Nikita Season 3 Episode 8 – Aftermath

Title: Aftermath

Air Date: January 25, 2013

Synopsis: Owen and Nikita deal with a rogue cleaner. Michael and Nikita struggle with their relationship.

Three weeks later. Birkhoff is making some adjustments to Michael’s new robotic hand that is supposed to be controlled by his brain. However, it will take time for the hand and his brain to completely communicate so he is not able to make a fist yet. Birkhoff makes a joke about the Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin but it is lost on Michael and Nikita. Then Michael clutches his wrist in response to phantom pain.

Nikita is concerned that Michael has never talked to her about what happened. Michael replies that bad things happen in war. Apparently Michael has been staying in Division the past three weeks and she misses him at home.

Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Authorities are chasing drug runners that take refuge in a hacienda. They call their boss Garza on a sat phone to say they are pinned down. He is not pleased they led the Federales back to the hacienda. Garza tells them to stay put, he’ll send help.

Division. Sonya alerts Ryan to the cartel in Mexico they were monitoring. Sonya monitors the call as Garza calls a mystery man stating that his crew is pinned down and they have the keys to the kingdom. “Go do what you do.” The mystery man is arrogant and tells him to have his crew demand a pizza in two hours forty-five minutes. Sonya identifies the mystery man as a rogue Division cleaner, Liam.

Ryan is briefing Nikita and Owen when Michael walks in. Now wearing a black leather glove over his robotic hand. Michael asks if he can help and Nikita wants him on the mission for support while they go after Liam.

Birkhoff is showing Alex some meditation techniques to help lower her blood pressure which is high after relapse with the pain medication. She is sidelined until she gets it under control.

Nikita and Owen are gearing up for the mission. Nikita voices her concern about Michael holding too much pain inside.

Michael is at the firing range trying to come to terms with firing his gun left handed.

Given all Michael’s training you would think he would have practiced more left handed shooting. LFN’s Roy Dupuis was shooting with both hands quite frequently.

Mexico. Liam arrives as the pizza delivery guy. He talks the police into letting him take the pizza in himself stating he wants to get back at the cartel. When he walks up to the door he tells the crew to take him hostage as the police have a sniper waiting. They follow his instructions. Liam puls his tools from the pizza bag and efficiently kills the three drug runners.

Liam retrieves Garza’s laptop. Then sets about his cleaning tasks of dissolving the bodies in the bathtub. He picks up a watch and other metal left over from the first bottle, apparently souvenirs of his work.

Nikita, Michael, and Owen arrive and present themselves as DEA. They find out that Liam has already entered the scene.

Liam calls the Federales still pretending to be a hostage and realizes the DEA is most likely Division.

Michael repositions the local authorities further away allowing Nikita and Owen to make an approach while he remains in the van as support. Nikita tries to include Michael in their planning but he easily sees through her ploy and tells her to proceed as she sees fit. Liam cuts in on their communication channel, so he knows exactly what they were planning.

Nikita engages Liam, stabbing him in the stomach with his knife. Owen spots the loosened gas line and detonator just in time to warn Nikita and they make it out of the blast. Liam escapes past Michael who tries to fire with his right hand then switches to the left and fires several times but is not able to hit Liam.

Division. Ryan wants a debrief on how Liam got away. Michael more-less throws Owen and Nikita under the bus leaving out his inability to acquire the target. Michael insists he never saw Liam. Michael has Birkhoff hacking the DEA to find Garza’s laptop that was most likely taken into evidence and Liam will want to tie up the loose end.

Elsewhere. Liam sets the watch and what looks like a gold crown into a drawer with many other watches and rings, apparently from other people he cleaned. Then he cleans up the stab wound Nikita left him with. Garza calls. Liam is not happy and lets Garza know his line must’ve been tapped. Liam insists he’ll clean up the mess at no charge after asking Garza to meet him with security details on the DEA office.

Alex is pummeling a heavy bag when Ryan walks up, “I think you killed it.” Ryan is looking for insight in how Michael and Nikita are handling things. Alex tells him that Michael knows how to follow rules, bench him if you need to bench him.

