Nikita Season 3 Episode 13 – Reunion

Title: Reunion

Air Date: March 8, 2013

Synopsis: Nikita and Alex try to thwart Amanda’s plan to kidnap Ari’s son. Owen crosses a line with Michael.

Flashback to highlights of Ari and Amanda’s breakup and Amanda putting a target on Ari’s son Stefan.

Division. Nikita is interrogating Ari on any information he has on Amanda while he insists she protect his son. Nikita asks what changed Amanda. “Moscow. You had a gun pointed at her. And you didn’t shoot. You let her live, and she found that self-righteous display of mercy to be humiliating. An insult she will never forgive you for. What I want to know, is do you forgive yourself? If you had killed her, a lot of people would still be alive today.”

Outside the interrogation room Michael and Owen are watching. Michael explains that after Amanda decrypted Percy’s black box they re-encrypted it with two keys, Amanda’s and Ari’s so Amanda needs Ari back to decrypt the box.

Markridge American School. Leysin, Switzerland. Amanda’s men are watching students exit the building. Stefan Tasarov exits through the rear of the building to his protector’s waiting car. He jokes about telling a girl about who he really is in a stereotypical teenage rebellious attitude. Stefan knows a little about his father Ari but not much.

Amanda’s men spot them and they head toward Stefan’s position. Krieg gets Stefan into the car just as two mean approach from behind. Krieg efficiently kills them and races away in the car. He spins his car in reverse and shoots at Amanda as he passes in the opposite direction but her windows are bullet resistant so he quickly aims and takes out a tire and eludes Amanda’s team.

Division. Birkhoff is briefing the team on Stefan’s situation. Nikita questions Ari about Krieg. Ari states he is loyal and one of the best, ex-German counter intelligence. Ari states he has no way to contact Krieg, it was a safety precaution encase he was captured, but Krieg can contact him. Michael questions how Amanda found Stefan.

Switzerland. Krieg stops in a wooded area and lifts a storm drain cover to retrieve some equipment. Krieg asks Stefan for his gaming device. Stefan admits to going online with it. Krieg realizes that’s how Amanda found them and lectures the kid on proper security. Stefan is upset that Krieg has been lying to him and never told him how dangerous it could be. They get back in the car to leave.

Division. Ari lets Nikita know that Krieg has no way of knowing that Division will be coming to help and will kill anyone that comes his way.

Geneva, Switzerland. Alex and Nikita set up there staging area (a satellite indoors with no view of the sky?). Nikita tells Alex about what Ari told her of Amanda changing. Nikita says, “I wanted that. I was praying for it… I thought maybe there was a real Amanda deep down, that would come out if I showed her mercy.” Alex replies, “Maybe you did. Maybe the real Amanda is worse.”

Outside on the street. Night. Krieg sees that Ari’s accounts are empty and tries to explain that the school, housing, and protection all cost money. Stefan says, “My protection? As in you don’t work for free.” Stefan is hurt and scared and tells Krieg he can take care of himself. Krieg has a caring look in his eyes and drives away with Stefan.

Division. Michael is practicing at the firing range with his robotic hand. His shots are all in a tight pattern but the hand keeps trying to squeeze the trigger after the gun is empty. “A mind of your own.” Owen is angered by Michael not sending him with Nikita and Alex. Michael insists he’s too close to it considering Amanda stole his memory. And he would have sent Sean but he’s with Ryan overseas trying to sure up funding for Division. Michael tells Owen he’ll try to schedule some time for him to talk to Ari after the mission.

Geneva. Alex starts calling hotels in French and Nikita in German trying to track Krieg and Stefan using a variety of stories and they finally get a hit.

Owen disregards Michael’s orders and goes to see Ari, disabling the surveillance cameras and locking the door. Ari Tasarov insists he has no idea about Owen’s past but Owen doesn’t believe him and decides to beat it out of him. Ari can see Owen won’t take no for an answer so starts telling him what he knows of Owen when he was a soldier.

