Nikita Season 3 Episode 16 – Tipping Point

Title: Tipping Point

Air Date: April 5, 2013

Synopsis: Michael tracks down “The Shop” to get a new prosthetic hand; but their is a cost. A mutiny inside Division leads to bloodshed.

Stanton Building, Cincinnati, OH. Michael walks into the office building to surprise his online girlfriend with flowers. She’s clearly not prepared to see him in person. When she goes to get water for the flowers he picks up her ID card and makes his way to a secured server room. The robotic hand makes short work of a lock and he takes a hard drive.

Division. Michael has the drive hooked up to a computer when Nikita walks in to jokingly question him about his online date with Darlene643. (Being a computer geek myself, that drive looks a lot like it has a USB cable plugged directly to the SATA port; there certainly are adapters to do that but the bulk of the adapter is not showing up here.) Michael smiles and explains finding Heidecker at the office building. Birkhoff coins the name “The Shop” for Heidecker’s organization. Michael wants to hit the place tonight to get information on a new prosthetic hand. Nikita and Birkhoff agree to help him.

In Ops a female agent is working with another agent elsewhere in Division to access a server and place an explosive but Sonya interrupts him. The mystery agent gets away using the small explosive as a diversion. Fletcher, Sean, and Alex come to investigate as Sonya examines the logs to see if a diagnostic LED was activated. Sean asks about the LED and Sonya explains, “It’s a little green blinky light so anyone who’s not Birkhoff can find what they’re looking for.” Fletcher wants to know what their target was and why.

Stanon Building. Michael and Nikita are flirting on their way in as Birkhoff handles security from Division. As they are taking the elevator up an alarm goes off unexpectedly and they are cut off from Birkhoff. The alarm stops and the elevator door opens. Michael wonders if they were expected. They walk toward a cubicle that has a light on to find a laptop with a video of Heidecker and a case beside it. “You are not speaking to a man returned from the dead, we do not possess that technology. Yet.” says the disembodied voice of Heidecker. The person in the video explains he’s using a digital mask of Heidecker, the same as in the videos Michael saw, to make them an offer. He suggests they open the nearby Pelican case and Michael is stunned to see a clone of his hand. Heidecker explains that it has been grown from his own DNA; a gift to mend the relationship between their two organizations. The lights go out.

Division. Michael and Nikita meet with Birkhoff. Michael reports that the doctor checked out the hand it is the real thing. Just as Michael is asking Birkhoff if he can contact The Shop, the laptop comes on and Heidecker appears. He offers to perform the surgery for Michael’s hand in exchange for Division retrieving an item for them and gives them time to look over the files. Birkhoff leaves the room so Michael and Nikita can talk it over. Michael is excited about the prospect of a new hand. “Trying to make do. But when I realized there was something out there that was real. Every glitch, every spike of pain made it that much worse.” Nikita is surprised he’s still in pain and pushes for what else he’s hiding. “I hate not being in the field with you. Being on that mission with you last night, that was like old times.” Nikita agrees to help Michael with the the mission for The Shop.

Server Room. Alex, Sean, and Fletcher are gathered. Alex explains that the saboteurs were going after the tracker array (where any Division assets that have not removed their trackers can be tracked with Percy’s kill chips implanted in their heads). It doesn’t take Fletcher long to realize there is a mutiny beginning. Alex is not happy when they look at her for starting it. Ryan explains, “If enough people join the mutiny it won’t even matter. It will hit the tipping point.” Alex questions, “Tipping point?” “One, two people make a run. We call them rogues. A half or even a third of our people make a run, that is chaos. There’s only one way to cover that up.” Sean states, “Send in the SEALs.” Alex tries to explain she never meant for this to happen.

In a corridor. The female agent, Rachel, and a couple others are discussing the mutiny and growing their support.

The team is meeting about stealing some biotech from China for The Shop. A delivery system for prions. Birkhoff is concerned that while it is designed to do good in curing diseases, they don’t know if The Shop will turn it into a weapon. Ryan asks what else they know about The Shop. Michael suggests they are a think tank that develops tech for the U.S. military. Ryan is okay with putting the tech into U.S. hands but insists it be a voluntary mission considering the tension with Danforth’s recent side missions. And Owen is not available as he’s watching Danforth as a precaution. Ryan gives the go ahead for the mission with volunteers. Birkhoff is still skeptical.

Nanjing, China. Night. Nikita approaches as a prospective new client for the biotech company. She uses a device to loop a video projection on the window in the observation room where she’s meeting with a company security agent to discuss the firm’s security. Meanwhile Michael and Jason enter the room to retrieve the prion delivery system. Jason posing as internal security. Michael and Jason get the prion system just as the man with Nikita notices the video looping on the window and attacks her. She knocks him through the window and follows Michael and Jason to a waiting van. Jason is shot and killed on the way out.

Division. Sean talks to Alex during an elevator ride about the mutiny. Pierce asks her about why she’s been different since South Ossetia and being held captive by Amanda. Alex remains offensive and insists Amanda didn’t do anything to her.

Michael and Nikita return from China in a somber mood at the loss of Jason.

The conspirators are gaining support on the mutiny with Jason’s death as a catalyst.

