Nikita Season 3 Episode 15 – Inevitability

Title: Inevitability

Air Date: March 29, 2013

Synopsis: Danforth wants Division to take an assassination mission. Nikita agrees to do it but Alex has other plans and enlists Birkhoff to help her. The President rethinks her position on Division.

Paris. The President of Chad is meeting with a man in a dark alley. The CIA agent gives him a computer drive worth billions. The President of Chad reassures the mole that everything will be alright, then shoots him in the head.

Division. Ryan Fletcher is briefing the team on the President of Chad, Pierre Batoula. His CIA handler John Little was found dead and Batoula is Division’s first official target for the government. Michael reveals that Batoula now has a list of every covert American operative working overseas in the oil industry and plans to sell it to the Russians at a reception tomorrow night in Paris. Fletcher wants to take Batoula out at the party before he meets with the Russians.

Alex states, “You’re talking about another assassination. Something we keep saying Division doesn’t do anymore.” Nikita replies that the list changes things. Alex is not happy, “So go do your magic trick for the President. You don’t need me.”

After Alex walks out Ryan asks, “What now? Our resident Russian oil heiress was supposed to be the way in.”

“Division managed long before there was an Alexandra Udinov. Get me a way in. I’ll deal with Batoula myself.” replies Nikita.

Intentional or not, Alex was the only one in the room wearing bright blue pants and blouse while the rest were in black. Perhaps symbolic of her differing ideas.

Nikita is talking with Birkhoff as the walk down a corridor. Nikita is justifying herself as Batoula is corrupt and a murderer. Birkhoff replies, “Sounds like half the people in the President’s speed dial.” Nikita tells him that Michael can run the op without him. Alex continues to question how Nikita is okay with the mission. Nikita says, “If it is the life of one really bad guy versus 300, guess who loses?” Nikita reminds here that they were supposed to be cleaning Division up. Alex is still upset about the government calling the shots and walks away. (A little goof on cutting the shots together of Alex walking away.) Birkhoff was standing around the corner and has a concerned look on his face.

An SUV on a rainy street at night. Ryan calls from Division to report to Danforth that the mission is a go. Danforth replies that he has called off the CIA to give Division room to work and Nikita is cleared for the reception. As Danforth discusses the op we see that Amanda has bugged Danforth’s car and is listening in. Amanda wonders to herself why Alex isn’t going. Ryan explains that they decided Alex was too high profile and they wanted to be more subtle. (Those Search Blazer results on Amanda’s laptop looked a lot like Google.) Amanda calls in her own operative.

Division. Motor-pool. Michael is prepping Owen, Sean, and Nikita to make Batoula’s death look like a heart attack and give them time to find the computer drive. Michael plans to run the op from Ryan’s office. Nikita explains that no one else knows about the files from Danforth and the pending kill order from the President and they want to keep it that way. Michael is concerned that the rest of the Division agents would run if they found out about the President’s contingency plan. Sean agrees. Nikita notices Owen is quiet. He replies, “I don’t know. But if you’re going, I’ll be there to watch your back. I just never thought I’d be getting a kill order from you.” Owen walks out. Sean talks to Michael about how Alex is acting different. Michael figures it is just the time she was held prisoner by Amanda.

Amanda, apparently in Russia, is in a lavishly furnished office with antique style furniture. She’s having tea with Zoe, another rogue operative, and explaining the plan to kill Batoula and take the drive before Division gets it.

This was the second time this episode that Nikita and Michael state that there are 300 agents at Division. It sure doesn’t look like that many.

Sonya questions Birkhoff about what is going on in all the secret meetings. Then asks why he has Percy’s black box on his desk. Birkhoff insists nothing is going on. Alex walks in. Sonya then asks, “Since Seymour won’t talk maybe you can?” Birkhoff and Alex share a troubled look. “I know you are all hiding something. You and your super friends are either locked behind closed doors or pretending not to fight in the briefing room. Yes, we’ve noticed.” Birkhoff replies, “Sometimes people think they want the truth. Then they get it. And they wished they didn’t know.” Alex is about to tell Sonya the truth but Birkhoff insists everyone is overreacting and defuses the tension.