Nikita and Alex arrive at the hotel. But the room is empty, it is a decoy. Krieg confronts them and they try to explain they are working with Ari. Stefan steps out of the room distracting Krieg and Nikita knocks him off the balcony onto a car a floor below. The take Stefan before Krieg can recover.

Amanda and her team arrive at the hotel after the police and they know Nikita and Alex have Stefan. Amanda states, “We need to find their staging area.”

Nikita and Alex are creating new papers for Stefan with some help from Birkhoff. (The shot on the back of Nikita’s camera has Stefan standing too close to a corner of the blue wall, putting a white curtain right next to his shoulder, Nikita should know to take a better shot than that for a passport photo. Solid background would simplify the process, though I suppose with the Division version of Photoshop it doesn’t matter.) Stefan is concerned about Krieg but Nikita reveals he’s ex-German special forces and can take of himself. “I guess you know more about him than I do.” Stefan thinks they are taking him to Ari and is not thrilled about it. Alex starts to tell him that she can relate to how he feels running away from the name Tasarov. “Why because you are Udinov?” Stefan gives up asking questions.

Division. Michael asks Birkhoff to patch him through to interrogation but there is no answer. Michael realizes Owen must be the cause. Birkhoff starts the exfiltration while Michael goes to interrogation.

Amanda calls the police to report a smuggling ring in the warehouse district near the airport with a correct assumption that Division’s staging area is there.

Division. A computer analyst alerts Birkhoff to the Geneva police alert and Birkhoff explains that he just needs to clear the site in advance of the police.

“With Division, always follow the trail of extreme competence.” Amanda states as she watches the police map and sees a zone being cleared ahead of the pattern the Geneva police are following; and she has Stefan’s location.

Interrogation. Ari has just finished telling Owen about his past and Owen wants more details. Owen pins Ari against the wall so Ari begins to tell him details of how he was part of a special operations team. Michael starts pounding on the door. Ari continues to tell the story alluding to a discovery of alien technology. Michael gets into the room, “Owen, let him go.” “Wait, he’s telling the truth.” Ari replies, “No I’m not. Could you come and take him now please?” Looking back at Owen, “I told you the truth the first time, I don’t know who you were. You wouldn’t listen so I had to tell that story to buy time.” Owen is angry and starts beating on Ari. Michael knocks Owen to the ground with his robotic hand but not before Ari is knocked out. “By the way, I learned how to make that fist.”

Nikita, Alex, and Stefan are preparing to leave when Amanda’s team arrives and opens fire. Stefan runs from the warehouse and Nikita sends Alex after him while she stays to hold off Amanda’s men.

Outside the warehouse. Krieg arrives and takes out one of Amanda’s men then pulls out his phone to show he has a tracker on Stefan.

Inside the warehouse. Two men grab Stefan Tasarov. Alex sees the men driving away with Stefan. Nikita orders Alex to follow them. Krieg finds Stefan’s tracker inside his jacket that was left behind. Nikita and Amanda both run out of ammo and engage in hand to hand combat. Nikita knocks out Amanda but moments later Krieg knocks her out with a baton.

Alex is on the road but lost Stefan and can’t reach Nikita.

Nikita awakes to find herself tied to a chair beside Amanda. “Hi. This is an interesting reunion.” says Amanda. Nikita tries to explain to Krieg that she is working with Ari Tasarov. Amanda insists Nikita is lying and that she is the one trying to protect Stefan. Krieg sees through Amanda’s lies and doesn’t really care he just wants the boy back and is prepared to torture them both. Krieg finally agrees to allow Nikita a call but it can only be 90 seconds. Unfortunately, Michael is not able to get Ari on the phone in time as he’s still unconscious from his fight with Owen. Michael is livid, he walks across the hall to Owen’s room and declares, “If anything happens to Nikita. I’m going to kill you.”

Outside. Alex finds Nikita’s tracker taped to a cellphone. She dials and gets Krieg. Alex tells Krieg she has Stefan and tries to bargain for Nikita. Krieg heads out the door. Nikita says, “If she’s lying. She’s lying to help me.” “If she’s lying, she dies.”