Michael goes to see Birkhoff, he wants something better for his hand. Birkhoff admits that Division’s high tech gadgets came from outside Division through Percy’s contacts that they no longer have access to. Michael walks away to the firing range again. Nikita notices Michael is trying out a different gun more suited to his left hand. His shots are still all over the target while Nikita shoots a tight pattern. She confronts him on what happened on the mission. Michael understands she made the right call when she cut his hand off to get him free of the explosion but doesn’t want her help or pity. “It’s my problem to solve. Why can’t you understand that?” Nikita reminds him that he said they would handle the future together. “Not this.” Michael walks out of the firing range. Owen overheard them.

Michael is in the garage again trying to get more control of the robotic hand. Owen walks in. “She saved your life. And that’s the way you talk to her?” Michael warns him he’s out of line. “You should be on your knees. It’s a good thing she was in that car with you cause she’s the only person I know that could have done what she did.” Owen lets Michael know that Nikita is hurting. But Michael continues to tell Owen to back off. Michael takes a swing at Owen but still can’t make a fist.

Outside the Federal Building in Houston office at night. Liam meets with Garza. He kills Garza and his driver.

Division. Ryan briefs the team on Birkhoff discovering the laptop at the Federal Building in Houston. They plan to intercept Liam. Michael states he will stay and monitor from Ops. Michael watches Owen and Nikita walk away together and is clearly angry.

Owen and Nikita arrive at the Federal Building. Sonya spots on the security feed entering the building. Owen and Nikita begin their approach from opposite sides. Liam disables the security videos. Birkhoff’s team is mostly blind. Michael steps up, “We don’t need the security video.” He has Birkhoff overlay door sensors on a floor plan to see where everyone is moving. Michael puts on a com and starts talking Owen and Nikita through the mission. Liam spots Owen and makes it to the elevator leaving Owen behind. Owen starts up the west side stairs. Nikita makes it to the evidence lock up and Birkhoff opens the door. Liam’s ready for her but she knocks his knife away and starts strangling him but he gets free. Nikita insists they lock the door to keep Liam in, Michael is reluctant but agrees. Sonya finally gets the video feed back. Liam threatens her and wants the door opened. “It’s just a wooden door. Why don’t you kick it down.” Owen is still too far away. Nikita has to buy time talking to Liam about what’s happening between her and Michael. Liam says, “You should find a new fiance, he’s a terrible shot.” “He’s only missed because I cut off his hand.” “Excuse me? Oh, that’s why he was in the van. I completely missed that.”

Owen arrives outside the evidence room. Michael talks Nikita into maneuvering Liam and herself and tells Owen to take the shot through the door. Liam is dead. Ryan and the group applaud Michael’s choreography. Michael struggles with some mixed emotions of happiness and helplessness.

Ryan debriefs Owen, with some help from Birkhoff creating a back story, the cartel and Liam were explained away to the authorities. Ryan asks Owen to stay while Michael is recovering.

Nikita is training when Alex walks in and asks her about Michael but Nikita dodges the question asking Alex about her blood pressure. Alex admits she doesn’t know why she started using again, she keeps hitting walls. Nikita advises her to look deep for a reason. Alex replies, “I know. It’s the only way to get rid of it.” “I want you to know you are not alone.” “Does Michael know that?” Alex tells Nikita to tell him again.

Nikita finds Michael trying to button his shirt with the robotic hand. She offers to help but Michael pulls away. Michael is not ready to go home yet. Nikita insists she wants to help but Michael still wants to do it alone. “You have helped enough!” Nikita walks out and Michael has a look of regret after saying it. Michael makes a fist with his robot hand for the first time. Then he smashes the nearby lockers repeatedly as Nikita listens outside.

So apparently Owen is going to be Nikita’s new partner, at least for now, and that will likely stir up some love triangle tension. Michael may take on a role similar to the LFN Michael running tactical for Nikita. From the brief talk between Michael and Birkhoff there is the future possibility of a better hand replacement for Michael, or for that matter perhaps they can grow a new organic hand. Though I like the idea of keeping it cybernetic with stronger than human abilities.

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