After Sonya leaves Birkhoff shows Alex that he has started looking for proof in Evan Danforth’s past that he is not trustworthy. Alex wants something current. She wants to search his apartment and tail him to see what he is up to now and enlists Birkhoff to help her.

Paris. Nikita makes her way into the reception with an expensive bottle of wine as a gift for Batoula. Of course the wine has to be inspected so Owen is in place as a waiter. Sean is nearby at an ambulance with an unsuspecting and annoying EMT. Nikita is seated with President Batoula, posing as a journalist. They are talking when the head of security delivers the bottle of wine. Batoula asks for a waiter. Owen opens the wine and injects the toxin in the process via the cork screw. Batoula takes a drink as Nikita pauses to grab her notebook to write down a quote from Batoula.

Washington D.C. Alex and Birkhoff break into Danforth’s house. When Birkhoff is impressed with the sophisticated alarm code Alex tells him he doesn’t get out much. “That’s what I keep saying.” Birkhoff copies his computer hard drive.

Paris at the reception. Nikita is still talking to Batoula. Michael reminds the others that the toxin will take about 15 minutes. Batoula’s security alerts him that another guest has arrived. Ryan verifies that the real Russian buyer is still held up in immigration. Batoula goes to meet the other guest. Nikita identifies her as a rogue Division operative Zoe. Nikita observes her take the hard drive from Batoula and then Zoe shoots him point blank.

Nikita chases Zoe. Michael orders Owen and Sean to converge. Sean knocks out the EMT partner before driving to meet the team. Nikita catches up to Zoe in the kitchen but security breaks up the fight. As the two are standing there, Zoe confirms that Amanda sent her. Then Zoe surprises the security officers and shoots the three men as Nikita has to use one of their bodies as a shield. Owen and Sean both arrive moments later but Zoe is gone.

White House. The President shows a sketch of Nikita to Danforth, “Did you know Division was in Paris last night?” Danforth denies knowing. The President wants to speak to Fletcher but Danforth insists that she keep distance from from Ryan for plausible deniability. The President asks, “Your recommendation?” Danforth recommends containment, insisting that Division was created outside the rules and will never be able to follow them. “I didn’t want it to come to this.” She takes a moment to reflect and then states, “Commander Danforth, it’s time to put our affairs in order.”

Zoe reports back to Amanda who is surprised to know Sean Pierce was on a mission without Alex. After copying the list, Amanda hands it back to Zoe as payment. Zoe is not thrilled at first as she’s burned as a covert operative and wanted cash. However she agrees with Amanda’s idea to sell it to the Russians.

Division. Nikita walks in to Operations. “Tell me you have a lead on that bitch.” Michael walks up, “Which one? There’s no sign of Zoe or Amanda.” Nikita starts barking out orders to Birkhoff then turns to realize he isn’t there.

Alex and Birkhoff are sitting in a car on a snow covered road in the woods. They tracked Danforth to the location. Alex gets a message from Nikita asking where they are. Alex replies that they are shopping and already spoofed their cellphone locations. Birkhoff looks at the message on his phone from Nikita. “Pay for your damned tee shirts and get back here ASAP.” Alex has no intention of going back yet. Birkhoff questions what happened to her that started the new attitude. “Birkhoff, you ever think maybe we’re not changing Division. Maybe it’s change us?” “Every day. Say what you will about Percy. At least the guy was actively evil. He mad a decision to cross the line. We keep letting ourselves get pushed over it.” Alex insists that’s why they can’t go back yet. Birkhoff follows her to Danforth’s cell location that still hasn’t moved.

They discover a military bunker. Inside Danforth is standing by as a SEAL team is being briefed, they have been rehearsing for a raid on Division for months. Alex and Birkhoff go to a nearby unguarded structure. When they enter they see a replica of Division. They take cover behind a wall as the team rushes through the kill house shooting every target in sight.

Division. Nikita, Michael, Owen, Sean, and Ryan plan to crash a meeting between Zoe and the Russian at a night club. Alex and Birkhoff arrive and tell the team about their discovery. And the SEAL team that is getting ready to move against them. Ryan steps outside the room and calls Danforth to update him and asks for a meeting with President Spencer. Danforth denies the meeting. Ryan realizes that Batoula’s assasination may not have been the President’s idea but Danforth’s. The team realizes Danforth set them up. Alex suggests they kill Danforth, using Nikita’s on justification of “one bad guy versus 300” but the group is not comfortable with that idea as they would all have to run. Michael states, “We do what Division does. Control the narrative.” They plan to clean up after Zoe and get the list back. Alex blows up at Ryan for making another mistake trusting Danforth and walks out to Operations to reveal to everyone that the President has a kill order in progress for all of them.