With Krieg gone, Nikita starts planning an escape. She comes up with a way to start a fire and needs Amanda’s help to do it. Amanda helps by cutting Nikita’s hand to allow her blood to drip on some exposed wires. Then reveals to Amanda her only plan was to start the fire and hope someone sees it before they burn alive.

Division. Michael gives the current situation to Ari and Ari is able to identify one of Amanda’s mercenaries and Birkhoff is able to track his phone. Alex is on the move. Krieg follows her.

The flames are spreading around Nikita and Amanda. “So this is how it ends. Just like it began.” says Amanda. Nikita is confused. Apparently Amanda is referring to her own past. (Is it just me, or did they end up on opposite sides of each other?) Nikita asks, “Who made you? How did it begin?” “Oh, I’m so much worse than all you bitches put together…you think you are the only one with daddy issues?” The room is nearly engulfed in flames as they hear sirens approaching and a couple firemen pull them out to safety.

Outside the warehouse. Amanda asks to be taken to the police station to give her statement. Nikita steals an ambulance and goes after Alex.

Elsewhere, Stefan is tied up with Amanda’s men guarding him. Amanda calls to tell them to pack up. Alex arrives followed by Krieg. They both hold each other at gunpoint. Alex gets a call from Michael and Nikita with an update and Michael suggests getting Ari on the line with Krieg. Alex tells him to call Krieg’s number. Ari explains how Division is helping and Krieg confirms Ari is not under duress with some voice analysis. Meanwhile they are still staring down the barrel of each other’s gun. Finally, Krieg lowers his gun. “Enough nonsense. Let’s get the boy back. Yes?”

Krieg and Alex make short work of the two remaining guards and release Stefan. Krieg hugs him unexpectedly. As they are leaving the building several more mercenaries approach and Krieg is hit. Alex stays to hold off the men allowing the injured Krieg and Stefan to escape through a maintenance tunnel to meet Nikita. Alex already called the police, a lesson learned from Nikita. The police soon arrive and arrest Alex and the mercenaries. Krieg and Stefan make it safely to the ambulance Nikita’s driving.

Inside the ambulance. Nikita is patching up Krieg. Stefan says, “You took a bullet for me.” “That’s my job remember.” “Yeah, it’s a terrible job.” “Beats retirement.” replies Krieg with a slight smile. Krieg and Nikita laugh about the earlier confusion. Nikita tells Stefan that his father will be going to prison for a long time. Krieg states, “Now that Stefan has new papers. I have some ideas on where to go. But I think it is time for Stefan to decide what happens. It is, after all, his life.” Nikita steps away allowing Stefan and Krieg to talk and Stefan is surprised to see Krieg has a sense of humor. Krieg explains that there would be some ground rules regarding security if they stay together. In the front of the ambulance Nikita has her phone open to a phone sitting beside Ari back at Division. Michael offers to let Ari say goodbye. Ari simply disconnects the call after hearing Stefan agree to trust Krieg with the security. “Thank you for saving my son.” A couple men lead Ari from the room.

Michael visits Owen, who’s locked in a glass cell, to let him know he’s off active duty till further notice. Owen asks about Nikita and Michael confirms she’s okay. Michael leaves Owen standing there.

Geneva. Nikita drives as Krieg looks back at a sleeping Stefan. Nikita tells Krieg she understands how protecting someone out of a sense of duty can turn into more. Birkhoff tells Nikita that he’s working on the extradition orders for Alex now.

Alex is riding in a police car when another police care pulls them over and the driver steps out. Alex smiles expecting Division. But when she hears a gunshot she turns to see Amanda approaching. Alex has a look of terror in her eyes. Amanda steps into the driver seat, “Looks like I’m not leaving Geneva empty handed after all. Let’s see how well she taught you.”

Well, I wanted to see more of Amanda. Looks like she’s probably going to play into the season finale. Poor Alex about to be tortured by Amanda, I think she’s been the most tortured in the series.

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  1. Hi there, thx for your synopsis…
    It was one of the best episodes in season 3 I’ve ever seen.
    My vote 10/10.