Nikita Season 3 Episode 9 – Survival Instincts

Title: Survival Instincts

Air Date: February 1, 2013

Synopsis: A rogue agent kidnaps his ex-wife. Owen goes into the field with Nikita. Sean Pierce makes an appearance.

An art gallery. Nikita and Owen are undercover. Owen is clumsy in distracting his mark while Nikita sneaks into her office. Michael is trying to talk Owen through the op while growing more frustrated. Nikita and Owen manage to salvage the mission, securing a flash drive, and make it back to Division. Michael starts lecturing Owen on his trade-craft. Nikita keeps them from coming to blows.

Sean Pierce, gone for over a month, stops by medical to see how Michael is coping with the robotic hand. Alex has an uncomfortable moment with Sean.

Birkhoff briefs the team on the flash drive leading them to another rogue agent, Ray who is a survival expert.

East Landsdowne, PA. A couple arrives at their home at night. The woman is sure she saw her ex-husband watching her even though he was reported dead. Ray is waiting in their living room. “Hi Kate.” Ray shoots Jason several times in the chest and kidnaps Kate.

Nikita and Owen arrive in town the next morning impersonating FBI agents. Birkhoff reports that Jason, an off duty state trooper, was still wearing his vest and survived.

Incidentally, if you look at Kate’s PA driver license when Birkhoff pulls it up on screen. The medical restrictions code is incorrect. Clearly she is wearing glasses so that second asterisk should be a 1. The exact design looks altered as well, for instance using a 10 digit number instead of 9 (but I suppose that was deliberate) but I don’t have a license issued in 2011 to be sure. Sometimes it’s the details that jump out at me.

Michael is concerned if the story is not controlled it could lead to questions that lead to Division. And the President has already stated that if Division leaks out she will sweep it away.

Nikita and Owen are looking around the living room when Jason arrives. He accepts their story of being FBI and they play down the idea that Ray is still alive. They have been pursuing a suspect through multiple states. They ask Jason to stay on as their liaison to the state police.

Ray is driving with Kate while trying to explain his past. She wants out of the car but he keeps insisting he did everything for her. He stops at a storage locker to pick up some supplies. Kate gets to a vending machine and swipes her credit card when Ray isn’t looking.

Division. Sean finds Alex in the gym. Alex is still upset with Sean for giving her the ultimatum.

Birkhoff flags the ATM purchase at a storage facility in western Pennsylvania. Michael alerts Nikita and Owen that Ray is near Brookville, PA. Nikita decides to use the state police to close the roads as they are too far away. They find Ray’s SUV empty. Michael realizes Ray was at his destination, Allegheny National Forest.

Division. Birkhoff reports the tree canopy is too heavy for satellite imagery and thermal won’t help with all the bears. (Of course this appears to be fall and their would be a fair number of hikers and tourists in this area as well.) They did get some pings of a cell tower at the edge of the forest so Michael sends Nikita and Owen there. Owen gets another little lecture from Michael.

Alex talks to Michael trying to get on the mission but she is still benched. Sean is on team two. He tells Alex, “I’m joining the fight. Sit and watch.”

Nikita follows Michael down a corridor questioning why he’s being so tough on Owen. Michael reveals that he wants Owen to be ready to be her new partner as he is not returning to the field. Michael leaves Nikita standing there in the corridor.

Nikita goes to Birkhoff asking if there is something better for Michael’s hand. Birkhoff replies that there isn’t anything better, and he already gave the same answer to Michael. Then Birkhoff turns back to a search on his computer.

Allegheny National Forest at night. Ray leads Kate into a bunker he built and supplied. He warns her he has traps outside so not to wander around until he shows her where they are. Then he uses some chloroform to knock her out.

Nikita and Sean’s teams both begin combing the forest. Sean finds the first trap and warns the others. Ray realizes Division is in the search. Ray takes down a trooper from behind then uses his radio to call in a report on fake FBI agents. Jason questions Nikita and Owen on what field office they are out of and tries to get them to go back to HQ. One trooper goes for his gun and Owen goes on the offensive, knocking several troopers to the ground. Nikita and Owen get away from the state police. Michael is not happy with Owen’s decision but Nikita stands by it. Michael orders them back to Division. Owen tells Nikita, “If he doesn’t get off my case I’m going to take his other hand.” Nikita calms Owen down revealing while Michael is being so hard on him. Nikita shares her concern that maybe Michael isn’t just leaving behind his life as an agent.

Division. Alex has the idea to compare older satellite imagery to the current. They find a small clearing that disappeared on the current imagery and realize it must be Ray’s camouflaged base. Michael calls Nikita to have them join up with Sean. Nikita replies that they are almost there. Michael is not thrilled that they disregarded orders but Owen states that he changed the call.

The Forest. Nikita introduces Sean and Owen. Sean replies, “You know from what I heard I thought you’d be bigger.” “Really. I didn’t know what you’d look like cause nobody ever talks about you.”

Jensen goes down from crossbow trap. Ray strangles another agent. Michael advises Nikita they are under attack. A third agent steps on a trip wire and Sean is thrown against a tree from the explosion. Owen gets shot by Ray. Nikita picks up a sub machine gun and fires back chasing Ray off.

Nikita sees that his body armor protected Owen. She leaves Owen with the injured Sean. Owen is reluctant but Nikita tells him, “If you want to have my back. Watch out for the people I care about.”

After entering the bunker, Nikita finds Kate unconscious and revives her. Ray attacks Nikita. Kate hits him in the back with a shovel. When he turns on Kate, Nikita shoots him. Then Nikita calms Kate and gets Kate to cooperate in keeping Ray a secret so she can move on with her life.

Kate reunites with Jason outside the bunker. She tells him that the man wasn’t Ray and that he left and didn’t come back yet.

Division. They are watching a news report on Kate’s abduction and safe return. Owen replies to Michael that he left enough of a story behind so that folks don’t ask questions. Michael thanks him for being there for Nikita. Owen replies that he will always protect Nikita.

Alex finds Sean in medical. Alex explains that she is not like most people and to not expect that from her; with all that she has been through. Sean kisses her then the go to a private room.

Nikita meets Michael in the gym where he’s working with the robotic hand. She challenges him and when he’s reluctant, reminds him of once saying he could beat her with one hand behind his back. “Nice try.” Nikita replies, “I don’t need you as my partner in the field. I want you as my partner in life.” They begin to spar and Michael lands on top of her. They kiss. Then Michael walks away emotional.

Birkhoff walks in and tells Nikita that there is something better for Michael’s hand but it could open the door to something worse. “There might be a very real way for Michael to get his hand back.”

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  1. Hi there
    Thx alot
    But there is one thing about this episode:
    It was an awful episode I’ve ever seen!!!!
    what happend to Ryan, I didn’t get it!
    Ridicules story line, nonsense dialogue, and so on…
    My vote: 5/10
    What do you think ?