Nikita heads to Ops to stop Alex but Michael follows and tells her it is already done and it will make things worse if she starts battling with Alex now. Michael explains to Nikita that this is part of Amanda’s plan to turn them against each other.

Sonya is back in Birkhoff’s office questioning how he could keep this secret from her. Sonya is hurt and asks, “What else have you been hiding?” Birkhoff replies with a chuckle, “How much time you got?” “I don’t know. Somebody just told me I might be about to die.”

Ops. Nikita faces the whole team and explains how she was trying to protect them but was wrong. Alex stays insistent on her plan to kill Danforth. Nikita reminds everyone that they stayed at Division because they wanted more than to run and hide from the government. Then Nikita outlines how they can get Zoe and retrieve the file then deal with Commander Danforth.

Night Club. Zoe is meeting her Russian contact in a room overlooking the dance floor. She notices the room clearing out. Nikita and Alex step in and take on the two women. The guards open fire. Nikita and Alex take out the two women, the guards, and recover the drive. Nikita reports to Division that their cover story is ready.

A news program reports that Batoula, President of Chad was killed by Russians but Russia is denying involvement. Amanda closes her laptop where she was watching the news. “They are getting good at this.” Amanda calls Danforth at home and introduces herself. Then warns him he doesn’t have a lot of time left. Nikita walks in behind him and points a gun at him. He ends the call with Amanda. Nikita says, “You double crossed us.” Danforth expects her to kill him but Nikita sets her gun down and explains she wants him to stay next to the President under Division’s thumb. Then Nikita reminds him of Percy’s black box and the information they hold. “Today we opened up a new file.”

Division. All of Division appears to be watching as Sonya shows the file and plays it on Danforth’s HD screen.

Ryan recorded the earlier call with Danforth where he gave the order on Batoula. Nikita returns the list to Danforth. “Last job we ever do for you. We’re going to do the job we promised the President we’d do. Find rogue agents and shut Division down.” She warns him to stay out of their way or the his file will go public. Danforth suggests he’d fit in with Division, “A bunch of criminals that should have been taken out years ago.” Nikita replies, “Yeah, we’re criminals. We’re the best trained, most highly armed wired in criminals in the world. Maybe you should have thought of that before you messed with us. Sweet dreams Commander.”

White House. Danforth goes along with the cover story that Division created. Then suggests she stand down the SEAL team. The President replies, “I don’t know. This mess never would have happened if Division didn’t exist.” “With all do respect ma’am, it would have still happened. But if Division didn’t exist there wouldn’t have been anyone to clean it up.” The President is mildly surprised to hear Danforth speak in Division’s support.

Division. Ryan speaks with Alex and Nikita complimenting Nikita on her idea. Nikita replies that it wasn’t exactly her idea (Percy’s). Ryan reminds the ladies that Percy was so concerned about protecting Division from outside forces he missed the threat from within. “Division can survive a lot, but not a war between the two of you.” Ryan walks out leaving them to talk to each other. Alex replies, “Ryan’s wrong. This was never about you and me.” Nikita asks what it was about. Alex wanted to open Nikita’s eyes. “And was that something Amanda did for you?” Nikita explains that was a domino affect from losing Michael’s hand, trying to find a replacement in Kosovo, and landing on Danforth’s radar. She tried to shoulder the burden herself. Alex says, “We don’t have to lie to them anymore. We are free.” Nikita looks at the black box sitting on Ryan’s desk. “We’re free.”

Nice to see an end to Danforth’s missions and now Division has an ally, however unwilling, close to the President. Maybe Alex and Nikita are friendly again. Perhaps unsurprisingly this episode, Inevitability, had a lot of dialog compared to action but we have covered ground in getting out from under Danforth’s thumb and explaining that whole situation to the Division operatives and patched up some things with Nikita and Alex. Now will Michael get a real hand back next week?

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