Nikita Season 3 Episode 17 – Masks

Title: Masks

Air Date: April 12, 2013

Synopsis: Alex tells Birkhoff about her desire to leave Division. Owen learns about his past from Amanda and the turmoil within Division hits a new level.

Highlights from Alex telling the rest of Division about Danforth manipulating Division and the SEAL team on standby to take them out. Then Alex shooting Ryan and having Rachel take the fall for it. Ryan learned that Alex is behind the mutiny in Division but he’s still unconscious.

Nikita and Michael are interrogating Rachel but she still won’t give them any information. Sean and Alex are observing, Sean suggests to Alex that maybe Nikita should use some enhanced measures. Alex stands up for Rachel saying there are many more like her.

Sonya and Birkhoff call the team. Danforth has just collapsed and died from an apparent brain aneurism. They recognize Amanda’s touch. Michael states, “Amanda knew that by killing Danforth it would turn the heat up on Division.” They check with Owen who was trailing Danforth. Owen heads to Danforth’s house to clean the scene of Division surveillance devices. When the others ask what to tell the President when she calls, Nikita goes with the truth without all the details. Michael is in charge while Ryan is recovering from his accident.

Evan Danforth’s house. Owen arrives and grabs the computer but catches his hand on a set of needles laced with sedative. Amanda and a sidekick walk in. (Needles on the back of the PC? A bit odd. Check out that scene with the desk. The chair is behind the desk, so Owen is in front of the desk, yet the PC tower is facing us when it should be turned around and we would be seeing the ports on the back. This is not a typical placement for a PC.) Back at Division they hear Owen begin to talk to them but then he collapses. Nikita takes a team to check on him.

Amanda talks to Owen, calling him Sam Matthews, and hooks some device to his head that restores his former memories. Her sidekick whacks Owen in the back of the head before they leave. Owen has a memory from his military days and sees a man named Atkins that is trying to help him after he was shot. A short time later, Nikita arrives and wakes Owen. There is no sign of Amanda and Owen doesn’t recall her ever being there. But he does have his memory back.

Division. Owen is getting checked out in Medical. The doctor believes that the concussion has caused Owen’s brain to start some rewiring that is bringing his memory back. Michael leaves to check on Birkhoff while Nikita stays with Owen. He tells her of finding out his unit was moving drugs and he caught them. They shot him but he killed all of them. However, he still has no memory of meeting Amanda.

Some dark corner of Division. Alex meets with some of the conspiring agents and tries to keep them from doing anything drastic, promising to get them all out safely.

Nikita and Owen go to see Birkhoff and ask him to research Owen’s old unit. While Owen’s past appears to have been wiped by the old Division, Birkhoff is able to see Owen’s past team all listed as killed in action except Scott Atkins. Owen tells Nikita that Atkins tried to help him, so the two of them leave to find Atkins in Baltimore.

Ops. At Alex’s urging Michael speaks to the troops to reassure them that Danforth’s death changes nothing.

Alex meets Birkhoff in his office and tells him about wanting to get out of Division. Birkhoff tells Alex about asking Sonya to leave with him and that she turned her back and walked out the door. He agrees with Sonya; he doesn’t want to let Nikita down. Alex replies, “What if you didn’t have to, leave them.” Birkhoff doesn’t understand but before Alex can explain anything Sean walks in to check on some new security protocols.

Baltimore, MD. Owen and Nikita find Atkins at his apartment. Atkins is afraid at seeing Owen so Nikita lets him know they are not here to hurt him. Owen states, “You don’t know me like he does.” Then Owen pulls a gun and shoots Atkins between the eyes and knocks out Nikita before she can react.

Nikita awakes to find herself restrained. Owen is getting rid of Atkins body. Nikita wants to help Owen fix things. “There’s nothing to fix.” Owen elaborates on his background where he was the one running drugs and his team tried to cut him out. But Atkins got away, until now. Then Owen picks up the phone and tells the operator to shut up, “I’m talking to the bitch that’s tapping this phone. Call me back. Let’s talk Nikita.” Nikita continues trying to get through to Owen. However Owen replies, “Sam. Owen’s a tool.” Then explains that he was close to Division’s ideal recruit but he was a leader not a follower, so Amanda modified him to suppress those traits. “Took a born leader and turned him into a loyal follower. Guardian.” Amanda returns the call to Sam (Owen) to set up a meeting to exchange Nikita.

Division. Michael goes back to question Rachel some more. He tries to appeal to her loyalty and responsibility to her friends. Then reminds her that if she continues down this path it won’t be Division trying to take them into custody they will be coming to kill them.

The dissenting faction tells Alex they should take Ops and then they can set themselves free. But Alex doesn’t want to risk bloodshed. Alex warns them not to recruit anyone else till they get a handle on how to disable the trackers.

