Amanda’s Backstory and Upcoming Events in Season 3

From Season 4 Chances and Amanda’s Backstory an interview with Craig Silverstein.

Nothing’s definite on Season 4 yet.

More of Amanda’s backstory is planned for the rest of Season 3. “She sees a lot of Nikita in herself and wants to prove that Nikita is exactly like her … if she can prove that, then she doesn’t have to face all the things that she’s done. If Nikita can prove that you can change, that’s not good for Amanda.”

Michael is still researching Heidecker’s organization to improve his robotic hand. Episode 16 will reveal more but it sounds like their will be repercussions. “I will say that there are no miracles. If you see something that looks like a miracle, you shouldn’t trust it.” Could this mean a possible clone or imposter of Michael may appear with an all new hand?

Episode 15 will see the President weigh in on Division.

Sounds like Season 3 is going to end in a cliffhanger.

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  1. I hope this season wasn’t the last season of Nikita…