Ryan is meeting with Michael, Nikita, and Birkhoff. Heidecker (dead Heidecker) joins in via the laptop. He gives them a location in Buffalo, New York to make the exchange and they will attach Michael’s hand on site. After the video closes down, Nikita insists they rig the prion system with an explosive. “If Michael’s going to be under the knife, they’re going to be under the gun.”

Sean finds half a brick of C4 explosive that has been taken by the mutineers. He leaves Alex and Nikita stating he’ll think of an idea to lure them out. Alex is upset with Nikita for continuing to do side missions. Nikita tells Alex to find the group and they’ll make an example out of them. “An example? What torture and solitary?” “Neither. We’re going to march them out in front of everyone. And forgive them. This is not the old Division anymore.”

Bremmer Building. Buffalo, New York. Nikita and Michael arrive at night and enter the building, Michael carrying his new hand in the Pelican case. On the elevator ride Michael wonders about whether there will be armed guards or whether they will be comfortable operating on him with a gun to their head. “Honey, I am an expert at making people do things with a a gun to their head.” Michael need not have worried, not a person is in sight. The empty floor has a surgical suite setup with a robotic contraption that will apparently do the surgery. A video of Heidecker tells Nikita a car is waiting for her to deliver the prion. Nikita is not ready to make an exchange until make has his surgery. Michael takes Nikita aside telling her it is not her decision. He’s ready to take the risk and trust them. Heidecker advises Nikita that shortly before the surgery is finished he will signal her to deliver the prion and then they will revive Michael. If Nikita doesn’t deliver then Michael will not get the anti-rejection serum and will lose the hand very painfully.

At Heidecker’s direction Nikita loads the prosthetic hand into the machine and after Michael sits down administers the anesthetic. “Make sure you’re the first thing I see when I wake up.”

Division. Sean and Alex are discussing the mutineers when Sonya walks up to say she may have found some code left behind from a hack. Sean explains he planted it to see if someone tries to clean it up. Sonya compliments him, “Clever boy.” Alex adds, “Isn’t he though.” And just then they get a bite, someone in Ops is trying to scrub the code. Moments later Rachel tries to run and Sean catches her. Getting stuck in the arm with a knife in the process; he seems more annoyed than anything.

Bremmer Building. Nikita warns Heidecker that she has the prion rigged to blow if anything happens to Michael while she’s delivering it to the car. Just as Nikita is leaving, the elevators shut down and the Chinese assault the building. She manages to allude or kill the Chinese and gets to the waiting car. It’s driving itself so she simply places the prion on the passenger seat and watches it drive away. Then goes back to Michael just as he’s waking up to see his newly attached hand.

Division. Ryan is questioning Rachel, the apparent leader of the mutiny, but she refuses to give anyone up. Alex tries to get her to cooperate. Rachel insists that it was all her idea and the mutiny will die without her. She continues to resist and blurts out, “You don’t have to worry about any tipping point because no one else is going rogue!” Ryan, CIA super analyst that he is, sees the whole picture now as Alex was the only one he said that to and realizes that Alex is behind the mutiny. “Well somebody has to look out for them.” Ryan tries to reason with Alex but she is having some kind of internal struggle and flashbacks of being held prisoner by Amanda. At Rachel’s urging she shoots Ryan in the stomach.

Alex is sitting quietly. Rachel is frantic about what to do. Another flashback of Amanda doing something to her. Alex puts the gun in Rachel’s hand and spins a story that she got free shot Ryan and knocked her out. Alex tells Rachel she just needs to hold out long enough that she can set everyone free. Then asks Rachel to hit her and make it good.

Nikita and Michael arrive at Ryan’s bedside to find Alex with a bandage on her head and showing concern for Ryan. Alex explains that Ryan took a bullet for her. Then she tells them that Rachel was tired of Division being run by an inner circle with no concern for shutting the place down; apparently giving her own reasons for staging a mutiny. Michael does look a little suspicious of Alex. But Nikita seems not to notice. Then Alex leaves the room.

Elsewhere. The Shop talks to Dr. Wong, from China, and apparently they had planned to allow Division to steal the prion as part of a bigger plan. Dr. Wong is not happy about the gun fight. Sounds like they are both part of “The Shop”.

Division. A tearful Nikita is talking to the unconscious Fletcher. About how he saw a future for them and kept her alive. And how bad she feels not being there for him. “We can’t do this without you.” Michael walks over to comfort her and she caresses his new hand.

So will Ryan soon regain consciousness and blow the whistle on Alex? Or will he be kept in a coma for the foreseeable future? I do hope they don’t kill him off as I think Division needs that non-criminal link to the Government. Will Michael still get the anti-rejection serum? How will The Shop play into future episodes? Haha, lots of questions. And in next week’s teaser Owen Elliot returns to being Sam Matthews and apparently takes Nikita prisoner. Will that be a ruse by Nikita to get to Amanda or is Division falling apart?

I suppose it is for the sake of an interesting story but I have no idea why two well trained spies like Nikita and Michael have not figured out that Alex is not herself yet. The old Section One (La Femme Nikita) would have caught her on surveillance by now I would think. Further, Alex shot Ryan in an interrogation room where most interrogation rooms would have had monitoring equipment to record what happened. After all it was not the torture room where Division has already stated they don’t have surveillance. Maybe even a mention or attempt to scrub that surveillance might have helped here. But I digress, I still enjoy the show.

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