finger cut off on Alias, though it was later reattached. Chase Edmunds had his arm cut off by Jack Bauer in 24; I can’t recall if it was reattached or not. So it looks like lots of turmoil with Alex’s drug detox, Nikita upset with her relapse, Michael struggling with no right hand and whatever happens with their relationship. Maybe Sonya and Birkhoff will add some happier moments.

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