Night. Sam (Owen) and Amanda meet. Sam shoots both of Amanda’s followers. When Amanda offers him 50 thousand dollars for Nikita, Sam is offended. Amanda explains that there is no money left as it was never her goal. “Sucks to be you.” Sam starts to choke her but she suggests he get Percy’s black box from Division while they still think he’s Owen and she can use her contacts to sell it. Sam agrees and gives her Nikita. “I’m going to be so happy when I’m done with you people.”

Division. Owen calls in and tells Michael that Amanda ambushed them at Atkins’s place and took Nikita. Michael tells Owen he’ll bring an alpha team. Then Sam (Owen) smashes the place up like a fight took place and cuts himself in the stomach.

Michael puts Alex in charge, telling Birkhoff to give her the command codes, then leaves to go meet Owen.

Amanda has Nikita chained up in some kind of industrial building. Amanda reminds Nikita of what she told her earlier and how Alex would turn against her. “And that’s exactly what Alex has done. With a little help from me of course.”

Division. Ryan’s unconscious, Michael is going to get Owen, and Nikita is held prisoner by Amanda so Alex is in charge. She sends Birkhoff to help someone with some security footage. Then uses her new command codes to disable security protocols that Birkhoff had in place. Sean sees Alex entering the commands.

Amanda’s Lair. Amanda explains how she used the idea of Larissa to feed Alex’s hallucination and bridge her past pain with her present circumstances in Division. Thus feeding her desire to help everyone escape Division and cause a rift between her and Nikita.

Michael returns with Owen (Sam). Owen asks Birkhoff about the black box implying that Amanda might be making a play for it. Birkhoff tells Owen it is secure in Ryan’s safe with a biometric lock. Owen abruptly walks away.

Amanda’s Lair. Amanda and Nikita share some memories about the past. Nikita says, “You’re trying to break me the way someone broke you.”

Division. Owen stops in Medical and takes a scan of Ryan’s finger. Birkhoff notices someone was using his terminal. Sean asks him if anyone could do anything. Birkhoff tells him that command access is necessary to do any damage. Sean follows Alex out of Ops and confronts her in a corridor then they walk into a room and Sean questions what she was doing on Birkhoff’s station. Sean realizes Alex is behind the mutiny. Alex asks for his help, she is adamant about saving everyone. Then a considerably larger group of mutineers step out from their hiding places to surround Alex and Sean.

Alex tells Chris to stand down when he draws his weapon on Sean. Rachel walks in, one of the mutineers was on security and let her out. Alex claims Sean is with them. Then lies and tells everyone that Michael put Sean in charge and Sean bypassed security so they can deactivate the trackers. Sean goes with her lie, “Division is responsible for my mother’s death. Do you think I have any loyalty to this place?” Chris and Rachel plan to take Ops against Alex’s wishes. Rachel states, “We’re getting everyone out. Tonight!”

Sam (Owen) enters Ryan’s office and uses a device to feed Ryan’s fingerprint to the safe and take the black box. When he enters the motor-pool Michael is waiting for him. Ryan’s guards alerted him to Owen’s visit and Birkhoff mentioned Owen’s black box theory. They start fighting and Michael hurts his new right hand when he punches Sam. In the midst of their fight a group of rogue agents enter. Michael tells them to take Owen to holding. Chris replies, “You’re not in charge anymore.” Sam takes the opportunity to convince them his on their side and that’s why he was fighting with Michael. Chris tells Owen to keep his head down till it’s over, Division is locked down.

Ops. The rogue agents take over. Birkhoff gets hit when he tries to protect Sonya. Alex runs into the middle of the floor, “Stop! No shooting, no one needs to get hurt!” Alex tells them to disable the trackers and transfer the money. However, Rachel insists they have to stop Division from coming after them. Rachel makes an announcement that anyone who is not with them will be shot on sight. Alex asks, “Rachel what are you doing?” “What needs to be done.”

Owen calls Amanda to let her know the mutineers staged a coup and he is locked down. Amanda puts her phone on speaker so Nikita can hear it. Amanda simply tells Owen, “You’re resourceful. I’m sure you’ll find a way. Good luck.” Then looks at Nikita. “So it begins.”

So last week I thought Owen regaining his memory might be a ruse. It sure doesn’t look like it. Next episode will have Nikita apparently living Amanda’s childhood. So I guess Nikita won’t be rushing back to save Division. Will Sean and Alex manage to retake Division?

Perhaps Owen will be the new bad guy after he gets out of Division with the black box.

This episode covered a lot of ground, I was expecting the mutiny to take some more time to develop but I guess it needs to wind down by the end of the season. Didn’t really expect Danforth to get killed off this quickly either after just getting put in place beside the President. I like the recurring characters that can keep appearing.

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